Work Of The Chaplain

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The Work Of The Chaplain

Author : Naomi K. Paget
ISBN : 0817014993
Genre : Religion
File Size : 60.10 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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An ideal starting point for all, including seminarians, who are exploring a call to chaplaincy ministry. Unlike most other books in this field which are specific to one form of chaplaincy and are often written from an autographical viewpoint only, this new resource meets a critical need for an introductory and overview look at chaplaincy in general.
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Professional Chaplaincy

Author : Mantle Christian College
ISBN : 1545187347
Genre :
File Size : 71.30 MB
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We teach chaplaincy that focuses on family counseling, spiritual health and healing, along with biblical healing. Our Chaplains classes include: individuals, Hospitals, Doctors Offices, Prisons, Jails, Nursing and Rest Homes along with Adult Care Facilities. All services provided by Chaplains are Christ Centered.

Chaplain S Duties

Author : United States General Staff Corps
ISBN : STANFORD:36105122869436
Genre :
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A Christian Theology Of Chaplaincy

Author : John Caperon
ISBN : 9781784503536
Genre : Religion
File Size : 47.7 MB
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Chaplaincy is a rapidly growing ministry, but one that has been the centre of little theological discussion. Focusing on understanding what chaplaincy is and how it is exercised in different contexts, this book intends to support the work of chaplains by providing a theological examination of their ministry. The chapters in this book discuss how the work of chaplains outside the structures of the Church and yet frequently carried out by ministers authorized by the Church relates to some of the key questions of how the Church understands itself in relation to the world (i.e. institutions and structures that are not part of the church), whether or not the chaplains should engage in converting non-Christians to Christianity, and how chaplaincy is carried out both from within Christianity and in a multi-faith environment. This book explores the role of chaplains and the benefits of chaplaincy as a form of ministry as well as an examination of the personal characteristics and disposition best suited to serving as a chaplain. Chaplaincy and Christian Theology considers the nature of chaplaincy in public spaces and the implications of Christian theology within this ministry. Essential reading for chaplains, students of theology, and anyone involved in Christian ministry and Christian theology.
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The Hospital Chaplain S Handbook

Author : Mark Cobb
ISBN : 1853114774
Genre : Chaplains, Hospital
File Size : 64.17 MB
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A recent national survey found many serious problems within hospital chaplaincy work with chaplains often feeling marginalised by other staff or failing to understand their role. This practical and informative guide is therefore both timely and will meet and urgent need. Aimed both at newly appointed and experienced chaplains, it aims to be a primary resource offering continuing guidance on: - the role of chaplaincy in the NHS today - the spiritual dimension of illness, injury and health care - ward etiquette, assessing needs, working with other health care professionals - working in specialist areas - maternity, paediatrics, accident & emergency, geriatrics, etc - death, dying and bereavement - beliefs and practices of different faiths - professional practice: ethics, pastoral boundaries, confidentiality, record keeping, clinical audit - caseload management, supervising volunteers, education and training - a large selection of prayers and readings for routine and emergency pastoral situations, anointing and laying on of hands, and much more.
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Hospital Chaplaincy In The Twenty First Century

Author : Christopher Swift
ISBN : 0754664163
Genre : Religion
File Size : 32.91 MB
Format : PDF
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Issues of faith and spirituality have been resurgent in the UK since the opening of the twenty-first century. This book charts the impact of shifting attitudes towards spirituality through the experiences of health care chaplains. Rooted in a new and challenging interpretation of the chaplain's work in the past, the book moves on to describe a current crisis in the nature of spiritual care. Using the tools of practical theology to analyze these experiences fundamental problems are identified for chaplains as they work within the culture of 'evidence based practice'.As the National Health Service struggles to balance its books in the face of national economic uncertainty, chaplains will continue to come under increasing levels of scrutiny. Some chaplains have faced the prospect of redundancy or cuts to their budgets, while a growing number of NHS Trusts no longer offer chaplaincy to patients out of hours. In this context the nature of chaplaincy itself has come into question, and rival models of the profession have emerged. Is chaplaincy a new and distinct profession within health care, based on evidence and available to all? Or is it State-funded religious activity, theoretically open to all but in practice utilized chiefly by the faithful few? In responding to these questions the book concludes with a vision of how chaplaincy can both maintain its integrity - and be a valued part of twenty-first century health care.
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Spiritual Care In Practice

