The Art Of African Fashion

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The Art Of African Fashion

Author : Els van der Plas
ISBN : STANFORD:36105021960203
Genre : Design
File Size : 71.51 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Illustrated throughout with sumptuous colour and black & white photographs, this book covers contemporary African fashion in its widest sense taking in clothing, textile, and hair design, body decoration, and the work of models.
Category: Design

Art Of African Fashion

Author : Africa World Press
ISBN : 0865437254
Genre : Design
File Size : 67.48 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Category: Design

Contemporary African Fashion

Author : Edith Suzanne Gott
ISBN : 9780253222565
Genre : Art
File Size : 36.72 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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African fashion is as diverse and dynamic as the continent and the people who live there. This book puts Africa at the intersection of world cultures and globalized identities, displaying the powerful creative force and impact of newly emerging styles. Richly illustrated with color photographs, this book showcases haute couture for the African continent.--[book cover]
Category: Art

Encyclopedia Of Women Islamic Cultures

Author : Suad Joseph
ISBN : 9789004128194
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 41.98 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Family, Body, Sexuality and Health is Volume III of the Encyclopedia of Women & Islamic Cultures. In almost 200 well written entries it covers the broad field of family, body, sexuality and health and Islamic cultures.
Category: Social Science

The Boundless Sea

Author : David Abulafia
ISBN : 9780141972091
Genre : History
File Size : 44.32 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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WINNER OF THE WOLFSON HISTORY PRIZE 2020 A SUNDAY TIMES, FINANCIAL TIMES, THE TIMES AND BBC HISTORY MAGAZINE BOOK OF THE YEAR For most of human history, the seas and oceans have been the main means of long-distance trade and communication between peoples - for the spread of ideas and religion as well as commerce. This book traces the history of human movement and interaction around and across the world's greatest bodies of water, charting our relationship with the oceans from the time of the first voyagers. David Abulafia begins with the earliest of seafaring societies - the Polynesians of the Pacific, the possessors of intuitive navigational skills long before the invention of the compass, who by the first century were trading between their far-flung islands. By the seventh century, trading routes stretched from the coasts of Arabia and Africa to southern China and Japan, bringing together the Indian Ocean and the western Pacific and linking half the world through the international spice trade. In the Atlantic, centuries before the little kingdom of Portugal carved out its powerful, seaborne empire, many peoples sought new lands across the sea - the Bretons, the Frisians and, most notably, the Vikings, now known to be the first Europeans to reach North America. As Portuguese supremacy dwindled in the late sixteenth century, the Spanish, the Dutch and then the British each successively ruled the waves. Following merchants, explorers, pirates, cartographers and travellers in their quests for spices, gold, ivory, slaves, lands for settlement and knowledge of what lay beyond, Abulafia has created an extraordinary narrative of humanity and the oceans. From the earliest forays of peoples in hand-hewn canoes through uncharted waters to the routes now taken daily by supertankers in their thousands, The Boundless Sea shows how maritime networks came to form a continuum of interaction and interconnection across the globe: 90 per cent of global trade is still conducted by sea. This is history of the grandest scale and scope, and from a bracingly different perspective - not, as in most global histories, from the land, but from the boundless seas.
Category: History

Dress Fashion And Technology

Author : Phyllis G. Tortora
ISBN : 9780857851925
Genre : Design
File Size : 21.51 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Technology has been an essential factor in the production of dress and the cultures of fashion throughout human history. Structured chronologically from prehistory to the present day, this is the first broad study of the complex relationship between dress and technology. Over the course of human history, dress-making and fashion technology has changed beyond recognition: from needles and human hands in the ancient world to complex 20th-century textile production machines, it has now come to include the technologies that influence dress styles and the fashion industry, while fashion itself may drive aspects of technology. In the last century, new technologies such as the electronic media and high-tech manufacturing have helped not just to produce but to define fashion: the creation of automobiles prompted a decline in long skirts for women while the beginnings of space travel caused people to radically rethink the function of dress. In many ways, technology has itself created avant garde and contemporary fashions. Through an impressive range of international case studies, the book challenges the perception that fashion is unique to western dress and outlines the many ways in which dress and technology intersect. Dress, Fashion and Technology is ideal reading for students and scholars of fashion studies, textile history, anthropology and cultural studies.
Category: Design

