Liber Salomonis

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Liber Salomonis

Author : King Solomon
ISBN : 1530049032
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The Liber Salomonis, referred to in its own composition as the Sepher Raziel, claims to be a book given directly to King Solomon by a mysterious prince and sorcerer from the East. Actually written in the Renaissance or perhaps as early as the Medieval period, it synthesizes Kabbalistic and Hermetic lore together and is divided into seven treatises. The subject matter ranges from the high occult of invocation and the names of angels and of the Judeochristian god, to herbal medicine and the creation of incense for the calling of spirits, to the categorization of twenty four beasts and stones to coincide with the hours of the day. With the entire core of the work ruled over by seven angels and seven celestial bodies, the philosophy behind its somewhat apocryphal historical content is nonetheless of extreme interest and is here presented in modernized English for the modern audience. 82 pages.

Sepher Raziel Also Known As Liber Salomonis

Author :
ISBN : 0955738733
Genre : Magic
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A full grimoire in the Solomonic tradition from a 1564 century English manuscript, derived from Latin sources. It begins with directions for making the parchment, pen and ink of Art, required to write the names.
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Sepher Raziel

Author : Don Karr
ISBN : 1912212021
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'Sepher Raziel' (also called 'Liber Salomonis') is not the same as the Hebrew 'Sepher Raziel ha-Melakh.' It is a full grimoire in the Solomonic tradition from a 1564 century English manuscript, derived from Latin sources. As such it is one of the earliest English grimoires published. It begins with directions for making the equipment, parchment, pen and ink of Art. It contains seven separate Treatises: 1. 'Liber Clavis' which is concerned with astrology and its correct use in magic. 2. 'Ala' outlines the magical virtues of stones, herbs. beasts, and words. 3. 'Tractatus Thymiamatus' explains why incense is essential to magical operations, and the effect of various incenses on the spirits. 4. 'Treatise of Times' gives details of the correct hours of the day and night for each operation, with associated angels. 5. 'Treatise on Purity' explains the exact preparations, and the reasons for ritual purity. 6. 'Samaim' is a treatise on the seven Heavens, with the names of their angels. 7. The 'Book of Virtues and Miracles' is a treatise on the names of God, and how they are to be used in invocation to produce miraculous results.

Liber 420

Author : Chris Bennett
ISBN : 9781634242271
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
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Although little known, cannabis and other psychoactive plants held a prominent and important role in the Occult arts of Alchemy and Magic, as well as being used in ritual initiations of certain secret societies. Find out about the important role cannabis played in helping to develop modern medicines through alchemical works. Cannabis played a pivotal role in spagyric alchemy, and appears in the works of alchemists such as Zosimos, Avicenna, Llull, Paracelsus, Cardano and Rabelais. Cannabis also played a pivotal role in medieval and renaissance magic and recipes with instructions for its use appear in a number of influential and important grimoires such as the Picatrix, Sepher Raxiel: Liber Salomonis, and The Book of Oberon. Could cannabis be the Holy Grail? With detailed historical references, the author explores the allegations the Templars were influenced by the hashish ingesting Assassins of medieval Islam, and that myths of the Grail are derived from the Persian traditions around the sacred beverage known as haoma, which was a preparation of cannabis,opium and other drugs. Many of the works discussed, have never been translated into English, or published in centuries. The unparalleled research in this volume makes it a potential perennial classic on the subjects of both medieval and renaissance history of cannabis, as well as the role of plants in the magical and occult traditions.
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John Dee Interdisciplinary Studies In English Renaissance Thought

Author : Stephen Clucas
ISBN : 9781402042461
Genre : Religion
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Intellectual History and the Identity of John Dee In April 1995, at Birkbeck College, University of London, an interdisciplinary colloquium was held so that scholars from diverse fields and areas of expertise could 1 exchange views on the life and work of John Dee. Working in a variety of fields – intellectual history, history of navigation, history of medicine, history of science, history of mathematics, bibliography and manuscript studies – we had all been drawn to Dee by particular aspects of his work, and participating in the colloquium was to c- front other narratives about Dee’s career: an experience which was both bewildering and instructive. Perhaps more than any other intellectual figure of the English Renaissance Dee has been fragmented and dispersed across numerous disciplines, and the various attempts to re-integrate his multiplied image by reference to a particular world-view or philosophical outlook have failed to bring him into focus. This volume records the diversity of scholarly approaches to John Dee which have emerged since the synthetic accounts of I. R. F. Calder, Frances Yates and Peter French. If these approaches have not succeeded in resolving the problematic multiplicity of Dee’s activities, they will at least deepen our understanding of specific and local areas of his intellectual life, and render them more historiographically legible.
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Ritual Magic

Author : Butler
ISBN : 052129553X
Genre : Literary Criticism
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The chief focus of interest of this book lies in the Faustian rituals and the conclusions they have suggested: the relationship between ritual and legend, the burning 'hen or egg' question of priority. Contents: Part 1) Pre-Christian rites and ceremonies: some ancient magical texts, poetical records of magic, Jewish elements in magic; Part 2) Medieval and modern rites and ceremonies: Solomonic cycle, disciples of 'Solomon, ' Faustian school, Faustian adepts, the Art in England, exponents of the Art; Myth of Satanism; Bibliography. Illustrated.
Category: Literary Criticism

White Magic Black Magic In The European Renaissance

Author : Paola Zambelli
ISBN : 9789047421382
Genre : History
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The ideas of philosophers (Ficino, Pico, Della Porta, Bruno) on magic interfered with popular alternative and witchcraft rites. This book focuses on “wandering scholastics” (Trithemius, Agrippa, Paracelsus, Bruno) and will be a stimulating read for all those interested in Renaissance mentality.
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Memoirs Of Libraries

Author : Edward Edwards
ISBN : KBNL:KBNL03000100835
Genre : Libraries
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Memoirs Of Library

Author : Edward Edwards
ISBN : BCUL:1092380063
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Netherlandish Books A J

Author : Andrew Pettegree
ISBN : STANFORD:36105217841241
Genre : Benelux countries
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"Netherlandish Books offers a unique overview of what was printed during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries in the Low Countries. This bibliography lists descriptions of over 32,000 editions together with bibliographical references, an introduction and indexes. It draws on the analysis of collections situated in libraries throughout the world. This is the first time that all the books published in the various territories that formed the Low Countries are presented together in a single bibliography. Netherlandish Books is an invaluable research tool for all students and scholars interested in the history, culture and literature of the Low Countries, as well as historians of the early modern book world."--
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