Temples And Sanctuaries In The Roman East

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Temples And Sanctuaries In The Roman East

Author : Arthur Segal
ISBN : 1842175262
Genre : Architecture
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This lavishly illustrated volume presents a comprehensive architectural study of 87 individual temples and sanctuaries built in the Roman East between the end of the 1st century BCE and the end of the 3rd century CE, within a broad region encompassing the modern states of Syria, Lebanon, Israel and Jordan. Religious architecture gave faithful expression to the complexity of the Roman East and to its multiplicity of traditions pertaining to ethnic and religious aspects as well as to the powerful influence of Imperial Rome. The source of this power lay in the uniformity of the architectural language, the inventory of forms, the choice of styles and the spatial layout of the buildings. Thus, while temples have an eclectic character, there is an underlying unity of form comprising the podium, the stairway between the terminating walls (antae) and the columns along the entrance front - in other words, the axiality, frontality and symmetry of the temple as viewed from outside. The temples and sanctuaries studied in this volume demonstrate individual nuances of plan, spatial design, location in the sanctuary and interrelations with the immediate vicinity but can be divided into two main categories: Vitruvian temples (derived from Hellenistic-Roman architecture) and Non-Vitruvian temples (those with plans and spatial designs that cannot be analysed according to architectural criteria such as those defined by Vitruvius). The individual descriptions presented focus solely upon the analysis of the external and internal space of the temples of all types and do not involve any cultural or ethnic discussion.
Category: Architecture

The Temple Complex At Horvat Omrit

Author : Michael C. Nelson
ISBN : 9789004290990
Genre : History
File Size : 88.67 MB
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Volume One of The Temple Complex at Horvat Omrit examines the surviving architecture of the three Roman period temple phases newly excavated sanctuary at the archaeological site of Omrit in northern Israel.
Category: History

Roman Architecture And Urbanism

Author : Fikret Yegül
ISBN : 9780521470711
Genre : Architecture
File Size : 37.90 MB
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Investigates Roman built environments from architectonic and planning perspectives, while celebrating the achievements of the providences as well as Italy.
Category: Architecture

Community And Identity At The Edges Of The Classical World

Author : Aaron W. Irvin
ISBN : 9781119630708
Genre : History
File Size : 56.38 MB
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A timely and academically-significant contribution to scholarship on community, identity, and globalization in the Roman and Hellenistic worlds Community and Identity at the Edges of the Classical World examines the construction of personal and communal identities in the ancient world, exploring how globalism, multi-culturalism, and other macro events influenced micro identities throughout the Hellenistic and Roman empires. This innovative volume discusses where contact and the sharing of ideas was occurring in the time period, and applies modern theories based on networks and communication to historical and archaeological data. A new generation of international scholars challenge traditional views of Classical history and offer original perspectives on the impact globalizing trends had on localized areas—insights that resonate with similar issues today. This singular resource presents a broad, multi-national view rarely found in western collected volumes, including Serbian, Macedonian, and Russian scholarship on the Roman Empire, as well as on Roman and Hellenistic archaeological sites in Eastern Europe. Topics include Egyptian identity in the Hellenistic world, cultural identity in Roman Greece, Romanization in Slovenia, Balkan Latin, the provincial organization of cults in Roman Britain, and Soviet studies of Roman Empire and imperialism. Serving as a synthesis of contemporary scholarship on the wider topic of identity and community, this volume: Provides an expansive materialist approach to the topic of globalization in the Roman world Examines ethnicity in the Roman empire from the viewpoint of minority populations Offers several views of metascholarship, a growing sub-discipline that compares ancient material to modern scholarship Covers a range of themes, time periods, and geographic areas not included in most western publications Community and Identity at the Edges of the Classical World is a valuable resource for academics, researchers, and graduate students examining identity and ethnicity in the ancient world, as well as for those working in multiple fields of study, from Classical, Hellenistic, and Roman historians, to the study of ethnicity, identity, and globalizing trends in time.
Category: History

