Gifts Of The Great River

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Gifts Of The Great River

Author : John H. House
ISBN : 9780873654012
Genre : Antiques & Collectibles
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In 1879 Edwin Curtiss set out for the wild St. Francis River region of northeastern Arkansas to collect archaeological specimens for the Peabody Museum. By the time Curtiss completed his fifty-six days of Arkansas fieldwork, he had sent nearly 1,000 pottery vessels to Cambridge and had put the Peabody on the map as the repository of one of the world's finest collections of Mississippian artifacts. John House brings us a lively account of the work of this nineteenth-century fieldworker, the Native culture he explored, and the rich legacies left by both. The result is a vivid re-creation of the world of Indian peoples in the Mississippi River lowlands in the last centuries before European contact. The volume's focus is Curtiss's collection of charming and expressive effigy vessels: earthenware bowls and bottles that incorporate forms of fish, birds, mammals, amphibians, and humans, including the Peabody's famous red-and-white head vase.
Category: Antiques & Collectibles

Great River

Author : Pitre, Glen
ISBN : 1455605336
Genre :
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Great River

Author : Paul Horgan
ISBN : 9780819562517
Genre : History
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An epic history of the American southwest.
Category: History

Zamumo S Gifts

Author : Jr. Joseph Hall
ISBN : 9780812222234
Genre : History
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In 1540, Zamumo, the chief of the Altamahas in central Georgia, exchanged gifts with the Spanish conquistador Hernando de Soto. With these gifts began two centuries of exchanges that bound American Indians and the Spanish, English, and French who colonized the region. Whether they gave gifts for diplomacy or traded commodities for profit, Natives and newcomers alike used the exchange of goods such as cloth, deerskin, muskets, and sometimes people as a way of securing their influence. Gifts and trade enabled early colonies to survive and later colonies to prosper. Conversely, they upset the social balance of chiefdoms like Zamumo's and promoted the rise of new and powerful Indian confederacies like the Creeks and the Choctaws. Drawing on archaeological studies, colonial documents from three empires, and Native oral histories, Joseph M. Hall, Jr., offers fresh insights into broad segments of southeastern colonial history, including the success of Florida's Franciscan missionaries before 1640 and the impact of the Indian slave trade on French Louisiana after 1699. He also shows how gifts and trade shaped the Yamasee War, which pitted a number of southeastern tribes against English South Carolina in 1715-17. The exchanges at the heart of Zamumo's Gifts highlight how the history of Europeans and Native Americans cannot be understood without each other.
Category: History

Unimagined Gifts

Author : Charly Heavenrich
ISBN : 1462000886
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 55.44 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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TRUE STORIES OF ORDINARY PEOPLE GOING TO EXTRAORDINARY PLACES. Is it possible to spend time in a natural place like the Grand Canyon and walk away with the gift of a life-changing experience? In Unimagined Gifts, a seasoned Grand Canyon raft guide shares the stories of ordinary people who came to the Grand Canyon for an adventure vacation and found themselves accomplishing extraordinary feats, forever changing their awareness of what is possible. Charly Heavenrich transports you on a Grand Canyon adventure through the eyes of his former passengers, sharing compelling stories of what can happen when one travels to the edge and learns how to go beyond it. You’ll meet a nearsighted boy disoriented without his glasses, a middle-aged woman on her first vacation, an English couple out of their element, and an Israeli lawyer on a journey towards self-discovery, among others. You’ll be inspired by their attempts to break through self-imposed limitations, drawing strength from one of the most wondrous natural landscapes in the world. The compelling tales in Unimagined Gifts demonstrate that all who travel through the Grand Canyon will come out on the other side having learned more about themselves – and their capabilities – than they could have imagined.
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Gifts From Decorah Laurah

Author : Dennis Glawe
ISBN : 9781425932930
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 77.84 MB
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Blue Collar Heaven is about life on the island of Martha's Vineyard. Author Shamus Flaherty says he wrote it, "to show people the island the way the locals know it. There's a lot more to it than just the typical summertime tourist-trap that most vacationers see. And there's so much more to appreciate about the real thing." Hero Bobby Blood is a gifted timber framer and family-man who believes he's living in heaven. He thinks he was flattened by a truck when he was young and that his entire life from that point on has been a gift. Life is smooth and easy for Blood. He's away from the real world with the ones he loves. But there are some troubling things that take place on the island over the course of a year that make him question his beliefs. Will things return to paradise with the upcoming summer, or will the island be tainted forever? If villain Dirty McGruff gets his way, it will surely be turned for the worse. Dirty is a hack carpenter who's always between jobs and always looking to defile the island with his filthy ways. The reader also sees life through the eyes of a local bartender, a group of Brazilian immigrants, a family of vacationers, an artist, a comical landscaping duo, and a college-age summer resident. All of their stories have an effect on the condition of Blood's paradise. Together they form the tale of Blue Collar Heaven.
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Developing Ecological Consciousness

Author : Christopher Uhl
ISBN : 9781538116708
Genre : Nature
File Size : 27.26 MB
Format : PDF
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Developing Ecological Consciousness is a unique environmental studies textbook. Rather than working through a list of environmental problems, it aims to help students become aware of the awe and wonder of our planet, understand some of the challenges facing it, and explore possibilities for action and change. This text is appropriate for courses in a variety of disciplines, including environmental studies, biology, sociology, and political science.
Category: Nature

Jumping Mouse

Author : Daniel Speir
ISBN : 9781257009497
Genre : Religion
File Size : 40.57 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Jumping Mouse: An Inspirational Guide to Finding Your True Life's Purpose is an adaptation of an ancient Native American oral tradition called Jumping Mouse. This personally inspired and highly symbolic adaptation focuses on the character and spiritual development of a seemingly normal little mouse as he follows his passion for adventure that will ultimately provide him opportunities to change and develop beyond his wildest imagination. This book is intended to be an inspirational guide to achieving your true life's purpose and fulfillment.
Category: Religion

