The Book Of Treasure Spirits

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The Book Of Treasure Spirits

Author : Elias Ashmole
ISBN : 1905297270
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 37.81 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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THE BOOK OF TREASURE SPIRITS Conjurations of Goetic spirits, old gods, demons and fairies are all part of a rich heritage of the magical search for treasure trove. During the Middle Ages and Renaissance the British Monarchy gave out licenses to people seeking treasure in an effort to control such practices, and this is one reason why so many grimoires are full of conjurations and charms to help the magician find treasure. Published here for the first time, from a long-ignored mid-seventeenth century manuscript in the British Library (Sloane MS 3824), is the conjuration said to have been performed at the request of King Edward IV, with other rites to reveal treasure, to have treasure brought from the sea, and to cause thieves to bring back stolen goods. Conjurations to call any type of spirit are also included, recorded by the noted alchemist and collector Elias Ashmole, as is an extract on conjuration practices from the Heptameron, transcribed into English for practical use by a working group of magicians, before its first English publication by Robert Turner in 1655. These conjurations demonstrate the influence of earlier classic grimoires and sources, with components drawn from the Goetia, the Heptameron, and Reginald Scot's Discoverie of Witchcraft. The material includes spirit contracts for Agares, Padiel and Vassago, as well as techniques like lead plates for binding, and summoning into a glass of water, which hark back to the defixiones of Hellenistic Greece and the demonic magic of the Biblical world. This material forms part of a corpus of conjurations all written in the same hand and style of evocation, linking Goetic spirits and treasure spirits with the archangels and planetary intelligences (in Sloane MS 3825), and demon kings and Enochian hierarchies (in Sloane MS 3821), making it a unique bridge of style and content between what are often falsely seen as diverse threads of Renaissance magic. About the Author David Rankine is an occult scholar and author of more than 20 books on the subject of magic, the western esoteric traditions, folklore and mythology. Since the 1970's he has been researching and exploring magical and spiritual practices throughout history; a journey which has taken him from ancient Sumeria, Babylonia and Egypt through Greece, Rome and Britain through the middle ages and rennaisance and the modern Western Mystery Traditions. With Stephen Skinner he has produced works such as The Veritable Key of Solomon and the Goetia of Dr Rudd, both highly regarded groundbreaking works which make available previously unpublished source materials for the first time.
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

So Potent Art

Author : Emily Carding
ISBN : 9780738756943
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 31.17 MB
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Shakespeare's plays and sonnets are steeped in magic and esoteric lore. This book deeply explores fascinating examples of Hermeticism, astrology, and alchemy as well as instances of prophecy, herbalism, witchcraft, hauntings, and divine intervention. Additionally, So Potent Art delves into the sacred architecture of the historical theater space and examines the archetypal structures of the plays themselves. Author Emily Carding, a Wiccan initiate and theater professional who specializes in staging Shakespeare, goes beyond just exploring occult references. In this book, she suggests myriad ways that you can adapt these works and use them for your own spells and rituals. The exercises within are designed to help you invoke Shakespeare's archetypal characters and speak his words with spiritual intent as powerful practices for self-development and the magical manifestation of desired outcomes.
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Of Angels Demons And Spirits

Author : Daniel Harms
ISBN : 0738753688
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 29.78 MB
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Discovered in the stacks of the Bodleian Library at Oxford, this authentic work of 17thcentury English magic has been meticulously transcribed and translated by Daniel Harms and illustrated by James R. Clark, the team that created the bestselling Book of Oberon (9780738743349). With a comprehensive introduction, annotations, and appendices to help contextualize the material, in addition to more than 100 figures and illustrations, this beautifully reconstructed historical work is filled with never-before published rituals for calling forth demons, fairies, spirits of the hours of the day, elementals, and other spiritual beings. This elegantly bound book provides new insights into a fascinating tradition, where a sorcerer or cunning-man was paid to perform magic for uncovering theft, healing, combating witchcraft, hunting for treasure, or for having a spirit fulfill one's commands. This premium hardcover edition is a must-have for collectors and working ritualists.
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Magical Manuscripts In Early Modern Europe