The Second Jewish Revolt

Author : Menahem Mor
ISBN : 9789004314634
Genre : Religion
File Size : 44.51 MB
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In The Second Jewish Revolt: The Bar Kokhba War, 132-136 C.E., Menahem Mor offers a detailed account on the Bar Kokhba Revolt in an attempt to understand the second revolt against the Romans.
Category: Religion

Official Power And Local Elites In The Roman Provinces

Author : Rada Varga
ISBN : 9781317086147
Genre : History
File Size : 71.73 MB
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Presenting a new and revealing overview of the ruling classes of the Roman Empire, this volume explores aspects of the relations between the official state structures of Rome and local provincial elites. The central objective of the volume is to present as complex a picture as possible of the provincial leaderships and their many and varied responses to the official state structures. The perspectives from which issues are approached by the contributors are as multiple as the realities of the Roman world: from historical and epigraphic studies to research of philological and linguistic interpretations, and from architectural analyses to direct interpretations of the material culture. While some local potentates took pride in their relationship with Rome and their use of Latin, exhibiting their allegiances publicly as well as privately, others preferred to keep this display solely for public manifestation. These complex and complementary pieces of research provide an in-depth image of the power mechanisms within the Roman state. The chronological span of the volume is from Rome’s Republican conquest of Greece to the changing world of the fourth and fifth centuries AD, when a new ecclesiastical elite began to emerge.
Category: History

Rome In The East

Author : Warwick Ball
ISBN : 9781317296355
Genre : History
File Size : 27.24 MB
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This new edition of Rome in the East expands on the seminal work of the first edition, and examines the lasting impact of the near Eastern influence on Rome on our understanding of the development of European culture. Warwick Ball explores modern issues as well as ancient, and overturns conventional ideas about the spread of European culture to the East. This volume includes analysis of Roman archaeological and architectural remains in the East, as well as links to the Roman Empire as far afield as Iran, Central Asia, India, and China. The Near Eastern client kingdoms under Roman rule are examined in turn and each are shown to have affected Roman, and ultimately European, history in different but very fundamental ways. The highly visible presence of Rome in the East – mainly the architectural remains, some among the greatest monumental buildings in the Roman world – are examined from a Near Eastern perspective and demonstrated to be as much, if not more, a product of the Near East than of Rome. Warwick Ball presents the story of Rome in the light of Rome’s fascination with the Near East, generating new insights into the nature and character of Roman civilisation, and European identity from Rome to the present. Near Eastern influence can be seen to have transformed Roman Europe, with perhaps the most significant change being the spread of Christianity. This new edition is updated with the latest research and findings from a range of sources including field work in the region and new studies and views that have emerged since the first edition. Over 200 images, most of them taken by the author, demonstrate the grandeur of Rome in the East. This volume is an invaluable resource to students of the history of Rome and Europe, as well as those studying the Ancient Near East.
Category: History

Temples And Towns In Roman Iberia

Author : William E. Mierse
ISBN : 0520917332
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 88.41 MB
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This is the first comparative study of Roman architecture on the Iberian peninsula, covering six centuries from the arrival of the Romans in the third century B.C. until the decline of urban life on the peninsula in the third century A.D. During this period, the peninsula became an influential cultural and political region in the Roman world. Iberia supplied writers, politicians, and emperors, a fact acknowledged by Romanists for centuries, though study of the peninsula itself has too often been brushed aside as insignificant and uninteresting. In this book William E. Mierse challenges such a view. By examining in depth the changing forms of temples and their placement within the urban fabric, Mierse shows that architecture on the peninsula displays great variation and unexpected connections. It was never a slavish imitation of an imported model but always a novel experiment. Sometimes the architectural forms are both new and unexpected; in some cases specific prototypes can be seen, but the Iberian form has been significantly altered to suit local needs. What at first may seem a repetition of forms upon closer investigation turns out to be theme and variation. Mierse brings to his quest an impressive learning, including knowledge of several modern and ancient languages and the archaeology of the Roman East, which allows him a unique perspective on the interaction between events and architecture.
Category: Social Science