Liberated Threads

Author : Tanisha C. Ford
ISBN : 9781469625164
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 55.39 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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From the civil rights and Black Power era of the 1960s through antiapartheid activism in the 1980s and beyond, black women have used their clothing, hair, and style not simply as a fashion statement but as a powerful tool of resistance. Whether using stiletto heels as weapons to protect against police attacks or incorporating African-themed designs into everyday wear, these fashion-forward women celebrated their identities and pushed for equality. In this thought-provoking book, Tanisha C. Ford explores how and why black women in places as far-flung as New York City, Atlanta, London, and Johannesburg incorporated style and beauty culture into their activism. Focusing on the emergence of the "soul style" movement—represented in clothing, jewelry, hairstyles, and more—Liberated Threads shows that black women's fashion choices became galvanizing symbols of gender and political liberation. Drawing from an eclectic archive, Ford offers a new way of studying how black style and Soul Power moved beyond national boundaries, sparking a global fashion phenomenon. Following celebrities, models, college students, and everyday women as they moved through fashion boutiques, beauty salons, and record stores, Ford narrates the fascinating intertwining histories of Black Freedom and fashion.
Category: Social Science

The Multimedia Encyclopedia Of Women In Today S World

Author : Mary Zeiss Stange
ISBN : 9781452270371
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 68.1 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This e-only volume expands and updates the original 4-volume Encyclopedia of Women in Today's World (2011), offering a wide range of new entries and new multimedia content. The entries reflect such developments as the Arab Spring that brought women's issues in the Islamic world into sharp relief, the domination of female athletes among medal winners at the London 2012 Olympics, nine more women joining the ranks of democratically elected heads of state, and much more. The 475 articles in this e-only update (accompanied by photos and video clips) supplement the themes established in the original edition, providing a vibrant collection of entries dealing with contemporary women's issues around the world.
Category: Social Science

The Routledge Companion To Fashion Studies

Author : Eugenia Paulicelli
ISBN : 9780429554964
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 79.43 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This collection of original essays interrogates disciplinary boundaries in fashion, gathering fashion studies research across disciplines and from around the globe. Fashion and clothing are part of material and visual culture, cultural memory, and heritage; they contribute to shaping the way people see themselves, interact, and consume. For each of the volume’s eight parts, scholars from across the world and a variety of disciplines offer analytical tools for further research. Never neglecting the interconnectedness of disciplines and domains, these original contributions survey specific topics and critically discuss the leading views in their areas. They include discursive and reflective pieces, as well as discussions of original empirical work, and contributors include established leaders in the field, rising stars, and new voices, including practioner and industry voices. This is a comprehensive overview of the field, ideal not only for undergraduate and postgraduate fashion studies students, but also for researchers and students in communication studies, the humanities, gender and critical race studies, social sciences, and fashion design and business.
Category: Social Science

The Art Of Clothing A Pacific Experience

Author : Susan Kuchler
ISBN : 9781134056583
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 59.1 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The Art of Clothing: A Pacific Experience is a collection of richly textured and tremendously engaging empirical studies of cloth and clothing in colonial and post-colonial Pacific contexts. By challenging readers to reconsider the very nature of the materiality of clothing, the editors productively situate this volume at the intersection of a number of ongoing interdisciplinary projects that are coalescing around an interest in cloth and clothing. The book as a whole speaks lucidly to issues of current concern in a wide range of academic fields - including cultural studies, material culture, Pacific history, art history, history of religions, and museum studies.
Category: Social Science

A Companion To Contemporary Design Since 1945

Author : Anne Massey
ISBN : 9781119111207
Genre : Art
File Size : 65.93 MB
Format : PDF
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A critical overview of contemporary design and its place within the broader context of art history A Companion to Contemporary Design since 1945 introduces readers to a collection of specially commissioned essays exploring the complex areas of design that emerged through the latter half of the twentieth century, design history, design methods, design studies and more recently, design thinking. The book delivers a thoughtful overview of all design disciplines and also strives to stimulate inter-disciplinary debate and examine unconsidered convergences among design applications in different fields. By offering a new perspective on design, the articles assembled here present a challenging account of the boundaries between design history and its cognate disciplines, especially art history. The volume comprises five sections—Time, Place, Space, Objects and Audiences—that discuss environments for design and how we interact with designed objects and spaces. Notable features include: 24 new essays reflecting the current state of design history and theory, and examining developments on a global basis Contributions by eminent scholars and practitioners from around the globe Enriched throughout with illustrations A Companion to Contemporary Design since 1945 provides a new and thought-provoking revision of our conception and understanding of contemporary design that will be essential reading for students at both undergraduate and graduate levels as well as researchers and teachers working in design history, theory and practice, and in related fields.
Category: Art