Author : Daniel Bellingradt
ISBN : 9783319595252
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 73.84 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This book presents the story of a unique collection of 140 manuscripts of ‘learned magic’ that was sold for a fantastic sum within the clandestine channels of the German book trade in the early eighteenth century. The book will interpret this collection from two angles – as an artefact of the early modern book market as well as the longue-durée tradition of Western learned magic –, thus taking a new stance towards scribal texts that are often regarded as eccentric, peripheral, or marginal. The study is structured by the apparent exceptionality, scarcity, and illegality of the collection, and provides chapters on clandestine activities in European book markets, questions of censorship regimes and efficiency, the use of manuscripts in an age of print, and the history of learned magic in early modern Europe. As the collection has survived till this day in Leipzig University Library, the book provides a critical edition of the 1710 selling catalogue, which includes a brief content analysis of all extant manuscripts. The study will be of interest to scholars and students from a variety of fields, such as early modern book history, the history of magic, cultural history, the sociology of religion, or the study of Western esotericism.
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Invincible Spirit Chief

Author : Chang TingHaoYu
ISBN : 9781648971679
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 66.91 MB
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With the dao heart in this place, gods and devils are irresistible, roiling through the nine heavens, slaying demons and roaming the world, in the boundless universe, only I am undefeatable! You have a supreme bloodline? I have a soul that can suppress the entire world! You have millions of secret techniques? I have a transcendent divine body, so I'm fickle! You have the Endless Healing Elixir? I will rebirth limitlessly, the more I fall, the braver I become, the stronger my injuries will become! In the Heaven and Earth Spiritual Realm, gods and devils were in turmoil, and there were tens of thousands of races. With the dao heart in this place, gods and devils are irresistible, roiling through the nine heavens, slaying demons and roaming the world, in the boundless universe, only I am undefeatable!
Category: Fiction

The Highland Series

Author : Amanda Scott
ISBN : 9781480465374
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 75.11 MB
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Four complete novels: A special edition of the USA Today–bestselling author’s irresistible Scottish romances! In Highland Fling, in the aftermath of the Jacobite rebellion in 1750s Scotland, Maggie MacDrumin vows to keep fighting to liberate her people. But when her latest mission lands her in a London courtroom, she has only one hope of survival. Enlisting the aid of Edward Carsley, the powerful fourth earl of Rothwell, is a two-edged sword. The seductive aristocrat who awakens treacherous desire is her clan’s mortal enemy—a man she can never trust. In Highland Secrets, with her imprisoned mother’s liberty at stake, Jacobite sympathizer Diana Maclean steals into the dungeon of Edinburgh Castle and pulls off an audacious switch. But her bold escapade comes at a price. With her own freedom now hanging in the balance, Diana is rescued by the mysterious Lord Calder. She’s instantly drawn to her kind savior, unaware that he is Rory Campbell, of the Campbell clan—her family’s most hated rival. In Highland Treasure, most Highlanders fear Black Duncan Campbell. Mary Maclaine isn’t intimidated, but she blames him for the death of his brother Ian, her first love. When Lord MacCrichton tries to strong-arm Mary into marriage, he unknowingly forces Mary to seek aid from the man she vowed to hate forever. And in Highland Spirits, Penelope MacCrichton watches the tall, broad-shouldered figure walk toward her across the mist-shrouded loch. Is he a phantom, a restless, sensual spirit fated to live only in her secret fantasies? Or is he the seductive, brooding stranger she meets later in London . . . who may not be a stranger at all?
Category: Fiction

Mithras Reader Vol 3

Author : Payam Nabarz
ISBN : 9780955685835
Genre : History
File Size : 90.18 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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A Journey to the Hypercosmic side of the Sun by Prof Ezio Albrile. Internet & the Resurrection of a God: the Neo-Mithraic Communities by Israel Campos. Aristotle & the Natural Slave: The Athenian Relationship with India by Robert F. Mullen. The Dawn of Religions in Afghanistan-Seistan-Gandhara & the Personal Seals of Gotama Buddha & Zoroaster by Ranajit Pal. Dacia & the Cult of Mithras by Csaba Szabo. Sun Tzu & the Achaemenid Grand Strategy by Sheda Vasseghi. Zen Buddhism & Mithraism by Masato T j . A new Archaeological Research of the Sassanian Fire Temple of Rivand in Sabzevar, by Hassan Hashemi Zarjabad. The Zoroastrian Holyland of Haetumant by Reza MehrAfarin. Kephra by Akashanath. Into The Looking Glass Tragic Reflections of Life by Lesley Madytinou. Solomon in Olympus: The Enduring Connection between King Solomon & Greek Magic by David Rankine. Orphic Hymn to Aphrodite trans by Harita Meenee. The Athenian Festivals of Demeter by Melissa Gold. The Lioness by Jane Raeburn. Plus many more articles.
Category: History

