Structural Information Of Visual Patterns

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Structural Information Theory

Author : Emanuel L. J. Leeuwenberg
ISBN : 9781107029606
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 51.8 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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A coherent and comprehensive theory of visual pattern classification with quantitative models, verifiable predictions and extensive empirical evidence.
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Modern Issues In Perception

Author : E.A. Geissler
ISBN : 0080866654
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 29.85 MB
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The book deals with two focal issues: 1. The structural rules according to which information is organized in perception (Part I). 2. The rules on how pieces of information are integrated and transformed into judgements (Part II). Included in Part I are theories on neural mechanisms and models linking perception and memory. Part II refers to simple physical and complex semantic dimensions. Antecedents in animal behaviour are explored too. The book is intended for a broad readership; it should stimulate research which will link topics that have been traditionally separated. Features of the book are: - a synopsis of discrete, structural and quantitative aspects of perception linking perception with higher cognition and memory. - an overview on new approaches and findings from East and West on perceptual organization and rules inherent to judgement. - the chapters are strongly interconnected and didactical in tone. Introductions are designed to increase readability of the work.
Category: Psychology

Ways To Study And Research Urban Architectural And Technical Design

Author : T.M. de Jong
ISBN : 9781614991809
Genre : Architecture
File Size : 49.42 MB
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How can we develop a scientific basis for architectural, urban and technical design? When can a design be labelled as scientific output, comparable with a scientific report? What are the similarities and dis-similarities between design and empirical research, and between design research, typological research, design study and study by design? Is there a need for a particular methodology for design driven study and research? With these questions in mind, more than forty members of the Faculty of Architecture of the Delft University of Technology have described their ways of study and research. Each chapter shows the objectives, the methodology and its implementation in search for a deeper knowledge of design processes and an optimal quality of the design itself. The authors - among them architects, urban planners, social scientists, lawyers, technicians and information scientists – have widely differing backgrounds. Nevertheless, they share a great deal. The central focus is a better understanding of design processes, design tools and the effects of design interventions on issues such as utility, aesthetics meaning, sustainability and feasibility.
Category: Architecture

Vividness Consciousness And Mental Imagery

Author : Amedeo D’Angiulli
ISBN : 9783036504124
Genre : Science
File Size : 39.78 MB
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Today in many studies, mental images are still either treated as conscious by definition, or as empirical operations implicit to completing some type of task, such as the measurement of reaction time in mental rotation, an underlying mental image is assumed, but there is no direct determination of whether it is conscious or not. The vividness of mental images is a potentially helpful construct which may be suitable, as it may correspond to consciousness or aspects of the consciousness of images. In this context, a complicating factor seems to be the surprising variety in what is meant by the term vividness or how it is used or theorized. To fill some of the gaps, the goal of the present Special Issue is to create a publication outlet where authors can fully explore through sound research the missing theoretical and empirical links between vividness, consciousness and mental imagery across disciplines, neuroscience, psychology, philosophy, cognitive science, to mention the most obvious ones, as well as transdisciplinary methodological (single, combined, or multiple) approaches.
Category: Science

Pleasure Reward Preference

Author : D. E. Berlyne
ISBN : 9781483273723
Genre : Psychology
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Pleasure, Reward, Preference: Their Nature, Determinants, and Role in Behavior covers the proceedings of a symposium by the same title, held at the Klarskovgaard Training Institute, near Korsør, Denmark, on June 5-9 1972, organized under the auspices of the Advisory Group on Human Factors of the Scientific Affairs Division of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. This book is composed of 11 chapters, and starts with a historical perspective and review of the principal problems related to understanding the principles of pleasure, reward, and preference. The next chapters explore neurophysiological research with animals and the human cognitive phenomena. These topics are followed by discussions of the concept of exploratory choice, verbal judgment, the law of effects and an adaptation-level model for affectivity and perception. The concluding chapters provide examples of behavioristic theories and describe a process model of motivation to understand the complexity of cognition and predictability of behavior. These chapters also tackle the role of pleasure and reward in human motivation and learning, as well as present a metascientific frame of motivation. This text will prove useful to psychologists, behaviorist, and researchers.
Category: Psychology