Hearings Reports Public Laws

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Education and Labor
ISBN : UCAL:B4437644
Genre : Educational law and legislation
File Size : 49.36 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Category: Educational law and legislation

South African Digest

Author :
ISBN : UCAL:C2594895
Genre : South Africa
File Size : 28.45 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Category: South Africa

Leisure In Urban Africa

Author : Paul Tiyambe Zeleza
ISBN : 1592210627
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 75.1 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Bringing together often unconnected modes of,analysis, research and debate on leisure in,African studies, an interdisciplinary team of,scholars reflects on the complex conceptionscreation and consumption of leisure in African,cities from the nineteenth century to the presentdrawing intriguing comparisons with leisure,studies in Western Europe and North America.,Covering leisure activities from football to music,and dance to films and television in cities from,Cairo to Cape Town, this book opens a new chapter,in African cultural studies.
Category: Social Science

Global Tourism

Author : Sarah M. Lyon
ISBN : 9780759120938
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 84.54 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Global Tourism: Cultural Heritage and Economic Encounters explores the connections among economy, sustainability, heritage, and identity that tourism and related processes make explicit. It illustrates how emerging theories of the economics of tourism can lead to the rethinking of traditionally non-touristic enterprises.
Category: Social Science


Author : Hindol Sengupta
ISBN : 813171974X
Genre : Fashion design
File Size : 74.10 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Ramp Up is a comprehensive study of the business of Indian fashion. With well-researched details on volume, revenues, growth, and manufacturing strength, this book takes a close look at one of India’s fastest growing and most glamorous industries—fashion. As Indian fashion faces the challenge of building brands and creating a range of products that reflect our heritage in textile, tradition, and history in the present age of rapid change and development, Ramp Up provides invaluable insights into the business models of the biggest business labels in the country. It charts out the investment opportunities in each business and also deals with back-end processes that support the main body of fashion. In addition, the book also talks about how word of mouth can be used as a powerful marketing tool in countries like India and Pakistan, which have a strong oral tradition .
Category: Fashion design

Art World City

ISBN : 9780253026224
Genre : Art
File Size : 70.78 MB
Format : PDF
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Art World City focuses on contemporary art and artists in the city of Dakar, a famously thriving art metropolis in the West African nation of Senegal. Joanna Grabski illuminates how artists earn their livelihoods from the city’s resources, possibilities, and connections. She examines how and why they produce and exhibit their work and how they make an art scene and transact with art world mediators such as curators, journalists, critics, art lovers, and collectors from near and far. Grabski shows that Dakar-based artists participate in a platform that has a global reach. They extend Dakar’s creative economy and the city’s urban vibe into an "art world city."
Category: Art

Handbook Of Research On Managing Information Systems In Developing Economies

Author : Boateng, Richard
ISBN : 9781799826118
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 86.95 MB
Format : PDF
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Technology provides accessibility otherwise unavailable to the people who can benefit from it the most. As new digital tools become less expensive and more widely available, research and real-world cases that examine the union between emergent countries and information systems are essential in determining the next steps for these nations. The Handbook of Research on Managing Information Systems in Developing Economies is a pivotal reference source that explores the effects of technological data handling within developing economies. Covering a broad range of topics such as emerging digital technologies, socio-economic development, and technology startups, this book is ideally designed for software programmers, policymakers, practitioners, educators, academicians, students, and researchers.
Category: Business & Economics

French Cultural Studies

Author : Marie-Pierre Le Hir
ISBN : 0791445860
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 20.23 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Addresses the theoretical and pedagogical implications of redefining French Studies as an interdisciplinary field, while providing practical examples of the kind of criticism that such a shift would entail.
Category: Literary Criticism

Library Of Congress Subject Headings

Author : Library of Congress
ISBN : OSU:32435070490040
Genre : Subject headings, Library of Congress
File Size : 27.39 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Category: Subject headings, Library of Congress