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Doing My Part

Author : Martin Dybicz
ISBN : CORNELL:31924104971597
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 90.18 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This Student Reflection Handbook, which is best used with a Teacher Manual of the same title contains 52 handouts for use in 12 seminars. This unirt takes up the call for service-learning sounded by the National Commission on Service-Learning. Service-learning goes a step beyond simple community service because it joins the action of community service with an academic, reflective component. This unit can be used as the reflective component to an existing high school service-learning course or to upgrade a community service component that is already in place to a service -learning course. It does not serve as a handbook for beginning a service-learning program from scratch.
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Problematizing Servicelearning

Author : Trae Stewart
ISBN : 9781617352119
Genre : Education
File Size : 85.51 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Interest in and research on civic engagement and servicelearning have increased exponentially. In this rapid growth, efforts have been made to institutionalize pedagogies of engagement across both K12 and higher education. As a result, increased positive attention has been complemented equally by wellfounded critiques complicating experiential approaches’ claims and questioning if institutional, financial, and philosophical commitment is warranted. A key complaint from these critical voices is the tightly woven, protective insular core in the field of servicelearning. This claim is not unfounded, nor necessarily bad. Initial efforts to legitimize servicelearning and other forms of communitybased education required group cohesion. The concern, however, is that the initial group cohesion has led to groupthink wherein group members have avoided critical analysis and evaluation. This book aims to prevent groupthink within the field of servicelearning by allowing for the examination of effective alternatives by new voices who can serve as “critical evaluators” from within the field itself. Myriad perspectives are offered, including empirical, theoretical, practical, and community perspectives. Authors challenge preconceived notions of servicelearning, who is benefited by this pedagogy, outcomes of participation and implementation, and most importantly the theoretical, conceptual, and methodological lenses through which servicelearning is even considered. The book allows servicelearning’s major criticisms to be examined, challenges to be voiced, and research agendas to be laid. This book parallels servicelearning’s presence and popularity across various disciplines/fields. Chapters are written from broad perspectives and are aimed to inform servicelearning researchers and educators, community organizations, and policy makers who consider servicelearning as a means to address civic responsibility. Authors expose theoretical and philosophical concerns circulating in the field, and often still occupying spaces on the fringe of discourse, action, and research. The book raises fundamental questions for undergraduate and graduate courses with social justice themes by considering the implications that pedagogies of engagement have on learners and communities.
Category: Education

Why Kids Love And Hate School

Author : Steven P. Jones
ISBN : 9781975500696
Genre : Education
File Size : 63.10 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This collection consists of theoretical discussions, personal reflections, research reports, and policy suggestions sourced in the experiences of our most vulnerable students with an eye to making schools places all students might love rather than hate. The essays take up these issues from the perspectives of poverty, gender, race, ethnicity, ability, language, and religion among others. These essays also provide practical advice for teachers and administrators—both practicing and pre-service—for making classrooms and schools spaces that would encourage our students to say, “I love school.”
Category: Education

Critical Reflections About Students With Special Needs

Author : Jennifer J. Coots
ISBN : UVA:X030108449
Genre : Education
File Size : 72.71 MB
Format : PDF
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100 vignettes based on real-life classroom challenges are useful for guiding critical reflections on effective teaching and are linked to the CEC Professional Standards for special education teachers. Each vignette provides a brief synopsis of challenges experienced by both novice and experienced teachers as they attempt to implement the information they have learned about effective teaching practices. Using the ten categories in the CEC standards for knowledge and skills, questions for reflections have been developed and carefully referenced for each vignette. These vignettes are designed to be used as a teaching tool for pre-service students or beginning teachers. By providing guided discussions, students are able to brainstorm possible solutions to the challenges presented when teachers attempt to apply general best practice standards in particular classroom situations. Given their brevity, instructors can present these vignettes within a class session and use them to promote active learning. This resource also provides ideas for implementing and utilizing these vignettes to promote active learning within the course structure.
Category: Education