Binding Passions

Author : Guido Ruggiero
ISBN : 9780195079302
Genre : History
File Size : 40.42 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Mining the rich Venetian archives, especially the unusually detailed records of Venice's own branch of the Roman Inquisition, Guido Ruggiero provides a strikingly new and provocative interpretation of the end of the Renaissance in Italy. In this boldly structured work, he develops five narrative accounts of individual encounters with the Inquisition that illustrate the double-edged metaphor of how passions were both bound by late Renaissance society and were seen in turn as binding people. In this way new perspectives are opened on magic, witchcraft, love, marriage, gender, and discipline at the level of the community and beyond. Witches, courtesans, prostitutes, women healers, nobles, Cardinals, and renegade priests and monks speak from these pages describing their lives, beliefs, hopes, fears, and lies. With an imaginative flair for storytelling and impeccable scholarship, Ruggiero exposes the rich complexity of the culture and poetics of the everyday at the end of the Renaissance and illuminates a previously unexplored chapter in Italian history.
Category: History

Magical Treasure Hunting In Europe And North America

Author : J. Dillinger
ISBN : 9780230353312
Genre : Religion
File Size : 39.45 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The first comprehensive history of magical treasure hunting from the Middle Ages to the 20th century, revealing a magical universe of treasure spirits, and wizards who tried to deal with them. Combining history and anthropology, this study sees treasure hunting as an expression of shifting economic mentalities and changing ideas about history.
Category: Religion

Hidden Treasures Of The Spirit

Author : Andrea Davis
ISBN : 9781607911081
Genre : Religion
File Size : 57.37 MB
Format : PDF
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This book can be viewed as a study of prayer and The Names of God, as well as, used as a devotional guide into a more intimate relationship with Our Creator and Lord. It is a book to be experienced, not just read. You will begin by seeing how Genesis 22 is actually a guideline to HOW and WHEN to LISTEN for His Voice. Continuing with the theme of relationship with Him, we look into many of the passages that state "Lord" or "God," while the original Names called out "Creator," "Master," "Provider," and so much more. Each section ends with a prayer, thus leading you into reflections and thoughts of your own concerning what you have just read. Andrea Davis has a Master's Degree in Education and currently teaches at an alternative high school in Illinois. Nancy Radtke, who resides in Arizona and Illinois, has a degree in Occupational Therapy and is now a professional artist. Both authors are co-founders of In His Presence Prayer Ministries. IHPPM is a teaching ministry that seeks to help believers experience a deeper desire for The Presence of Their Heavenly Father, as well as, a more intimate relationship with Him.
Category: Religion

Physical Evidence For Ritual Acts Sorcery And Witchcraft In Christian Britain

Author : Ronald Hutton
ISBN : 9781137444820
Genre : History
File Size : 70.4 MB
Format : PDF
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This volume investigates the physical evidence for magic in medieval and modern Britain, including ritual mark, concealed objects, amulets, and magical equipment. The contributors are the current experts in each area of the subject, and show between them how ample the evidence is and how important it is for an understanding of history.
Category: History

Animals In The Spirit World

ISBN : 1908421282
Genre :
File Size : 42.29 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Harold Sharp gives us clear evidence of animal soul survival, as he recounts from first-hand experience moving tales of reunions between animal spirits and their human friends. A lovely book, a treasure of sensitivity and understanding of life's ways, written in uncomplicated language. First published in 1966, and long overdue for re-release.

John Dee S Actions With Spirits Volumes 1 And 2

Author : Christopher Whitby
ISBN : 9781136158889
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 56.21 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This was originally a two volume set which is now bound as one. Here is presented an investigation of the nature of the earliest extant records of the supposed communication with angels and spirits of John Dee (1527-1608) with the assistance of his two mediums or 'scryers', Barnabas Saul and Edward Kelly. Volume 2 of this work is a transcription of the records in Dee's hand contained in Sloane MS 3188, which has been transcribed only once before, by Elias Ashmole in 1672. Volume 1 is an introduction and thorough commentary to the text which is primarily explaining its many obscurities. The author describes the physical state of the manuscript and its history then continues with a biography of Dee and his scryers and some background to Renaissance occult philosophy. Further chapters address the arguments that the manuscript represents a conscious fraud or a cryptographical exercise and describe the magical system and instruments evolved during the communications or 'Actions'. The last, fascinating chapter examines Dee's motives for believing so strongly in the truth of the Actions and suggests that a principal motive was the conviction, not held by Dee alone, that a new age was about to dawn upon earth.
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Sacred Magic Of Abramelin The Mage

