Politics Of Modernism

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Politics Of Modernism

Author : Raymond Williams
ISBN : 9781844675807
Genre : Philosophy
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Raymond Williams applied himself to modernism in this, his last major work. He concerns himself with how to get beyond the "new conformism" and develop a cultural politics that goes beyond the "Modern".
Category: Philosophy

Feminist Aesthetics And The Politics Of Modernism

Author : Ewa Płonowska Ziarek
ISBN : 9780231161480
Genre : Literary Criticism
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Ewa Ziarek fully articulates a feminist aesthetics, focusing on the struggle for freedom in women's literary and political modernism and the devastating impact of racist violence and sexism. She examines the contradiction between women's transformative literary and political practices and the oppressive realities of racist violence and sexism, and she situates these tensions within the entrenched opposition between revolt and melancholia in studies of modernity and within the friction between material injuries and experimental aesthetic forms. Ziarek's political and aesthetic investigations concern the exclusion and destruction of women in politics and literary production and the transformation of this oppression into the inaugural possibilities of writing and action. Her study is one of the first to combine an in-depth engagement with philosophical aesthetics, especially the work of Theodor W. Adorno, with women's literary modernism, particularly the writing of Virginia Woolf and Nella Larsen, along with feminist theories on the politics of race and gender. By bringing seemingly apolitical, gender-neutral debates about modernism's experimental forms together with an analysis of violence and destroyed materialities, Ziarek challenges both the anti-aesthetic subordination of modern literature to its political uses and the appreciation of art's emancipatory potential at the expense of feminist and anti-racist political struggles.
Category: Literary Criticism

Anarchy Culture

Author : David Weir
ISBN : 1558490833
Genre : Literary Criticism
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Yet as other late nineteenth-century writers and artists began to sympathize with anarchism, the prospect of a common culture became increasingly remote. In Weir's view, the affinity for anarchism that developed among members of the artistic avant-garde lies behind much of fin de siecle culture. Indeed, the emergence of modernism itself can be understood as the aesthetic realization of anarchist politics.
Category: Literary Criticism

Reactionary Modernism

Author : Herf
ISBN : 0521338336
Genre : History
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In a unique application of critical theory to the study of the role of ideology in politics, Jeffrey Herf explores the paradox inherent in the German fascists' rejection of the rationalism of the Enlightenment while fully embracing modern technology. He documents evidence of a cultural tradition he calls 'reactionary modernism' found in the writings of German engineers and of the major intellectuals of the. Weimar right: Ernst Juenger, Oswald Spengler, Werner Sombart, Hans Freyer, Carl Schmitt, and Martin Heidegger. The book shows how German nationalism and later National Socialism created what Joseph Goebbels, Hitler's propaganda minister, called the 'steel-like romanticism of the twentieth century'. By associating technology with the Germans, rather than the Jews, with beautiful form rather than the formlessness of the market, and with a strong state rather than a predominance of economic values and institutions, these right-wing intellectuals reconciled Germany's strength with its romantic soul and national identity.
Category: History

Affective Mapping

Author : Jonathan FLATLEY
ISBN : 9780674036963
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 73.1 MB
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The surprising claim of this book is that dwelling on loss is not necessarily depressing. Instead, embracing melancholy can be a road back to contact with others and can lead people to productively remap their relationship to the world around them. Flatley demonstrates that a seemingly disparate set of modernist writers and thinkers showed how aesthetic activity can give us the means to comprehend and change our relation to loss.
Category: Literary Criticism

Munich And Theatrical Modernism

Author : Peter Jelavich
ISBN : 0674588355
Genre : History
File Size : 43.47 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This is the first cultural exploration of playwriting, directing, acting, and theater architecture in fin-de-siècle Munich. Peter Jelavich examines the commercial, political, and cultural tensions that fostered modernism's artistic revolt against the classical and realistic modes of nineteenth-century drama.
Category: History

Modernism And Mass Politics

Author :
ISBN : 0804764697
Genre :
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Examining in detail the surprising similarities between modernist literature and contemporary theories of the crowd, this work shows that many modernist literary forms emerged out of efforts to write in the idiom of the crowd mind.