Attention And Performance Viii

Author : R. S. Nickerson
ISBN : 9781317770121
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 52.21 MB
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First published in 1980. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.
Category: Psychology

In The Mind S Eye

Author : Mary A. Peterson
ISBN : 019534359X
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 79.57 MB
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How can we best describe the processes by which we visually perceive our environment? Contemporary perceptual theory still lacks a coherent theoretical position that encompasses both the limitations on the information that can be retained from a single eye fixation and the abundant phenomenal and behavioral evidence for the perception of an extended and coherent world. As a result, many leading theorists and researchers in visual perception are turning with new or renewed interest to the work of Julian Hochberg. For over 50 years, in his own experimental research, in his detailed consideration of examples drawn from a wide range of visual experiences and activities, and most of all in his brilliant and sophisticated theoretical analyses, Hochberg has persistently engaged with the myriad problems inherent in working out the kind of coherent theoretical position the field currently lacks. The complexity of his thought and the wide range of areas into which Hochberg has pursued the solution to this central problem have, however, limited both the accessibility of his work and the appreciation of his accomplishment. In this volume we seek to bring the full range of Hochberg's work to the attention of a wider audience by offering a selection of his key works, many taken from out-of-print or relatively inaccessible sources. To facilitate the understanding of his accomplishment, and of what his work has to offer to contemporary researchers and theorists in visual perception, we include commentaries on salient aspects of his work by 20 noted researchers. In the Mind's Eye will be of interest to researchers working on topics such as perceptual organization, visual attention, space perception, motion perception, visual cognition, the relationship between perception and action, picture perception, and film, who are striving to obtain a deeper understanding of their own fields, and who want to integrate this understanding into a broader, unified view of visual perceptual processing.
Category: Psychology

The Oxford Handbook Of Perceptual Organization

Author : Johan Wagemans
ISBN : 9780191510472
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 24.15 MB
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Perceptual organization comprises a wide range of processes such as perceptual grouping, figure-ground organization, filling-in, completion, perceptual switching, etc. Such processes are most notable in the context of shape perception but they also play a role in texture perception, lightness perception, color perception, motion perception, depth perception, etc. Perceptual organization deals with a variety of perceptual phenomena of central interest, studied from many different perspectives, including psychophysics, experimental psychology, neuropsychology, neuroimaging, neurophysiology, and computational modeling. Given its central importance in phenomenal experience, perceptual organization has also figured prominently in classic Gestalt writings on the topic, touching upon deep philosophical issues regarding mind-brain relationships and consciousness. In addition, it attracts a great deal of interest from people working in applied areas like visual art, design, architecture, music, and so forth. The Oxford Handbook of Perceptual Organization provides a broad and extensive review of the current literature, written in an accessible form for scholars and students. With chapter written by leading researchers in the field, this is the state-of-the-art reference work on this topic, and will be so for many years to come.
Category: Psychology

The Psychology Of Music In Multimedia

Author : Siu-Lan Tan
ISBN : 9780199608157
Genre : Computers
File Size : 43.62 MB
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The Psychology of Music in Multimedia is the first book dedicated to the scientific research on how we integrate sound and image when engaging with film, television, video, interactive games, and computer interfaces. The focus on empirical research and strong psychological framework make a unique and distinct contribution to the field. The international roster of contributors present rich and diverse perspectives from a wide range of disciplines includingpsychology, musicology, neuroscience, media studies, film, and communication. Collectively, the rich chapters in this edited volume present a comprehensive treatment of research on the multimedia experience,with the aim of disseminating this knowledge base and inspiring future scholarship.
Category: Computers

Artificial Intelligence In Design 00

Author : John S. Gero
ISBN : 9789401141543
Genre : Computers
File Size : 77.88 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Designing is one of the foundations for change in our society. It is a fundamental precursor to manufacturing, fabrication and construction. Design research aims to develop an understanding of designing and to produce models of designing that can be used to aid designing. The papers in this volume are from the Sixth International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Design (AID'00) held in June 2000, in Worcester, Massachusetts, USA. They represent the state of the art and the cutting edge of research and development in this field, and demonstrate both the depth and breadth of the artificial intelligence paradigm in design. They point the way for the development of advanced computer-based tools to aid designers, and describe advances in both theory and application. This volume will be of particular interest to researchers, developers, and users of advanced computer systems in design.
Category: Computers

Knowledge Structures

Author : Dietrich Albert
ISBN : 9783642520648
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 62.76 MB
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This book is a sign of its times. Each one of the chapters - papers written by European authors of various backgrounds- illustrates a departure from the style of theorizing that has been prominent in the behavioral and social sciences for most of the century. Until very recently, models for behavioral phenomena were chi~fly based on numerical representations of the objects of concern, e. g. the subjects and the stimuli under study. This was due in large part to the influence of nineteenth century physics, which played the role of the successful older sister, the one that had to be imitated if one wished to be taken seriously in scientific circles. The mystical belief that there could be science only when the objects of concern were susceptible of measurement in the sense of physics was a credo that could not be violated without risks. Another, more honor able justification was that the numerical models were the only ones capable of feasible calculations. (In fact, these models were typically linear. ) An early example of such theorizing in psychology is factor analysis, which attempted to represent the results of mental tests in a real vector space of small dimen sionality, each subject being represented by a point in that space. A dimension Wa£ interpreted as a scale measuring some mental ability. The analysis was simple, and only required an electrical desk calculator (with spinning wheels), and a suitable amount of determination.
Category: Psychology

Music And Cinema

Author : James Buhler
ISBN : 9780819564115
Genre : Music
File Size : 55.76 MB
Format : PDF
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Examines the role of music in motion picture films and its influence on the formation of cinematic ideologies.
Category: Music

Analyzing Memory

Author : Richard A. Chechile
ISBN : 9780262038423
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 65.99 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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An accessible synthesis of memory research that discusses the creation of memory representations, the processes of storage and retrieval, and the effectiveness of encoding information. The field of memory research is subdivided into many separate and non-overlapping topic areas that often employ specialized tools and models. This book offers an accessible synthesis of memory research that explores how memory works, how it is organized, and how it changes dynamically. Written by an expert in the field, it can be used by undergraduate and graduate students of psychology and as a reference by researchers who want to fill in gaps in their knowledge. The book focuses on three general topics that cover a vast amount of research in the field: how a memory representation is created, how the cognitive processes of storage and retrieval can be studied and measured, and the process of encoding information and its varying degrees of effectiveness. Specific subjects addressed include habituation and sensitization, and the neurobiological changes that underlie them; evidence for a cognitive component underlying Pavlovian conditioning; biological constraints on a cognitive model of memory; an information-processing framework for memory; misconceptions about memory, including the static memory myth and the permanent memory myth; model-based measurement of storage and retrieval processes; a critique of the concept of memory strength; the distinction between implicit and explicit memory; and learning and repetition. Although the writing is accessible to the nonspecialist, the density of information is high. The text avoids jargon, and a glossary defines key terms. The notes expand on technical details and point to interesting related ideas.
Category: Psychology

Applied Graph Theory In Computer Vision And Pattern Recognition

Author : Abraham Kandel
ISBN : 9783540680192
Genre : Computers
File Size : 23.48 MB
Format : PDF
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This book will serve as a foundation for a variety of useful applications of graph theory to computer vision, pattern recognition, and related areas. It covers a representative set of novel graph-theoretic methods for complex computer vision and pattern recognition tasks. The first part of the book presents the application of graph theory to low-level processing of digital images such as a new method for partitioning a given image into a hierarchy of homogeneous areas using graph pyramids, or a study of the relationship between graph theory and digital topology. Part II presents graph-theoretic learning algorithms for high-level computer vision and pattern recognition applications, including a survey of graph based methodologies for pattern recognition and computer vision, a presentation of a series of computationally efficient algorithms for testing graph isomorphism and related graph matching tasks in pattern recognition and a new graph distance measure to be used for solving graph matching problems. Finally, Part III provides detailed descriptions of several applications of graph-based methods to real-world pattern recognition tasks. It includes a critical review of the main graph-based and structural methods for fingerprint classification, a new method to visualize time series of graphs, and potential applications in computer network monitoring and abnormal event detection.
Category: Computers


Author : Gordon Winant Hewes
ISBN : 9783112313015
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 26.50 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Category: Language Arts & Disciplines