Rethinking Work And Learning

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Rethinking Work And Learning

Author : Peter Willis
ISBN : 9781402089640
Genre : Education
File Size : 57.44 MB
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Rethinking a Sustainable Society Alan Mayne The world has already passed the midway point for achieving by 2015 the eight Millennium Development Goals for a “more peaceful, prosperous and just world” that were set by the United Nations in the wake of its inspirational Millennium Dec- 1 laration in 2000. These goals range from combating poverty, hunger, and disease, to empowering women, and ensuring environmental sustainability. However Ban Ki-Moon, the United Nations Secretary-General, conceded in 2007 that progress to date has been mixed. During 2008 the head of the United Nations World Food P- gramme cautioned that because of the surge in world commodity prices the program had insuf?cient money to stave off global malnutrition, and the World Health Or- nization warned of a global crisis in water and sanitation. Depressing news accounts accumulate about opportunities missed to achieve a fairer world order and ecolo- calsustainability:themanipulationofelectionresultsinAfrica,humanrightsabuses in China, 4000 Americans dead and another nation torn apart by a senseless and protracted war in Iraq, and weasel words by the world’s political leadership in the lead-up to negotiations for a climate change deal in 2009 that is supposed to stabilize global carbon dioxide emissions. It is clear that the parameters of the debates that drive progressive policy change urgently require repositioning and energizing. As is shown by the contributors to Rethinking work and learning, experts in the humanities and social sciences (HASS) couldhaveanimportantroletoplayinthisprocess.
Category: Education

Rethinking Work Experience

Author : Andrew Miller
ISBN : 1850008957
Genre : Education
File Size : 39.32 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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An overview of organizational and curricular development in work experience in the UK in recent years, which draws on the involvement of the authors at national level in consultancy with the DES, NCC, DTI, DoE and many LEAs concerning the role of work experience in the school curriculum.
Category: Education

Rethinking Careers Education And Guidance

Author : Ruth Hawthorn
ISBN : 9781134770533
Genre : Education
File Size : 50.49 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This is the first book to cover theory, policy and practice in all sectors of careers education and guidance provision. It is an essential text for students in initial training, those engaged in in-service and higher degree work.
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Rethinking Work

Author : Cliff Hakim
ISBN : 0891062300
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 55.42 MB
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Perfect the art of reinventing your relationship with both your work and your passions
Category: Business & Economics

Rethinking Readiness

Author : Rafael Heller
ISBN : 1682530531
Genre : Education
File Size : 52.56 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Rethinking Readiness offers a new set of competencies to replace the narrow learning goals of No Child Left Behind and, in chapters written by some of the nation's most well-respected education scholars, explores their implications for schools. Today's students must cultivate the full range of intellectual, interpersonal, and intrapersonal capacities that have been grouped together under the banner of "deeper learning." Rethinking Readiness focuses on how educators and policy makers should move forward to provide the educational experiences that students need to become truly well prepared for college, careers, and civic life, including changes in curriculum, teacher evaluation, and student assessment. As state leaders chart a new course for K-12 education in the Every Student Succeeds Act era, Rethinking Readiness offers a succinct and compelling vision for a new agenda for school reform so future generations can prosper in a rapidly changing world.
Category: Education

Learning To Save The Future

Author : Alexander J. Means
ISBN : 9781315450186
Genre : Education
File Size : 56.91 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Mainstream economists and Silicon Valley entrepreneurs claim that unfettered capitalism and digital technology can unlock a future of unbounded prosperity, create endless high paying jobs, and solve the world’s vast social and ecological problems. Realizing this future of abundance purportedly rests in the transformation of human potential into innovative human capital through new 21st century forms of education. In this new book Alex Means challenges this view. Stagnating economic growth and runaway inequality have emerged as the ‘normal’ condition of advanced capitalism. Simultaneously, there has been a worldwide educational expansion and a growing surplus of college-educated workers relative to their demand in the world economy. This surplus is complicated by an emerging digital revolution driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning that generates worker displacing innovations and immaterial forms of labor and valorization. Learning to Save the Future argues that rather than fostering mass intellectuality, educational development is being constrained by a value structure subordinated to 21st century capitalism and technology. Human capabilities from creativity, design, engineering, to communication are conceived narrowly as human capital, valued in terms of economic productivity and growth. Similarly, global problems such as the erosion of employment and climate change are conceived as educational problems to be addressed through business solutions and the digitalization of education. This thought-provoking account provides a cognitive map of this condition, offering alternatives through critical analyses of education and political economy, technology and labor, creativity and value, power and ecology.
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Rethinking Management Education