Author : George Fitchett
ISBN : 9780857008763
Genre : Medical
File Size : 52.80 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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These diverse case studies make a compelling case for the importance of effective spiritual care in healthcare and provide unprecedented insight into the essential role of the chaplain within the healthcare team. Presented alongside critical reflections and responses from professionals within chaplaincy, psychology, psychiatry and nursing, they provide an honest and detailed look into how healthcare chaplains actually work with the people in their care and reveal the vital role of narrative and imagination in effective transformative practice. From a 16-year-old with a belief that God would enable a miraculous recovery from paralysis, to an African man with a history of psychosis and depression whose cultural belief in witches complicated his treatment, to a dying Jewish man, aggressive and isolated due to his traumatic life experiences, each case includes insight into the patient's needs and chaplain's perspectives, discussion of spiritual assessments and spiritual care interventions, and accounts of significant encounters and dialogues. The nine paediatric, psychiatric and palliative case studies and reflections in this ground-breaking book will enable chaplains to critically reflect on the spiritual care they provide and communicate their work more effectively, help healthcare professionals develop a clearer understanding of the care chaplains deliver, and provide an informed perspective for those who develop policy around spiritual care and need to make the case for chaplaincy services.
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The Chaplaincy

Author : Dale A. Scadron, Th.d.
ISBN : 1542754674
Genre :
File Size : 46.38 MB
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Our 20 hour Basic Chaplain Training Program (Christian based only) is designed for the student who would like to gain a basic understanding of the work of a community (Industrial Chaplain) chaplain. This program is useful for people who have no formal training in the field of chaplaincy, but conduct hospital and hospice care visits, or community support in a religious setting. The Basic Chaplain Training Program is beneficial for ministers who would like to incorporate volunteer chaplaincy work into their religious outreach program. Note: The Basic Chaplain Training Program does not replace the Signet Bible College and Theological Seminary Bachelor of Chaplaincy Degree Program.

Multifaith Chaplaincy In The Workplace

Author : Fiona Stewart-Darling
ISBN : 9781784502799
Genre : Religion
File Size : 90.92 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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As the global marketplace grows and becomes more complex, increasing stress is placed upon employees. Businesses are acknowledging this change in work habits by adapting the work place to offer support through multifaith chaplaincy. Multifaith chaplaincy is based on developing relationships of trust between diverse faith communities and the public workplace. Through the experience of starting the first multifaith chaplaincy in Canary Wharf, the author offers insights into current conditions and challenges of chaplaincy in the business community. Writing as an Anglican priest, Fiona Stewart-Darling shows the importance of chaplaincy teams drawing on different faith traditions. This book is an important contribution to the emerging debate around the role of chaplaincy in faith and business communities. This research will be of particular interest to those working in or setting up chaplaincies in different contexts such as hospitals, prisons, town centre chaplaincies working with businesses and business leaders, particularly those involved in diversity and inclusion in the workplace.
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A Social History Of The Domestic Chaplain 1530 1840

Author : William Gibson
ISBN : UOM:39015041051866
Genre : Religion
File Size : 76.12 MB
Format : PDF
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A history of the domestic chaplain to the nobility and gentry between 1530 and 1840, this work examines the work and role of domestic chaplains during this period, when they were regulated by law. It also considers the connections between chaplains and key events in British history, such as the Restoration. Chaplains often made a hidden, but important, contribution to the religious life of the nation. Their work was not chronicled in the usual records of the Church since they often operated outside the supervision of the ecclesiastical hierarchy.
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Crisis Pastoral Care

Author : Thomas W. Shane
ISBN : 1935387227
Genre : Education
File Size : 53.45 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Author and chaplain Thomas Shane tells dozens of stories of what it is like to provide crisis pastoral care to those caught in the grim and shocking realities of life. His book brings a balanced, spirituality-based perspective to the dead centre of heartbreaking human experiences - violent crimes, homicides, natural disasters, auto mobile accidents, suicides, child abuse, and more. The author has worked with law enforcement professionals for 30 years, and his life has been dedicated to the victims and families involved in tragedies, and particularly to the needs of police officers. His words will both encourage and instruct other helping professionals to be better prepared to deal with their own and other's needs during a crisis situation. The book gives readers an insider's view, not theoretical. Dr. Shane candidly reveals his own struggles, doubts and fears, along with the courage, faith and hope that sustains his life and work. He even addresses the complex and challenging task of offering care and spiritual counsel to the perpetrators of crimes. Topics include: General principles for working with police; Helping people deal with guilt and find forgiveness; The real and personal risks in crisis intervention; Death notification; Chaplaincy and terrorism; What is the pastor's authority, and what is not. While many good books reveal the theory of pastoral care and the dynamics of grief work, Crisis Pastoral Care borders on a memoir of life in the midst of disaster. Anyone who deals on a regular basis with the victims of crime and disaster will find this book an invaluable resource.
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Military Chaplains And Religious Diversity