Great River Of The West

Author : Professor of History William L Lang
ISBN : 0295802766
Genre :
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In the Pacific Northwest, the river of dominance is the Columbia, and in ways both profound and mundane its history is the history of the region. In Great River of the West historians and anthropologists consider a range of topics about the river, from Indian rock art, Chinook Jargon, and ethnobotany on the Columbia to literary and family history, the creation of an engineered river, and the inherent mythic power of place. Since first contact between Euro-Americans and Native peoples during the late 18th century, the river's history has been characterized by dramatic demographic, social, and economic changes. The remarkable set of essays in Great River of the West investigate these changes by highlighting important episodes in the history of the river. Readers meet mariners who challenge the Columbia River bar, a family torn by insanity, Native people who preserve fishing traditions, and dam-builders who radically change the Columbia.

Gifts Of The Desert

Author : Kyriacos C. Markides
ISBN : 9780307423597
Genre : Religion
File Size : 71.42 MB
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In Kyriacos C. Markides’s newest book, Eastern Orthodox mysticism meets Western Christianity as the internationally renowned author takes readers on a deep journey back in time to unveil the very roots of authentic spirituality. In his previous book The Mountain of Silence, Markides introduced us to the essential spiritual nature of Eastern Orthodoxy in a series of lively conversations with Father Maximos, the widely revered charismatic Orthodox bishop and former abbot of the isolated monastery on Mount Athos. In Gifts of the Desert, Markides continues his examination of Easter Orthodox mystical teachings and practices and captures its living expression through visits to monasteries and hermitages in Greece and America and interviews with contemporary charismatic elders, both male and female. Markides’s pursuit of a deeper understanding of Orthodoxy takes him to the deserts of Arizona and a stay at a new monastery in Sedona; to the island of Cyprus and a reunion with Father Maximos; on a pilgrimage to holy shrines aboard a cruise ship in the Aegean Sea; and finally to the legendary Mount Athos, home to more than two thousand Orthodox monks. Markides relates his journey and reflections in a captivating style while providing important background material and information on historical events to give readers a highly accessible, in-depth portrait of a tradition little known in the West. Gifts of the Desert will appeal to a wide range of people, from Christians seeking insights into their religion and its various expressions to scholars interested in learning more about the mystical way of life and wisdom that have been preserved on Mount Athos since the fall of the Byzantine Empire and the Great Schism that separated the Eastern and Western Churches. Perhaps most important, however, is the bridge it offers contemporary readers to a Christian life that is balanced between the worldly and the spiritual.
Category: Religion

Road Trip Usa Great River Road

Author : Jamie Jensen
ISBN : 9781631213762
Genre : Travel
File Size : 79.41 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Rediscover the Open Road! Take the scenic route along the mighty Mississippi River. Road Trip USA: Great River Road is classic roadside Americana at your fingertips! Inside you'll find: Mile-by-mile highlights so you can make the most of America's two-lane highways through Bemidji, Elvis Presley's Graceland, and Cajun Country Driving maps covering over 2,000 miles, from the Minnesota headwaters all the way down to the Gulf of Mexico Full-color vintage and modern photos and illustrations of past and present America, in a slim, portable guide excerpted from Road Trip USA Roadside curiosities and detours revealing the personalities, history, and unique character of the small towns and thriving cities along the route Expert advice from road warrior Jamie Jensen, who has zoomed along nearly 400,000 miles of highway in search of the perfect road trip Road Trip USA: Great River Road is so full of the beauty of the American road, why wait to start your next adventure? Hit the Road!
Category: Travel

The Rapids Of A Great River

Author :
ISBN : 9788184758191
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 73.26 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The Rapids of a Great River begins with selections from the earliest known Tamil poetry dating from the second century CE. The writings of the Sangam period laid the foundation for the Tamil poetic tradition, and they continue to underlie and inform the works of Tamil poets even today. The first part of this anthology traverses the Sangam and bhakti periods and closes with pre-modern poems from the nineteenth century. The second part, a compilation of modern and contemporary poetry, opens with the work of the revolutionary poet Subramania Bharati. Breaking free from prescriptions, the new voices—which include Sri Lankan Tamils, women and dalits, among others—address the contemporary reader; the poems, underscored by a sharp rhetorical edge, grapple with the complexities of the modern political and social world. The selection is wide-ranging and the translations admirably echo the music, pace and resonance of the poems. This anthology links the old with the new, cementing the continuity of a richly textured tradition. There is something in the collection for every reader and each will make his or her own connections—at times startling, at other times familiar.
Category: Poetry

The Four Gifts Of The King

Author : R. Scott Rodin
ISBN : 9781683509332
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 60.77 MB
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The leadership coach, theological visionary, and author of The Steward Leader delivers a thrilling novel of salvation and hope that speaks to the soul. When Sam Roberts learns he is dying, he is faced with a decision that will determine his legacy and alter forever the destinies of his four adult children. With his lifelong friend Walter at his side, Sam writes his last words to his children. His legacy would come not through money or power, but through a parable. Sam takes his children and readers alike on the breathtaking adventure of Steward of Aiden Glenn and his quest to find the King and learn the purpose for his life. The Four Gifts of the King is a saga of truth and deception, of trust and love, of courage and victory, and of faith. At its heart is the importance of family and coming home to the values that shape adults from children. It calls readers to consider their own legacy. It’s a parable that changed the lives of Sam’s children forever, as it changes the lives of all who read it.
Category: Fiction