Gertrude Stein And Richard Wright

Author : M. Lynn Weiss
ISBN : 9781628468847
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 73.74 MB
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After the Second World War, Gertrude Stein asked a friend's support in securing a visa for Richard Wright to visit Paris. “I've got to help him,” she said. “You see, we are both members of a minority group.” The brief, little-noted friendship of Stein and Wright began in 1945 with a letter. Over the next fifteen months, the two kept up a lively correspondence which culminated in Wright's visit to Paris in May 1946 and ended with Stein's death a few months later. Gertrude Stein and Richard Wright began their careers as marginals within marginalized groups, and their desire to live peacefully in unorthodox marriages led them away from America and into permanent exile in France. Still, the obvious differences between them—in class, ethnic and racial origins, and in artistic expression—beg the question: What was there to talk about? This question opens a window onto each writer's meditations on the influence of racial, ethnic, national origins on the formation of identity in a modern and post-modern world. The intuitive and intellectual affinities between Stein and Wright are illuminated in several works of nonfiction. Stein's Paris France and Wright's Pagan Spain are meditations on expatriation and creativity. Their so-called homecoming narratives—Stein's Everybody's Autobiography and Wright's Black Power—examine concepts of racial and national identity in a post-modernist world. Respectively, in Lectures in America and White Man, Listen!, Stein and Wright outline the ways in which the poetics and politics of modernism are inextricably bound. At the close of the twentieth century, the meditations of Stein and Wright on the protean quality of individual identity and its artistic, social, and political expression explore the most prescient and pressing issues of our time and beyond.
Category: Literary Criticism

Legacies Of Modernism

Author : P. McBride
ISBN : 9780230603189
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 89.62 MB
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Between 1890 and 1950 modernist art and culture set out to challenge century-old notions of the individual and the community, culture and politics, morality and freedom, placing into question the very foundations of Western civilization. The essays in this volume present a novel assessment of various manifestations of modernism in Germany and Scandinavia by posing the question of its critical and political impact beyond traditional polarities such as right vs. left, illiberalism vs. Enlightenment, apolitical vs. engaged. In drawing on a wide range of disciplinary perspectives, including literary studies, art history, film and visual studies, urban studies, musicology, political theory, and the history of science and technology, the essays in this volume reexamine modernism's bold inquiry into areas such as the relation of art to technology and mass politics, the limits of liberal democracy, the reconceptualization of urban spaces, and the realignment of traditional art forms following the rise of new media such as film. The volume's contributors share a belief in the timeliness of modernism's critical impulse for a contemporary age confronted with ethical and political dilemmas that the modernists first articulated and to which they attempted to respond.
Category: Literary Criticism

Conservative Modernists

Author : Christos Hadjiyiannis
ISBN : 9781108661232
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 41.25 MB
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Despite sustained scholarly interest in the politics of modernism, astonishingly little attention has been paid to its relationship to Conservatism. Yet modernist writing was imbricated with Tory rhetoric and ideology from when it emerged in the Edwardian era. By investigating the many intersections between Anglophone modernism and Tory politics, Conservative Modernists offers new ways to read major figures such as T. S. Eliot, Ezra Pound, T. E. Hulme, and Ford Madox Ford. It also highlights the contribution to modernism of lesser-known writers, including Edward Storer, J. M. Kennedy, and A. M. Ludovici. These are the figures to whom it most frequently returns, but, cutting through disciplinary delineations, the book simultaneously reveals the inputs to modernism of a broad range of political writers, philosophers, art historians, and crowd psychologists: from Pascal, Burke, and Disraeli, to Nietzsche, Le Bon, Wallas, Worringer, Ribot, Bergson, and Scheler.
Category: Literary Criticism