Rural Sanctuaries In Roman Syria

Author : Ann Irvine Steinsapir
ISBN : UOM:39015062456127
Genre : Architecture
File Size : 71.26 MB
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This book explores the theory of landscape and the possibility of conscious inclusion of landscape features in the architecture of rural sanctuaries in the Roman Near East. Concentrating on geographic regions in agriculturally developed areas of the province to narrow the broad topic area, Ann Irvine Steinsapir presents a study on the countryside within the investigation of sacred architecture built in the Roman period. Includes chapters on the Hauran; Baetocaece; the limestone Massif; and the Lebanon.
Category: Architecture

A Companion To The Archaeology Of Religion In The Ancient World

Author : Rubina Raja
ISBN : 9781444350005
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 27.96 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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A Companion to the Archaeology of Religion in the Ancient World presents a comprehensive overview of a wide range of topics relating to the practices, expressions, and interactions of religion in antiquity, primarily in the Greco-Roman world. • Features readings that focus on religious experience and expression in the ancient world rather than solely on religious belief • Places a strong emphasis on domestic and individual religious practice • Represents the first time that the concept of “lived religion” is applied to the ancient history of religion and archaeology of religion • Includes cutting-edge data taken from top contemporary researchers and theorists in the field • Examines a large variety of themes and religious traditions across a wide geographical area and chronological span • Written to appeal equally to archaeologists and historians of religion
Category: Literary Criticism

Corinth In Context

Author : Steve Friesen
ISBN : 9789004190610
Genre : Religion
File Size : 72.48 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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In this book, archaeologists, classicists, and specialists in Christian origins examine the social and religious life of ancient Corinth. The interdisciplinary contributions present new materials and findings on the themes of Greek and Roman identities, social stratification, and local religion.
Category: Religion

A Companion To The Archaeology Of The Ancient Near East

Author : Daniel T. Potts
ISBN : 9781405189880
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 53.46 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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A comprehensive and authoritative overview of ancient material culture from the late Pleistocene to Late Antiquity Features up-to-date surveys and the latest information from major new excavations such as Qatna (Syria), Göbekli Tepe (Turkey) Includes a diverse range of perspectives by senior, mid-career and junior scholars in Europe, USA, Britain, Australia, and the Middle East for a truly international group Includes major reviews of the origins of agriculture, animal domestication, and archaeological landscapes Includes chapters dealing with periods after the coming of Alexander the Great, including studies of the Seleucid, Arsacid, Sasanian, Roman and Byzantine empires in the Near East, as well as early Christianity in both the Levant and Mesopotamia Fills a gap in literature of the Ancient Near East, dealing with topics often overlooked, including ethical and legal issues in antiquities markets and international scholarship
Category: Social Science

The Birth Of Classical Europe

Author : Peter Thonemann
ISBN : 9780141946863
Genre : History
File Size : 33.76 MB
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To an extraordinary extent we continue to live in the shadow of the classical world. At every level from languages to calendars to political systems, we are the descendants of a 'classical Europe', using frames of reference created by ancient Mediterranean cultures. As this consistently fresh and surprising new book makes clear, however, this was no less true for the inhabitants of those classical civilizations themselves, whose myths, history, and buildings were an elaborate engagement with an already old and revered past filled with great leaders and writers, emigrations and battles. Indeed, much of the reason we know so much about the classical past is the obsessive importance it held for so many generations of Greeks and Romans, who interpreted and reinterpreted their changing casts of heroes and villains. Figures such as Alexander the Great and Augustus Caesar loom large in our imaginations today, but they were themselves fascinated by what had preceded them. The Birth of Classical Europe is therefore both an authoritative history, and also a fascinating attempt to show how our own changing values and interests have shaped our feelings about an era which is by some measures very remote but by others startlingly close.
Category: History