Reflections Of A Citizen Teacher

Author : Todd DeStigter
ISBN : STANFORD:36105114663268
Genre : Education
File Size : 82.93 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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DeStigter chronicles his efforts as a high school English teacher and guidance counselor to help the Latino population at a small Michigan school. His experiences profile what he terms the "citizen teacher", an individual teacher who defends and upholds democratic ideals in the school environment, across cultural and economic boundaries.
Category: Education

Developing Reflective Practice

Author : Andy Grant
ISBN : 9781119064749
Genre : Medical
File Size : 76.17 MB
Format : PDF
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The ability to reflect on practice is a fundamental component of effective medical practice. In a sector increasingly focused on professionalism and patient-centred care, Developing Reflective Practice is a timely publication providing practical guidance on how to acquire the reflective skills necessary to become a successful clinician. This new title draws from a wide range of theoretical and practical multidisciplinary perspectives to assist students, practitioners and educators in embedding reflection in everyday activities. It also offers structures and ideas for more purposeful and meaningful formal reflections and professional development. Developing Reflective Practice: Focuses on the developing practitioner and their lifelong learning and the development of professional identity through reflection Provides practical how-to information for students, practitioners and educators, including realistic case examples and practice-based hints and tips Examines and explains the theoretical and conceptual approaches to reflective practice, including its models and frameworks.
Category: Medical

Teaching Philosophy

Author : Tziporah Kasachkoff
ISBN : 074251448X
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 29.44 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Here, two dozen distinguished philosophers share their insights and practical suggestions on a diverse range of pedagogic issues with essays on how to motivate students, constructing syllabi for particular courses, teaching particularly complex concepts, and constructing creative examinations.
Category: Philosophy

The Road To Improvement

Author : Peter Mortimore
ISBN : 902651526X
Genre : Education
File Size : 71.64 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This is a collection of 19 articles charting developments in school effectiveness research, both on the evaluative and reflective side, and the emergence from it of pro-active school improvement ideas and initiatives.
Category: Education

Supporting The Whole Child

Author : Marge Scherer
ISBN : 9781416609773
Genre : Education
File Size : 24.31 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This e-book, a collection of articles from Educational Leadership and other ASCD publications explores what it means to "support the whole child." In these articles, authors ponder the various meanings of support in the classroom, school, and community. This third in a four-book series exploring whole child education ends by emphasizing another maxim of good teaching: Hold high expectations for your students. Our authors agree: With the right supports, students are capable of doing more than even they think they can.
Category: Education

Reflections On Academic Lives

Author : Staci M. Zavattaro
ISBN : 9781137600097
Genre : Education
File Size : 51.91 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This book brings together reflections from seventy academics – everyone from doctoral students to a retired provost – who share their lived experiences in graduate school and beyond. Career seekers, adjunct professors, those in or considering graduate school, and tenure-track professors alike will find truths revealed through these shared experiences of struggle, triumph, loss and hope.
Category: Education

Teaching Students To Self Assess

Author : Starr Sackstein
ISBN : 9781416621560
Genre : Education
File Size : 56.1 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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In this essential guide, Starr Sackstein—a National Board Certified Teacher—explains how teachers can use reflection to help students decipher their own learning needs and engage in deep, thought-provoking discourse about progress. She explains how to help students set actionable learning goals, teach students to reflect on and chart their learning progress, and use student reflections and self-assessment to develop targeted learning plans and determine student mastery. Filled with practical tips, innovative ideas, and sample reflections from real students, this book shows you how to incorporate self-assessment and reflection in ways that encourage students to grow into mindful, receptive learners, ready to explore a fast-changing world.
Category: Education

