Operational Assessment Of It

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Operational Assessment Of It

Author : Steve Katzman
ISBN : 9781498737692
Genre : Business & Economics
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Operational Assessment of IT presents ideas and concepts of optimization designed to improve an organization's business processes and assist business units in meeting organizational goals more effectively. Rather than focus on specific technologies, computing environments, enterprise risks, resource programs, or infrastructure, the book focuses on
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Operational Assessment Tool

Author : Child Center
ISBN : OCLC:6384290
Genre : Educational tests and measurements
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Operational Assessment Of Space Toward Efficiency And Effectiveness

Author :
ISBN : OCLC:318683030
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Assessing effects is one of the biggest challenges the Air Force faces today. The Air Force has struggled with assessing air operations since they began dropping bombs, and the problem persists today. As problematic as the assessment of combat effects might be for air operations, the assessment of effects from space operations is even more difficult. This thesis uses a theoretical framework to better understand the problem and provide a framework for how the Air Force should address the issue of assessing space operations. By examining experiences from the use of airpower, specifically strategic bombing and close air support (CAS), the thesis will evaluate those lessons in terms fundamental to the issues of assessment. The answers gleaned from this analysis will help inform the Air Force on better methods for assessing space operations in the future. Operational assessment is the process of relating tactical tasks to operational effects. In the military, tactical tasks are developed with the "theory" that they will enable victory on the battlefield. The scientific method used in this thesis can serve the assessment community well by strengthening theories relating cause and effect and aid in the commander's judgment. This is the very purpose of operational assessment. The Air Force has historically focused on tactical assessments because it is inherently difficult to assess at the operational level. Operational level space effects are indirect, non-kinetic, indistinguishable from other effects, and often take time to recognize. The theater commander needs both tactical assessments to know that he is doing things right, and operational assessments to know if he is doing the right things. He will probably know if he is not succeeding and want to know why. But what if he is succeeding?

Nato S Air War For Kosovo

Author : Benjamin S. Lambeth
ISBN : 9780833032379
Genre : History
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This book offers a thorough appraisal of Operation Allied Force, NATO's 78-day air war to compel the president of Yugoslavia, Slobodan Milosevic, to end his campaign of ethnic cleansing in Kosovo. The author sheds light both on the operation's strengths and on its most salient weaknesses. He outlines the key highlights of the air war and examines the various factors that interacted to induce Milosevic to capitulate when he did. He then explores air power's most critical accomplishments in Operation Allied Force as well as the problems that hindered the operation both in its planning and in its execution. Finally, he assesses Operation Allied Force from a political and strategic perspective, calling attention to those issues that are likely to have the greatest bearing on future military policymaking. The book concludes that the air war, although by no means the only factor responsible for the allies' victory, certainly set the stage for Milosevic's surrender by making it clear that he had little to gain by holding out. It concludes that in the end, Operation Allied Force's most noteworthy distinction may lie in the fact that the allies prevailed despite the myriad impediments they faced.
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The Battle For Western Europe Fall 1944

Author : John A. Adams
ISBN : 9780253004192
Genre : History
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This engrossing and meticulously researched volume reexamines the decisions made by Dwight D. Eisenhower and his staff in the crucial months leading up to the Battle of the Bulge. In late August 1944 defeat of the Wehrmacht seemed assured. On December 16, however, the Germans counterattacked. Received wisdom says that Eisenhower's Broad Front strategy caused his armies to stall in early September, and his subsequent failure to concentrate his forces brought about deadlock and opened the way for the German attack. Arguing to the contrary, John A. Adams demonstrates that Eisenhower and his staff at SHAEF had a good campaign strategy, refined to reflect developments on the ground, which had an excellent chance of destroying the Germans west of the Rhine.
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Operational Assessment The Achilles Heel Of Effects Based Operations

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ISBN : OCLC:74224526
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With the promise of war-winning efficiency, the effects-based operations (EBO) concept has rightly become the subject of intense joint study. For all this enthusiasm, however, operational commanders ultimately require more than the highly-theoretical EBO concepts. They also require a method of assessing, during a campaign's execution, whether or not the more sophisticated EBO approach is working. Unfortunately, the current ability to assess the success or failure of an effects-based campaign is far less mature than the EBO concept--this 'assessment gap', then, prevents commanders from fully embracing EBO. This analysis suggests that assessing effects in war has never been possible with the clarity a commander desires; it is unlikely the current joint focus on technological solutions will succeed in creating this clarity in the future. Instead, overcoming this assessment 'shortcoming' can and must begin with operational commanders and their staffs. Operational commanders must begin to leverage EBO's potential now by designing campaigns that account for both the capabilities and limitations of the operational assessment process. This paper supports such an effort by developing a new framework for operational assessment--one that focuses on the decision making needs of the operational commander. Following these recommendations might just allow future JFCs to design potent EBO campaigns, regardless of the ever-present uncertainty; ignoring these recommendations, on the other hand, will likely allow assessment to remain the Achilles heel of EBO.

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ISBN : OCLC:683108049
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Fire And Rescue

Author : Great Britain. Department for Communities and Local Government
ISBN : 1409813002
Genre : Fire departments
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An Alternative Approach For Operational Assessment

Author : David J. Zvijac
ISBN : OCLC:870311746
Genre : Operational art (Military science)
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The need for alternative assessment approaches has been motivated by the perception that senior leadership finds the current schemes unsatisfying and unhelpful. In part, the problems with the current methodology derive from faulty assumptions, ambiguous metrics, and incomplete understanding of a commander's expectations about assessment. In this paper, we propose something different, something that might pique the interest of senior decision makers as an approach they may find helpful. We suggest that assessment processes should be developed with the mindset that military activity evolves over time in response to the operational environment, rather than unfolding sequentially with machinelike order and procedural precision. The analogy of evolution has important implications for assessment processes. In particular, there should not be a focus on a certain, predetermined end state. The attitude should not be one of reaching a specific end state, but of getting to an acceptable one. For such a point of view, assessment is about understanding the conditions for success and determining how to establish those conditions. Instead of heading in a set direction, the intent is to foster steady progress toward more favorable circumstances.
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Nato S Airwar For Kosovo A Strategic And Operational Assessment

Author :
ISBN : OCLC:227990846
Genre : Bombing, Aerial
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This book examines the conduct and results of Operation Allied Force at the strategic and operational levels. An earlier and less developed version appeared as a chapter in the author's previous book The Transformation of American Air Power, which was published by Cornell University Press in September 2000. The research documented herein was carried out in Project AIR FORCE's Strategy and Doctrine Program and was completed in August 2001. All photographs included in this study were provided by the U.S. Department of Defense. The book should be of interest to USAF officers and other members of the U.S. national security community concerned with strategy and force employment issues raised by NATO's air war for Kosovo and with the implications of that experience for force development, air power doctrine, and concepts of operations for joint and coalition warfare.
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