Late Modernism

Author : Tyrus Miller
ISBN : 0520921992
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 22.93 MB
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Tyrus Miller breaks new ground in this study of early twentieth-century literary and artistic culture. Whereas modernism studies have generally concentrated on the vital early phases of the modernist revolt, Miller focuses on the turbulent later years of the 1920s and 1930s, tracking the dissolution of modernism in the interwar years. In the post-World War I reconstruction and the worldwide crisis that followed, Miller argues, new technological media and the social forces of mass politics opened fault lines in individual and collective experience, undermining the cultural bases of the modernist movement. He shows how late modernists attempted to discover ways of occupying this new and often dangerous cultural space. In doing so they laid bare the ruin of the modernist aesthetic at the same time as they transcended its limits. In his wide-ranging theoretical and historical discussion, Miller relates developments in literary culture to tendencies in the visual arts, cultural and political criticism, mass culture, and social history. He excavates Wyndham Lewis's hidden borrowings from Al Jolson's The Jazz Singer; situates Djuna Barnes between the imagery of haute couture and the intellectualism of Duchamp; uncovers Beckett's affinities with Giacometti's surrealist sculptures and the Bolshevik clowns Bim-Bom; and considers Mina Loy as both visionary writer and designer of decorative lampshades. Miller's lively and engaging readings of culture in this turbulent period reveal its surprising anticipation of our own postmodernity.
Category: Fiction

Fascist Modernism

Author : Andrew Hewitt
ISBN : 0804726973
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 77.21 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Using the literary work of Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, the founder of the Italian Futurist movement and an early associate of Mussolini, the author explores the point of contact between a "progressive" aesthetic practice and a "reactionary" political ideology.
Category: Philosophy

Hollywood Modernism

Author : Saverio Giovacchini
ISBN : 1566398630
Genre : Performing Arts
File Size : 49.61 MB
Format : PDF
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Features a history of the Hollywood community and its wartime films. Seeing Hollywood as a forcefield, the author examines the social networks, working relationships, and political activities of artists, intellectuals, and film workers who flocked to Hollywood from Europe and the eastern United States before and during the second world war.
Category: Performing Arts

Dancing Modernism Performing Politics

Author : Mark Franko
ISBN : 0253116384
Genre : Performing Arts
File Size : 78.48 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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"... almost every page offers provocative commentary on the aesthetics and politics of modern dance." -- Signs "... [an] important step... in the ineluctable dance by postmodern historians across a bridge that spans the gaps among disciplines, between theory and practice, and betweeen present and past." -- Theatre Journal "This complex and important book needs to be read by anyone interested in dance history or the cultural politics of dance." -- Dance Theatre Journal "Mark Franko's Dancing Modernism/Performing Politics is challenging, groundbreaking, insightful, and, I believe, an important contribution to the field of dance scholarship." -- Dance Research Journal A revisionary account of the evolution of "modern dance" in which Mark Franko calls for a historicization of aesthetics that considers the often-ignored political dimension of expressive action. Includes an appendix of articles of left-wing dance theory, which flourished during the 1930s.
Category: Performing Arts

Apart From Modernism

Author : Robin Peel
ISBN : 0838640796
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 33.21 MB
Format : PDF
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"The study emphasizes the crucial role that Wharton's contact with Europe had on her writing, and the significance intellectually and politically of her relationship with Morton Fullerton and her reading of his books on politics. It locates Wharton in her period, surrounded as she was by discourses which called for political and social change, change which an outlook that Peel calls "American Toryism" made her reluctant to embrace. Her love of motorcars and her excitement about other technological developments such as aeroplanes was inspired by a feeling of exclusivity and not the democratization of culture, which she feared and condemned. France, England, Italy, and America formed the quartet of countries that contained the best and worst of culture, and Peel emphasizes how ironical it was that a writer whose ideological beliefs endorsed the importance of home, roots, and tradition should have spent so much of her life as a restless, apparently rootless traveler."--BOOK JACKET.
Category: Literary Criticism