Author : Senior Lecturer in Organization Behaviour at Bristol Business School Robert French
ISBN : 1446235696
Genre : Management
File Size : 24.81 MB
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At a time of ever-increasing debate about orthodox approaches to management education, and their application in the post-industrial era, this innovative book brings together the work of authors actively engaged in developing new forms of education. The introduction contrasts dominant utilitarian and functionalist conceptions of management education with various alternatives. It argues the need for a critical and pluralistic form of management education whereby participants are introduced to the full diversity of appropriate perspectives and debates. The remainder of the book echoes this commitment by exploring a range of approaches, including those based in psychoanalysis, critical theory and poststructuralism. Throughout the book, there is a focus is upon the implications of problematizing management knowledge so as to facilitate alternative and critical modalities of teaching and learning. In this context management is seen not simply as a bundle of skills and techniques but, rather, as a complex social, political and moral practice.
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Rethinking Faculty Work

Author : Judith M. Gappa
ISBN : UOM:39015066879936
Genre : Education
File Size : 43.41 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Shows how changes in higher education are transforming the careers of faculty, and provides a model that makes it possible for all faculty to be in a position to do their best.
Category: Education

The Emergence Of Complexity

Author : Paul Hager
ISBN : 9783030318390
Genre : Education
File Size : 79.89 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This book centres on a broadened view of complexity that will enrich engagement with complexity in the social sciences. The key idea is to employ complexity theory to develop a holistic account of practice, agency and expertise. In doing so, the book acknowledges and builds upon the relational character of reductive accounts. It draws upon recent theoretical work on complexity, emergence and relationality to develop a novel account of practice, agency and expertise in and for workplaces. Biological, psychological and social aspects of these are integrated. This novel account overcomes problems in current views of practice, agency and expertise, which suffer from reductive, or fragmented, analyses, based upon individuals, groups, or networks. In retrieving the experiential richness of human activity – often esteemed as the basis of generative and creative life – this book shows how complexity both emerges from, and is, a non-reductive feature of, human experience, especially in daily work. “ ambitiously wide-ranging volume, questioning the key tenets of respected approaches ..... and offering ..... ‘novel accounts’, which draw on features of complexity thinking.... ...But they go further than any of us in their argument that: ‘whatever reductive moves are made, they ‘flow’ from holistic accounts of relationality which have already affectively engaged the purposes of a co-present group.’ This is the intellectual contribution that is built consistently and persuasively across the chapters.” Professor Emerita Anne Edwards, Oxford University "Hager and Beckett have written a book that will challenge more commonly held notions of agency, practice, skills, and learning. Centering their argument on complexity theory or, as they prefer, complexity thinking, Hager and Beckett argue that it is through relations that we raise questions about, gather data from, and make working sense of the complexity that surrounds us. Groups then, particularly small groups, hold and implement agentive power. And what the authors call co-present groups—ones in which holistic relationality occurs socially, and affectively in distinctive places—“draw us closer to each other, and harness our normativity by enabling negotiability and reason-giving.” If your field of study involves anything remotely sociocultural in nature or if you are just interested in the complex ways we engage as humans with our worlds, you should find a place for this book in your library." Bob Fecho, Teachers College, Columbia University, New York NY, USA
Category: Education

Rethinking University Teaching

Author : Diana Laurillard
ISBN : 0415256798
Genre : Education
File Size : 56.8 MB
Format : PDF
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This book argues that the promises made für e-learning will only be realised if we begin with an understanding of how students learn, and design the use of learning technologies from this standpoint.
Category: Education

Rethinking Teaching

Author : Mickey Kolis
ISBN : 9781475801064
Genre : Education
File Size : 61.18 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Veteran teacher Mickey Kolis invites you to reflect on how you “do learning” in your classroom. From making assignments meaningful to students to assessing the results, Rethinking Teaching explores key ideas for creating environments where students want to learn.
Category: Education

Rethinking Indigenous Education

Author : Cathryn McConaghy
ISBN : STANFORD:36105114687259
Genre : Aboriginal Australians
File Size : 77.52 MB
Format : PDF
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Rethinking indigenous education: culturalism, colonialism and the politics of knowing.
Category: Aboriginal Australians