The Roman Eastern Frontier And The Persian Wars Ad 226 363

Author : Michael H. Dodgeon
ISBN : 9781134961139
Genre : History
File Size : 27.7 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The crisis of the third century saw Rome not only embroiled in contests of succeeding short-lived Emperors, but assailed by an increasing variety of hostile peoples from outside its frontiers. Owing to the complex racial interplay of this period, the sources for its history have to be compiled from a wide variety of sources. The least adequate are those in Latin, the imperial lives of the Historia Augusta . These have to be supplemented by the Greek chronicles of Zosimus and John Malalas of Antioch, as well as the Armenian history of Moses of Chorene, the Arabic History of the Arabs of Al-Tabari , as well as inscriptions in Greek, Latin, Hebrew, Syrian and other languages. This volume collects these diverse sources for the first time in English translation, and will be a uniquely valuable resource for scholars working on a period of Roman history that is attracting increasing attention.
Category: History

Games And Sanctuaries In Ancient Greece

Author : Panos Valavanēs
ISBN : UOM:39015061146315
Genre : Sports & Recreation
File Size : 29.60 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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As religious rituals, rites of passage, and celebrations of the body, athletics were deeply woven into the fabric of ancient Greek life. Modeled after physical exercises and competitions that existed in earlier Near Eastern cultures, hundreds of athletic contests were held throughout the ancient Greek world. In the eighth century B.C., the games held at Olympia began to surpass all others in their fame and glory and gave rise to a sporting tradition that engages and enthralls the world to this day. Published to coincide with the return of the Olympics to Greece in 2004, this thoroughly researched book studies sport in ancient Greece over a span of a millennium and a half-from the earliest mentions of athletics in Homer's Iliad and other literary sources, through the Classical age, and into the Hellenistic, Roman, and late antique periods. With more than five hundred illustrations, the book tours the monumental stadiums, bathhouses, temples, and other structures built to host the athletic events and to house the wealth of art created to pay tribute to the athletes, gods, and heroes of the games.
Category: Sports & Recreation

A Companion To Roman Italy

Author : Alison E. Cooley
ISBN : 9781118993118
Genre : History
File Size : 63.1 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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A Companion to Roman Italy investigates the impactof Rome in all its forms—political, cultural, social, andeconomic—upon Italy’s various regions, as well as theextent to which unification occurred as Rome became the capital ofItaly. The collection presents new archaeological data relating to thesites of Roman Italy Contributions discuss new theories of how to understandcultural change in the Italian peninsula Combines detailed case-studies of particular sites withwider-ranging thematic chapters Leading contributors not only make accessible the most recentwork on Roman Italy, but also offer fresh insight on long standingdebates
Category: History

The Oxford Encyclopedia Of Ancient Greece And Rome

Author : Michael Gagarin
ISBN : 9780195170726
Genre : History
File Size : 35.10 MB
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The Oxford Encyclopedia of Ancient Greece and Rome is the clearest and most accessible guide to the world of classical antiquity ever produced. This multivolume reference work is a comprehensive overview of the major cultures of the classical Mediterranean world--Greek, Hellenistic, and Roman--from the Bronze Age to the fifth century CE. It also covers the legacy of the classical world and its interpretation and influence in subsequent centuries. The Encyclopedia brings the work of the best classical scholars, archaeologists, and historians together in an easy-to-use format. The articles, written by leading scholars in the field, seek to convey the significance of the people, places, and historical events of classical antiquity, together with its intellectual and material culture. Broad overviews of literature, history, archaeology, art, philosophy, science, and religion are complimented by articles on authors and their works, literary genres and periods, historical figures and events, archaeologists and archaeological sites, artists and artistic themes and materials, philosophers and philosophical schools, scientists and scientific areas, gods, heroes, and myths. Areas covered include: · Greek and Latin Literature · Authors and Their Works · Historical Figures and Events · Religion and Mythology · Art, Artists, Artistic Themes, and Materials · Archaeology, Philosophers, and Philosophical Schools · Science and Technology · Politics, Economics, and Society · Material Culture and Everyday Life
Category: History

Greek Sanctuaries

Author : Robin Hagg
ISBN : 9781134801688
Genre : History
File Size : 90.54 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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First Published in 2004. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.
Category: History