I Superorganism

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I Superorganism

Author : Jon Turney
ISBN : 9781848318236
Genre : Science
File Size : 65.17 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Every human body carries a secret cargo: a huge population of microorganisms living in the mouth, on the skin, in the gut. They help digest our food. They make essential vitamins. They break down toxins and metabolise drugs. They exert an invisible influence on our hormones, our immune systems, perhaps even our brains. This is the human microbiome – a living, shifting system of previously unimagined importance and complexity. In this first book-length account of this new realm of human biology, award-winning science writer Jon Turney explores the microbiome in detail, charting its birth and development, investigating how it works, and assessing its many implications for our health, including its potential to shed new light on conditions such as bowel diseases, cancer, allergies and asthma. He considers the potential impacts of our modern disinfectant and antibiotic obsessions, and ponders a future of designer microbiomes and mood-altering probiotics. This book will make you think again about your relationship with your body, your habits – even your sense of who and what you are – as it reveals what it means to be a 21st century superorganism.
Category: Science

The Superorganism

Author : Bert Hölldobler
ISBN : 0393067041
Genre : Nature
File Size : 58.2 MB
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The Pulitzer Prize-winning authors of Ants present a lavishly detailed account of the extraordinary lives of social insects that draws on more than two decades of research and offers insight into how bees, termites, and other insect societies thrive in systems of altruistic cooperation, complex communication, and labor division. 50,000 first printing.
Category: Nature

The Self Delusion

Author : Tom Oliver
ISBN : 9781474611770
Genre : Science
File Size : 31.61 MB
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'A thought-provoking and worthwhile read' THE TIMES 'A timely, challenging book' GUARDIAN '[A] rich, intriguing book' NATURE WE ARE MUCH MORE CONNECTED TO NATURE AND EACH OTHER THAN WE REALISE . . . - Most of our 37 trillion cells have such a short lifespan that we are essentially made anew every few weeks - The molecules forming our bodies have been component parts of countless other organisms, from ancient plants to dinosaurs - The bacteria, fungi and viruses that make up our bodies influence our moods and even manipulate our behaviour - Every word and every touch we receive from other people transforms the neural networks in our brain and changes our sense of self THE SELF DELUSION is an explosive, powerful and inspiring book that brings together overwhelming evidence against the illusion we have of ourselves as independent beings - and explains how understanding our many connections may be the key to a better future.
Category: Science

The Forestry Chronicle

Author :
ISBN : CHI:62367375
Genre : Forests and forestry
File Size : 43.4 MB
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Category: Forests and forestry

The Buzz About Bees

Author : Jürgen Tautz
ISBN : 9783540787297
Genre : Nature
File Size : 35.46 MB
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Tis book, already translated into ten languages, may at frst sight appear to be just about honeybees and their biology. It c- tains, however, a number of deeper messages related to some of the most basic and important principles of modern biology. Te bees are merely the actors that take us into the realm of phys- ology, genetics, reproduction, biophysics and learning, and that introduce us to the principles of natural selection underlying the evolution of simple to complex life forms. Te book destroys the cute notion of bees as anthropomorphic icons of busy self-sacr -i fcing individuals and presents us with the reality of the colony as an integrated and independent being—a “superorganism”—with its own, almost eerie, emergent group intelligence. We are s- prised to learn that no single bee, from queen through drone to sterile worker, has the oversight or control over the colony. - stead, through a network of integrated control systems and fee- backs, and communication between individuals, the colony - rives at consensus decisions from the bottom up through a type of “swarm intelligence”. Indeed, there are remarkable parallels between the functional organization of a swarming honeybee colony and vertebrate brains.
Category: Nature

Earth Rising

Author : David Oates
ISBN : UOM:39015015328696
Genre : Science
File Size : 57.52 MB
Format : PDF
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An exploration of the ways in which the science of ecology has provided a basis for a contemporary worldview that combines an intuitive sense of wholeness with the validation of scientific truth.
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The Global Brain

Author : Peter Russell
ISBN : CHI:80788885
Genre : Science
File Size : 21.99 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Peter Russell, an acclaimed author and speaker, weaves-together modern technology and ancient mysticism to present a startling vision of the world to come, where humanity is a fully conscious superorganism in an awakening universe. The human potential movement, he shows, is growing fast and influencing business, politics and medicine.
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Author : Charles Kay Ogden
ISBN : UVA:X004965662
Genre : Parapsychology
File Size : 41.69 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Category: Parapsychology

Collected Papers

Author : William Morton Wheeler
ISBN : CORNELL:31924018286108
Genre : Entomology
File Size : 57.63 MB
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Category: Entomology

Psychology Of A Superorganism

Author : Takao Sasaki
ISBN : OCLC:884352076
Genre : Ant communities
File Size : 80.76 MB
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For over a century, researchers have been investigating collective cognition, in which a group of individuals together process information and act as a single cognitive unit. However, I still know little about circumstances under which groups achieve better (or worse) decisions than individuals. My dissertation research directly addressed this longstanding question, using the house-hunting ant Temnothorax rugatulus as a model system. Here I applied concepts and methods developed in psychology not only to individuals but also to colonies in order to investigate differences of their cognitive abilities. This approach is inspired by the superorganism concept, which sees a tightly integrated insect society as the analog of a single organism. I combined experimental manipulations and models to elucidate the emergent processes of collective cognition. My studies show that groups can achieve superior cognition by sharing the burden of option assessment among members and by integrating information from members using positive feedback. However, the same positive feedback can lock the group into a suboptimal choice in certain circumstances. Although ants are obligately social, my results show that they can be isolated and individually tested on cognitive tasks. In the future, this novel approach will help the field of animal behavior move towards better understanding of collective cognition.
Category: Ant communities

Mind Life And Universe

Author : Lynn Margulis
ISBN : UOM:39015073880141
Genre : Science
File Size : 68.76 MB
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Nearly 40 of the world's most esteemed scientists discuss the big questions that drive their illustrious careers. Frank and often irreverent, the men and women assembled here reveal a hidden world of intellectual interests, verve, and humor.
Category: Science

Wealth Addiction

Author : Philip Elliot Slater
ISBN : UOM:39015002562810
Genre : Wealth
File Size : 72.28 MB
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Category: Wealth

Science And Limnology

Author : Frank H. Rigler
ISBN : STANFORD:36105018433198
Genre : Ecological research
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Category: Ecological research

New Scientist

Author :
ISBN : UOM:39015085195561
Genre : Science
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Author :
ISBN : NWU:35556030916688
Genre : Conservation of natural resources
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Category: Conservation of natural resources