Rethinking Education

Author : Stephen Murgatroyd
ISBN : 9781105094224
Genre : Education
File Size : 76.22 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This publication represents the first of a series of books that will profile some of the forward thinking work being undertaken by leading education researchers and policy experts focused on transforming the face of public education and the future of Alberta. The Co-creating a Learning Alberta book series is a partnership with leading public policy thinkers and the Alberta Teachers' Association that flows from the public lecture series called "Learning our Way to the Next Alberta." Since its inception in 2004, this lecture series has drawn over 5,000 participants and continues to push our thinking about the hopes and possibilities for the future of this province and is profiled at In these public lectures, three questions have come to dominate the conversations about the future of the Alberta: What is the Alberta that the world needs to see? What kind of Albertans do we need to become to get us there? and How will leadership in learning help us become our best selves?
Category: Education

Rethinking Collaborative Learning

Author : Richard Joiner
ISBN : UOM:39015050696403
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 70.99 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Aims to bring together research on collaborative learning and learning to collaborate from international workers in the field. This title focuses on when and how peer interaction can facilitate understanding and learning, and how we can conceptualize the nature and quality of collaborative activity, how productive collaborative activity can be supported, and how children learn to collaborate. The authors examine the ways in which psychologists and educational researchers conceptualize collaborative activity and examine the different contexts in which such activity is studied.
Category: Psychology

Rethinking Radical Education

Author : Ali Rattansi
ISBN : UOM:39015025388169
Genre : Critical pedagogy
File Size : 27.14 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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In Rethinking Radical Education practitioners, researchers and activists offer a critical assessment of contemporary and historical forms of radical education. They place the radical tradition in a historical context and reflect on its real strengths and achievements as well as its limitations. anti-racism, peace education, world studies and environmental studies - and ask what their achievements have been. Of course, there is the recognition that radicalism is not the sole property of the left - much of the New Right's thinking on education is revolutionary. This collection, while honouring the life work of Brian Simon, provides a re-evaluation and reformulation of education as we enter a new political era.
Category: Critical pedagogy

Learning As Development

Author : Daniel A. Wagner
ISBN : 9781136294518
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 63.87 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Learning is the foundation of the human experience. It begins at birth and never stops, a continuous and malleable link across life stages of human development. Disparities in learning access and outcomes around the world have deep consequences for income, social mobility, health, and well-being. For international development practitioners faced with today's unprecedented environmental and geopolitical pressures, learning should be viewed as a touchstone and target for those seeking to truly effect global change. This book traces the path of international development work—from its pre-colonial origins to the emergence of economics as the dominant discipline in the field—and lays out a new agenda for policymakers, researchers, and practitioners, from early education through adulthood. Learning as Development is an attempt to rethink international education in a changing world.
Category: Psychology

Rethinking Education In Ethiopia

Author : Tekeste Negash
ISBN : STANFORD:36105070582700
Genre : Education
File Size : 32.31 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Only 20 per cent of the school-age population have access to primary education. Yet the majority of school leavers have few employment opportunities. The current and planned expansion of the formal education sector cannot be defended either on development or moral grounds since formal educational cannot fulfil the educational and developmental needs of the great majority of the population. This study attempts to explore an alternative strategy as regards expansion of literacy and the fulfilment of educational and developmental needs. This study argues that the strategy of non-formal education is in both cases a far better alternative.
Category: Education

Rethinking The Company

Author : Thomas Clarke
ISBN : UOM:35128001631918
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 52.91 MB
Format : PDF
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Offering a practical account of the forces shaping business over the 21st century, this text covers technology, director's competencies, learning, governance and globalization. It examines the impact of environmental, legal and political pressures on corporate activity.
Category: Business & Economics

Rethinking Educational Practice Through Reflexive Inquiry

Author : Nicole Mockler
ISBN : 940070805X
Genre : Education
File Size : 30.21 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Susan Groundwater-Smith is one of the most influential voices in the world of educational practitioner inquiry. The convener in Australia of the Coalition of Knowledge Building Schools, she is a staunch advocate of innovative methods of practitioner inquiry with a particular emphasis upon student voice and the use of images in capturing young people’s perspectives on their learning experience. So it is more than fitting that this unique text on practitioner inquiry and teacher professional learning is dedicated to her. Rethinking Education Practice Through Reflexive Inquiry is a compilation of essays that explore contemporary issues in practitioner inquiry and action research from the perspective of both university-based and school-based authors. The essays discuss the practical, political and theoretical dimensions of practitioner inquiry, advancing the argument that the adoption of an inquiring approach to practice is both an integral dimension of teachers’ work in the modern school as well as critical to effective and authentic professional learning. And the essays draw on the work of Groundwater-Smith to demonstrate the benefits brought to bear on schools, teachers and learners when the complex nature of the relationship between inquiry and practice is understood and acted upon in pursuit of democratic knowledge interests.
Category: Education