The Pearl Necklace Tantra

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The Pearl Necklace Tantra

Author : Christopher Wilkinson
ISBN : 1539193004
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The Great Perfection, also known as the Atiyoga or Dzogchen (rDzogs chen), is a tradition of esoteric Buddhism that propounds instantaneous enlightenment and was first brought to Tibet in the Eighth Century of the Common Era. The Indian manuscripts of this tradition have been lost in time. Only the Tibetan translations remain. The original teachings of this tradition are contained in Tantras, which are generally divided into three categories: The Mind Section, the Space Section, and the Upadesha Instruction Section. The Upadesha Instruction section is devoted to the pointing out instructions or practical advice in the understanding and application of the Great Perfection. It is generally described as having seventeen root scriptures. The Pearl Necklace Tantra is one of these seventeen works. In this Tantra Hayagriva, the King of the Wrathful Ones, presents Vajradhara with hard hitting questions about the structure of reality and the nature of the awareness, how we are ensnared and how we are liberated. The Tantra is a frank discussion of the applicability of the great perfection to a world that is wrapped in delusions. I have included images of the Tibetan manuscript for your convenience and to help preserve this ancient literature.

The Modern Tantra Path

Author : Th. Om
ISBN : 9783985514892
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
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The book The modern Tantra path will take the first steps with you on a path that, if you follow it, can and will lead you to a more conscious, happier life. Specifically in Tantra - also in the book - it is about the activation of the love energies of the body in order to bring about a spiritual recovery, to dissolve the blockages of the forehead and crown chakra, of thinking. The holistic teaching also includes the act of love, the fusion as an indispensable tool.
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

The R Dh Tantra

Author : Mans Broo
ISBN : 9781317485162
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 64.94 MB
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The Rādhā Tantra is an anonymous 17th century tantric text from Bengal. The text offers a lively picture of the meeting of different religious traditions in 17th century Bengal, since it presents a Śākta version of the famous Vaiṣṇava story of Rādhā and Kṛṣṇa. This book presents a critically edited text of the Rādhā Tantra, based on manuscripts in India, Nepal and Bangladesh, as well as an annotated translation It is prefaced by an introduction that situates the text in its social and historical context and discusses its significance. The introduction also looks at the composition and metrics, vocabulary and grammar, and contents and doctrine of the text. It also includes a discussion of the extensive intertextualities of the Rādhā Tantra, as well as the sources used for this edition. The Sanskrit text in Roman transliteration, following the standard IAST system, is then presented, followed by an English translation of the text. This book will be of interest to scholars of South Asian Religion, Tantric Studies and Religious History.
Category: Social Science

Chinnamast The Aweful Buddhist And Hindu Tantric Goddess

Author : Elisabeth Anne Benard
ISBN : 8120817486
Genre : Chinnamasta (Buddhist deity)
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This is the first monograph which examines the rare Buddhist and Hindu Tantric goddess, Chinnamasta, her rituals, her names and forms (namarupa) and their symbolism by comparing and contra-sting her sadhanas (spiritual practices) in Hinduism and Buddh-ism. The entire Hindu Chinnamastatantra section from the Sakta Pramoda, the Buddhist Chinnamunda Vajra-varahisadhana and theTrikayavajrayoginstuti are translated for the first time into English. Since Chinnamasta is a rare goddess, her texts were not popularized or made fashionable according to the dictates of a particular group at a particular time. The earliest extant texts dated from the ninth and tenth centuries a time when Hindu and Buddhist Tantras were developing under common influences in the same place in India. Having such texts about Chinnamasta Chinnamunda from these centuries, one can begin to understand the mutuality of a general Tantric tradition and the exclusivity of a particular Hindu or Buddhist Tantric tradition. Hence the study not only examines Chinnamasta, but also attempts to under-stand what is a Tantric tradition.
Category: Chinnamasta (Buddhist deity)

The Cakrasamvara Tantra The Discourse Of Sri Heruka

Author : David B. Gray
ISBN : 9781949163025
Genre : Religion
File Size : 56.52 MB
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This is the first complete, critical English translation of the Cakrasamvara Tantra, also known as the Sriherukabhidhana and Laghusamvara. This is the first complete, critical English translation of the Cakrasamvara Tantra. Composed in India during the eighth century, it is a foundational scripture of one of the most important Indian Buddhist tantric traditions. The translator’s introductory essay provides an analysis of the historical and intellectual contexts in which the Cakrasamvara Tantra was composed. The heavily annotated translation was made on the basis of the surviving Sanskrit manuscripts of the tantra and its commentaries, parallel passages in related explanatory tantras (vyakhyatantra), two different Tibetan translations of the root text, and several Tibetan commentaries. Includes a trilingual glossary and index. The author has also translated the commentary on this tantra by the great Tibetan scholar Tsong Khapa (1357–1419), Illumination of the Hidden Meaning, now published in two companion volumes. Taken together, these three volumes provide the reader with the first full study in English of this pivotal tantra. Composed in India during the late eighth or early ninth century, the Cakrasamvara Tantra is a foundational scripture of one of the most important Indian Buddhist tantric traditions, as evidenced by the vast number of commentaries and ritual literature associated with it. Along with the Hevajra Tantra, it is one of the earliest and most influential of the yogini tantras, a genre of tantric Buddhist scripture that emphasizes female deities, particularly the often fiercely depicted yoginis and ?akinis.
Category: Religion

The Complete Nyingma Tradition From Sutra To Tantra Books 1 To 10

Author : Choying Tobden Dorje
ISBN : 9780834829916
Genre : Religion
File Size : 21.13 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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In 1838, Choying Tobden Dorje, a Buddhist yogi-scholar of eastern Tibet, completed a multivolume masterwork that traces the entire path of the Nyingma tradition of Tibetan Buddhism from beginning to end. Written by a lay practitioner for laypeople, it was intended to be accessible, informative, inspirational, and above all, practical. Its twenty-five books, or topical divisions, offer a comprehensive and detailed view of the Buddhist path according to the early translation school of Tibetan Buddhism, spanning the vast range of Buddhist teachings from the initial steps to the highest esoteric teachings of great perfection. Choying Tobden Dorje’s magnum opus appears in English here for the first time. In Foundations of the Buddhist Path, which covers the first ten of the treatise’s twenty-five books, the author surveys the scope of the entire work and then begins with the topics that set the cornerstones for all subsequent Buddhist practice: what constitutes proper spiritual apprenticeship, how to receive the teachings, how to make the best use of this life, and how to motivate ourselves to generate effort on the spiritual path. He then describes refuge and the vows that define the path of individual liberation before turning to the bodhisattva’s way—buddha nature, how to uplift the mind to supreme awakening, the bodhisattva’s training, and the attainments of the paths leading to supreme awakening.
Category: Religion

Modern Tantric Buddhism

Author : Justin von Bujdoss
ISBN : 9781623173968
Genre : Religion
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An essential guide for practitioners and teachers to an inclusive form of tantra that directly confrontssystems of power and abuse as a path to liberation —From the foreword by Lama Rod Owens, MDiv, coauthor of Radical Dharma Today, a new generation of Buddhists searches for ways to adopt Vajrayana while staying true to its historical legacy. Modern Tantric Buddhism unpacks the principles and applications of this esoteric practice in an accessible and meaningful manner, connecting its roots to a socially engaged, modern-day dharma. Taking a traditional Tibetan pedagogical approach, Lama Justin von Bujdoss divides the book into three thematic sections: Body, as it applies to physicality and embodiment; Speech, or ethical action; and Mind, the context of awakening. Von Bujdoss challenges assumptions about what it means to be a socially engaged Buddhist, and presents Tantra as an ideal vehicle for critically examining today's most pressing social issues while confronting the structural inequities of patriarchy, sexism, colonialism, and racism within Buddhist institutions.
Category: Religion

Treasury Of Precious Qualities Book Two

Author : Longchen Yeshe Dorje, Kangyur Rinpoche
ISBN : 9780834828575
Genre : Religion
File Size : 88.34 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This second and concluding volume of Jigme Lingpa’s classic Treasury of Precious Qualities is presented together with a detailed commentary by Kangyur Rinpoche. Composed in the form of a lamrim, or presentation of the stages of the path, the first volume set out the teachings of the sutras. The present volume continues this same structure and is a general description of the tantra teachings followed by an exposition of the Great Perfection, which in the Nyingma School of Tibetan Buddhism is regarded as the summit of all vehicles and the final stage of the path of spiritual training. The section on the tantras is a compendious presentation of all important issues: lineage, empowerment, the generation and perfection stages, and samaya. The section on the Great Perfection is arranged according to the classification of Ground, Path, and Result and gives an extremely clear introduction to the doctrinal background that underpins the practice of this unique system.
Category: Religion

Tantric Yoga And The Wisdom Goddesses

Author : David Frawley
ISBN : 9780910261395
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 37.26 MB
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This book provides an excellent introduction to the essence of Hindu Tantrism, discussing all the major concepts and correcting many existing misconceptions.
Category: Philosophy