Author : Kim Philip Hansen
ISBN : 9781137025159
Genre : Religion
File Size : 78.27 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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What does religious freedom mean in a total institution? How can military chaplains, each committed to their own unique faith, work in a religiously pluralistic institution? How can there be taxpayer-funded clergy in a nation that formally separates church and state? In this book, Kim Philip Hansen uses the chaplains' own words to describe their successes and failures, friendships and conflicts, their routine work, and their scandals. Suffused with tension, wit and grace, their stories are about a group of men and women trying to put some of America's noblest ideals into practice under difficult circumstances.
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Church Work

Author :
ISBN : MINN:31951001892652E
Genre : Church work
File Size : 66.58 MB
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The Spirit Divided

Author : Benedict R. Maryniak
ISBN : 0865549966
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 44.1 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Civil War Chaplains wondered whose side God was on, and if their ministries might be in vain. They saw, on both sides, God's Spirit at work. Was the Spirit divided, was God punishing both North and South for their sins, or was there some other explanation for this seemingly endless war?
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Chaplains To The Imprisoned

Author : Richard Shaw
ISBN : 1560248777
Genre : Religion
File Size : 64.4 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Chaplains to the Imprisoned begins to fill the information gap through its in-depth study of prison chaplains as seen by co-workers, inmates, and the chaplains themselves. They describe their roles, share difficulties which are encountered in their ministry, and personal methods for coping with these difficulties, especially those which may be internalized as stress. The author, a Roman Catholic priest with a doctorate in criminal justice, provides a fascinating look into the work of chaplains who serve in correctional institutions. This new book sheds a much-needed light on the often hidden, yet significant, role played by chaplains within correctional facilities. Little is known of these chaplains and the work that they do. Though they are frequently depicted in television and film, many of these images are stereotypes from writers’imaginations. In this unique book, chaplains speak for themselves through the results of a survey questionnaire sent by the author to local- and state-level chaplains in New York State and to chaplains throughout the federal prison system. Chaplains to the Imprisoned, the first non-denominational book on these clergy, explores: the history of chaplaincy in this country, including the irony that chaplains have often been treated as unwanted intruders in penitentiaries--which were created originally by religious groups chaplains as seen by other professionals in the field--sometimes positive, often negative, opinions of chaplains drawn from literature written by wardens, corrections officers, and others who deal with chaplains on a routine basis chaplains as seen by inmates--published opinions by inmates who have recorded their impressions of facility chaplains chaplains as seen by chaplains--their own descriptions of their work, frustrations, successes, and failures, along with suggestions for the betterment of the role of chaplains This book is an eye-opening look into the world of prison chaplaincy for students of criminal justice and religion, policymakers for prisons and jails, seminary students, and clergy members themselves, as well as individuals interested in what often goes on behind prison walls from a chaplain's perspective.
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Confessions Of A Prison Chaplain

Author : Mary Brown
ISBN : 9781909976047
Genre : Religion
File Size : 47.49 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Mary Brown’s engaging book describes the ‘lifeline’ work of the prison chaplaincy. Written by a Quaker chaplain, it shows how important to prisoners this contact is and how it blends into the ever-pressing world of prison regimes. Among the topics covered are the ‘statutory duties’ of chaplains, forgiveness, ‘prison chapel goers’, Christmas in prison, delivering bad news, dealing with grief or anxiety, learning in prisonand restorative justice (which is in line with the teachings of many faiths: as old as religion itself). As the author insists, there is ‘that of God’ to be found in everyone no matter what their crime. Critical, perceptive and of particular interest to people working in or learning about crime and punishment, Confessions of a Prison Chaplain contains insights for people of all faiths (or none); looks at restorative justice and positive justice; and re-affirms the importance of pastoral support in the reform and rehabilitation of prisoners.
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