Reflections On Language Teacher Identity Research

Author : Gary Barkhuizen
ISBN : 9781317286097
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 79.44 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Reflections on Language Teacher Identity Research is the first book to present understandings of language teacher identity (LTI) from a broad range of research fields. Drawing on their personal research experience, 41 contributors locate LTI within their area of expertise by considering their conceptual understanding of LTI and the methodological approaches used to investigate it. The chapters are narrative in nature and take the form of guided reflections within a common chapter structure, with authors embedding their discussions within biographical accounts of their professional lives and research work. Authors weave discussions of LTI into their own research biographies, employing a personal reflective style. This book also looks to future directions in LTI research, with suggestions for research topics and methodological approaches. This is an ideal resource for students and researchers interested in language teacher identity as well as language teaching and research more generally.
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Reflections On The History Of Computers In Education

Author : Arthur Tatnall
ISBN : 9783642551192
Genre : Education
File Size : 29.32 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This book is a collection of refereed invited papers on the history of computing in education from the 1970s to the mid-1990s presenting a social history of the introduction and early use of computers in schools. The 30 papers deal with the introduction of computer in schools in many countries around the world: Norway, South Africa, UK, Canada, Australia, USA, Finland, Chile, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain, Ireland, Israel and Poland. The authors are not professional historians but rather people who as teachers, students or researchers were involved in this history and they narrate their experiences from a personal perspective offering fascinating stories.
Category: Education

Liberal Education And The Idea Of The University

Author : Karim Dharamsi
ISBN : 9781622735211
Genre : Education
File Size : 82.80 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The idea of the university and the idea of liberal education share a family resemblance. However, it is not always explicitly clear what they have in common and what differentiates them. This collection brings together arguments and reflections on the nature of the university and the place of liberal learning in the 21st century. It is divided into two parts. In the first part authors examine the values and ideals that shape our understanding of liberal learning and the university; in the second part authors consider pedagogies informing our practices, asking after what underlying presuppositions, when made explicit, guide our liberal education classrooms in higher education. Unique in its approaches, this volume includes defenses of liberal education’s intrinsic value, the commodification of some of its best ideals, as well as utilitarian defenses that challenge some orthodox conceptions of liberal learning and its justifications. Each in its own right understands liberal learning as essential to the defense of a democratic order. On the pedagogical side, included are essays that defend a view of liberal education from the vantage of STEM subjects, including architecture, as well as those we typically associate with the liberal arts. This volume will aid academics and students seeking to better grasp an understanding of liberal education, but also those seeking to advance their pedagogical ideas about liberal learning. Researchers and students in education, higher education and those interested in the liberal arts and sciences will find this volume a useful addition to their collection.
Category: Education

Reflective Practice In Nursing

Author : Chris Bulman
ISBN : 9781118307779
Genre : Medical
File Size : 31.19 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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From reviews of previous editions: 'This excellent book provides useful guidance on the use ofreflection in practice.... a helpful addition to any nursinglibrary.’ Primary Health Care '…an excellent investment in any nurses’ libraryportfolio.' Journal of Advanced Nursing 'An extremely welcome addition to nursing's literature onthoughtful, knowledgeable practice.' Nursing Times 'This is an excellent practical guide to reflectivepractice…I would highly recommend this book to all practiceteachers and students.' Journal of Practice Nursing The ability to reflect on practice has become a competencydemanded of every healthcare professional in recent years. It canbe a daunting prospect- but this practical and accessible textguides the way, using the latest research and evidence to supportthe development of skills in reflective practice and provides helpand advice on how to get started, how to write reflectively and howto continue to use reflective practice in everyday situations. This fifth edition of Reflective Practice in Nursing isan indispensable guide for students and practitioners alike whowish to learn more about reflective practice, as well as containingessential information for teachers and lecturers.
Category: Medical