Author : S. L. MacGregor Mathers
ISBN : 9783748111931
Genre : Religion
File Size : 22.16 MB
Format : PDF
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The particular scheme or system of Magic advocated in the present work is to an extent "sui generis" but to an extent only. It is rather the manner of its application which makes it unique. In Magic, that is to say, the Science of the Control of the Secret Forces of Nature, there have always been two great schools, the one great in Good, the other in Evil the former the Magic of Light, the latter that of Darkness the former usually depending on the knowledge and invocation of the Angelic natures, the latter on the method of evocation of the Demonic races. Usually the former is termed White Magic, as opposed to the latter, or Black Magic. The invocation of Angelic Forces, then, is an idea common in works of Magic, as also are the Ceremonies of Pact with and submission to the Evil Spirits. The system, however, taught in the present work is based on the following conception: That the Good Spirits and Angelic Powers of Light are superior in Power to the Fallen Spirits of Darkness. That these latter as a punishment have been condemned to the service of the Initiates of the Magic of Light. (This Idea is to be found also in the Kôran; or, as it is frequently and perhaps more correctly written, "Qûr-an".) As a consequence of this doctrine, all ordinary material effects and phenomena are produced by the labour of the Evil Spirits under the command usually of the Good. That consequently whenever the Evil Demons can escape from the control of the Good, there is no evil that they will not work by way of vengeance. That therefore sooner than obey man, they will try to make him their servant, by inducing him to conclude Pacts and Agreements with them. That to further this project, they will use every means that offers to obsess him. That in order to become an Adept, therefore, and dominate them; the greatest possible firmness of will, purity of soul and intent, and power of self-control is necessary. That this is only to be attained by self-abnegation on every plane. That man, therefore, is the middle nature, and natural controller of the middle nature between the Angels and the Demons, and that therefore to each man is attached naturally both a Guardian Angel and a Malevolent Demon, and also certain Spirits that may become Familiars, so that with him it rests to give the victory unto the which he will. That, therefore, in order to control and make service of the Lower and Evil, the knowledge of the Higher and Good is requisite.
Category: Religion

In High Spirits

Author : Desiree Punwani
ISBN : 1638865558
Genre :
File Size : 57.33 MB
Format : PDF
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In High Spirits is a straightforward account of the author's descent into and rise out of alcoholism and the classic and creative ways she used to transform her life completely. She creates a powerful toolbox for the reader by simplifying the robust practices of loving-kindness, forgiveness, gratitude, and joyful living. Her tips for self-empowerment are practical and encouraging, as are her creative suggestions for edging away from unhealthy lifestyles. While it has comprehensive recommendations for overcoming any habit or dependency, however severe or mild, the book is really a treasure chest of anecdotal wisdom. The author addresses the reader directly with warmth and empathy, sharing the lessons she has learned with sensitivity, compassionate humour, and heart-tugging honesty. In High Spirits is both a memoir and handbook you will refer to often for the practical guidelines to happiness and empowerment it offers you. It is also a book you will share with and gift to friends.

Spooky Archaeology

Author : Jeb J. Card
ISBN : 9780826359667
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 38.46 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Outside of scientific journals, archaeologists are depicted as searching for lost cities and mystical artifacts in news reports, television, video games, and movies like Indiana Jones or The Mummy. This fantastical image has little to do with day-to-day science, yet it is deeply connected to why people are fascinated by the ancient past. By exploring the development of archaeology, this book helps us understand what archaeology is and why it matters. In Spooky Archaeology author Jeb J. Card follows a trail of clues left by adventurers and professional archaeologists that guides the reader through haunted museums, mysterious hieroglyphic inscriptions, fragments of a lost continent that never existed, and deep into an investigation of magic and murder. Card unveils how and why archaeology continues to mystify and why there is an ongoing fascination with exotic artifacts and eerie practices.
Category: Social Science