The Tara Tantra

Author : Susan A. Landesman
ISBN : 9781949163131
Genre : Religion
File Size : 27.70 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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A groundbreaking English translation of a key tantric text in the history of Indo-Tibetan Buddhism. This volume contains an English translation of the “root text” of the Tara-mula-kalpa, a scripture-ritual compendium that captures an important Buddhist tantric tradition in mid-formation. In this regard it is utterly unique and unlike any other text in the Buddhist canon. Its contents document the emergence of the quintessential female Buddha Tara in seventh-century India. As her popularity grew, her cult spread throughout Southeast Asia, as well as Tibet, where she became revered as the “Mother” of the Tibetan people. Tara is worshiped for a variety of reasons, from health and long life, to wealth, protection from enemies, and ultimately, the mind of enlightenment. Her presence pervades the evolution of Buddhism in Tibet, including within royal circles, as well as mentor and guide to many important Buddhist scholars, practitioners, and lineage holders.
Category: Religion

A Glossary Of Tantra Mantra And Yantra

Author : Sri Satguru
ISBN : IND:30000056660131
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 71.89 MB
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A Perfect Reference Tool For The Scholar Of Hinduism And Theology.
Category: Political Science

Prapa Casara Tantra

Author : Louise M. Finn
ISBN : 9781504380065
Genre : Religion
File Size : 64.67 MB
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The book is a translation of an ancient, previously untranslated Indian/Hindu Tantrik (religious) text. It is an important text in the field of Tantrik Hinduism and may have been written around the end of the first millennium. It is written in Sanskrit which is Indias classical (dead) language and a sister language to classical Greek, Latin, and Avestan. There is a strong metaphysical content, but the text is also concerned with the worship and rituals of many of Indias gods and goddesses.
Category: Religion

Sahajay Na A Study Of Tantric Buddhism

Author : Ramprasad Mishra
ISBN : UVA:X030158304
Genre : Religion
File Size : 73.30 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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In The Garden Of Civilisation And Culture, Religion Is Generally Observed As A Fascinating Flower. Flower Is Viewed From Its Elegance And Fragrance. Efforescent In Eastern India, Sahajayana, From Seventh Century A.D.
Category: Religion

Panchtantra 5

Author : Munindra Misra
ISBN : 9782765931522
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 20.11 MB
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Treaty Of any hasty judgements be ever wary, Without judgment, eternal grief will be. Munindra seeks His blessings with humility, To guide his thoughts with unfussy simplicity, To pen down the thoughts of The Treaty, Last of the Panchtantra for the humanity. The Brahman and the Mongoose Brahman leaves child with a mongoose, sees blood subsequently, He slays his friend, believing the animal killed his child certainly, Seeing child alive, learns mongoose shielded from snake bravely, Then regrets having killed his friend, the mongoose unreasonably
Category: Juvenile Fiction

Pa Catantra

Author : Patrick Olivelle
ISBN : 9780199555758
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 82.22 MB
Format : PDF
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The Pancatantra is the most famous collection of fables in India and was one of the earliest Indian books to be translated into Western languages. No other work of Indian literature has had a greater influence on world literature, and no other collection of stories has become as popular in India itself. The Pancatantra teaches the principles of good government and public policy through the medium of animal stories, providing a window on toancient Indian society. Its positive attitude towards life and its advocacy of ambition, enterprise, and drive are a salutary antidote to the pious pronouncements about the passivity and other-worldliness of ancient Indiansociety and religion.
Category: Fiction

Courtesans And Tantric Consorts

Author : Serinity Young
ISBN : 9780415914833
Genre : History
File Size : 47.1 MB
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The wisest teachings of Buddhism say that, like all oppositions, one must move beyond gender. But as Serinity Young shows in this enlightening work, the rhetoric of Buddhist texts, the symbolism of its iconography, and the performative import of its rituals, tell different, and often contradictory, stories. In Courtesans and Tantric Consorts, Serinity Young takes the reader on a journey through more than 2000 years of biographical writings, iconographic depictions, and ritual practices revealing Buddhism's deep struggles with gender. Juxtaposing empowering images of women with their textual repudiation, beginning with the Buddha himself who abandoned his wife; tantric courtesans who are considered necessary to male enlightenment with fertility rituals designed to ensure male offspring; tales of gender-bending gods and goddesses with all male heavens; Serinity Young draws on a vast range of sources to reveal the colourful, and often troubling, mosaic of beliefs that inform Buddhist views about gender and sexuality.
Category: History