Transforming Teacher Education

Author : David Mausfield Carroll
ISBN : 1891792334
Genre : Education
File Size : 45.13 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 282
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Transforming Teacher Education offers an intimate, reflective account of the renowned Team One teacher education program at Michigan State University. Over a ten-year period, Team One established a first-rate reputation as a beacon of progressive teacher education. In this book, the creators of Team One describe their ongoing efforts to nurture and sustain a teacher education program that could serve as a learning community for students, faculty, and administrators alike. The book weaves together diverse voices to provide a detailed portrait of the ongoing transformation of teachers and students as they learn together. "A breathtaking book. With all the talk about 'doing something' about teacher education, here is a rare example of a book that actually does something. It offers a fascinating opportunity to play with the critical ideas confronting us as educators. Transforming Teacher Education must get into the hands of those thinking seriously about educating America." -- Deborah Meier, Senior Scholar and Adjunct Professor, Steinhardt School of Education, New York University "At last! A fascinating, deep, and honest analysis of the reform effort of a large teacher education program, using principles, theories, and values from small, elite boutique programs. This book describes the successes, dilemmas, and nightmares of the process, interspersing research, analysis, and reflection. It should be required reading for any teacher education program undergoing major reform." -- Virginia Richardson, Professor of Education, School of Education, University of Michigan "Teacher educators in programs large and small will be inspired and instructed by this book. The members of Team One remind us of the folly of those who believe that there are shortcuts to preparing teachers to do well the difficult work confronting us today." -- Marvin Hoffman, Founding Director, North Kenwood Oakland Charter School, and Associate Director, Urban Teacher Education Program, University of Chicago "The appearance of a new book by this team of extraordinarily thoughtful teacher educators is an event worth celebrating. The book details what it took to accomplish what many thought could not be done--creating and sustaining a model of teacher education, rooted in a vibrant intellectual and professional community, in the context of a large, bureaucratic public university. We learn from Transforming Teacher Education what it takes to create ambitious programmatic change, and all the pleasures and challenges entailed in such an effort." -- Pam Grossman, Professor of Education, Stanford University Edited by David Carroll, Helen Featherstone, Joseph Featherstone, Sharon Feiman-Nemser, and Dirck Roosevelt
Category: Education

Reflections On Science Teaching In New Zealand Schools

Author : Doreen Vikashni Chandra
ISBN : 1634834283
Genre : Science
File Size : 45.74 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This publication presents findings on students perceptions of their teaching experience in New Zealand science classrooms. It highlights some important issues associated with underachievement of students in science education in New Zealand schools and the possible reasons for declining science enrollment rates in high schools. Furthermore, it attempts to identify the best ways of teaching the sciences to students in New Zealand for the benefit of all learners, including diverse learners. Research to date is limited in explaining diverse students perceptions of their teaching experiences in secondary science. Therefore, this book aims at expanding and understanding the issues affecting achievement in science education by particularly identifying pedagogies of teaching that helped and hindered students learning of science in New Zealand schools. In doing so, this book offers examples of the best practices in science teaching to teachers of science, preferred by diverse learners in current New Zealand secondary science classrooms. It is evident from the findings that students learning in science was assessment-centered and knowledge-centered, and instructions and tasks were designed according to curriculum, content and assessment goals, which is problematic. The empirical findings in this book strongly support the need for situating students learning within the community of learning when considering quality science teaching for all students. This publication is a practical guide for professionals such as university academics involved in science teacher training programmes, ministry of education for policy-making and funding, university students becoming science teachers, current primary and secondary science teachers, school principals and emergent researchers.
Category: Science

Reflections Patterns For Reading And Writing

Author : Kathleen T. McWhorter
ISBN : 1319043461
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 28.32 MB
Format : PDF
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This innovative modes-based reader by reading expert Kathleen McWhorter supports an integrated approach to reading and writing with unique scaffolded instruction that guides students through comprehension, analysis, evaluation, and written response — skills students will need to be successful in college. Compelling reading selections drawn from widely taught academic disciplines let students practice the work they’re expected to do in other college courses. The second edition has been thoroughly revised with a new grammar handbook, expanded research coverage, new readings, and new features to provide stronger, more integrated reading and writing advice. Reflections can be packaged with LaunchPad Solo for Readers and Writers, allowing you to more efficiently track students’ progress with reading, writing, and grammar skills in an active learning arc that complements the book.
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines