Ending The Era Of Dictatorships

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Ending The Era Of Dictatorships

Author : Kim Michaels
ISBN : 8793297688
Genre : Religion
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A powerful tool for ending the time when dictators can exist on earth
Category: Religion

The Dynamics Of Knowledge

Author : David Z. Rich
ISBN : UOM:39015025334783
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 54.56 MB
Format : PDF
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As scientific discoveries and technological advances continue to modify our perceptions of reality at an unprecedented rate, the traditional frameworks for understanding and organizing our experience of truth and Knowledge have become less and less adequate. David Rich comes to grips with this problem in his innovative study, which shows how both knowledge and truth are conditioned by experience and explores the dynamics of creativity that generate knowledge.
Category: Business & Economics

Daily Report

Author :
ISBN : STANFORD:36105217293278
Genre : Latin America
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Category: Latin America

One Square Mile Against America

Author : Jonathan Chapman
ISBN : 9798552885398
Genre :
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The single most important book to read before you vote in the 2020 election.What would Abraham Lincoln or John Fitzgerald Kennedy say, if they were alive, about the current situation in America? Would they feel defeated? You can be sure of that. Because today's situation in America represents everything that they fought against and for which, finally, they paid with their lives. They could not help wondering to what extent have the Americans lost all the attributes that the founding fathers based their ideals on. Above all, the spirit of freedom and independence, as well as the personal courage of the vast majority of Americans. Where it all disappeared? We will try, among other things, to provide an answer to this question in this handbook. The One Square Mile we are writing about did everything to make the situation in America exactly as it is today.

Latin American Dictatorships In The Era Of Fascism

Author : António Costa Pinto
ISBN : 9781000448856
Genre : History
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Latin American Dictatorships in the Era of Fascism focuses on the reverse-wave of dictatorships that emerged in Latin America during the 1930s and the transnational dissemination of authoritarian institutions in the era of fascism. António Costa Pinto revisits the study of authoritarian alternatives to liberal democracy in 1930s Latin America from the perspective of the diffusion of corporatism in the world of inter-war dictatorships. The book explores what drove the horizontal spread of corporatism in Latin America, the processes and direction of transnational diffusion, and how social and political corporatism became a central set of new institutions utilized by dictatorships during this era. These issues are studied through a transnational and comparative research design to reveal the extent of Latin America’s participation during the corporatist wave which by 1942 had significantly reduced the number of democratic regimes in the world. This book is essential reading for students studying Latin American history, 1930s dictatorships and authoritarianism, and the spread of corporatism.
Category: History

End Of An Era

Author : Sir Alan Lascelles
ISBN : UOM:39015011685065
Genre : Great Britain
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Category: Great Britain

The End Of The Maoist Era Chinese Politics During The Twilight Of The Cultural Revolution 1972 1976

Author : Frederick C Teiwes
ISBN : 9781317457015
Genre : Business & Economics
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This book launches an ambitious reexamination of the elite politics behind one of the most remarkable transformations in the late twentieth century. As the first part of a new interpretation of the evolution of Chinese politics during the years 1972-82, it provides a detailed study of the end of the Maoist era, demonstrating Mao's continuing dominance even as his ability to control events ebbed away. The tensions within the "gang of four," the different treatment of Zhou Enlai and Deng Xiaoping, and the largely unexamined role of younger radicals are analyzed to reveal a view of the dynamic of elite politics that is at odds with accepted scholarship. The authors draw upon newly available documentary sources and extensive interviews with Chinese participants and historians to develop their challenging interpretation of one of the most poorly understood periods in the history of the People's Republic of China.
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Author :
ISBN : STANFORD:36105117257167
Genre : Latin America
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Clippings of Latin American political, social and economic news from various English language newspapers.
Category: Latin America

The End Of The Postwar Era

Author : Alastair Buchan
ISBN : UOM:39015013347730
Genre : Politique mondiale - 1945-1989
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Category: Politique mondiale - 1945-1989

Ubu Saved From Drowning

Author : Loren Goldner
ISBN : UOM:39015050524498
Genre : Political Science
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Little remembered today, the worker insurgencies in Portugal and Spain at the end of the Salazar and Franco dictatorships were, for a brief moment in the mid-1970s, at the center of world politics. They occurred in the midst of the 1973-75 crisis of world accumulation, in which capitalism was "changing gears" from the era of the big factory and the assembly line to the era of "globalization," deindustrialization, outsourtcing, downsizing and "just in time," the era in which we live today. They took place in a conjuncture that included the deepest economic downturn (to date) since the end of World War II, the oil crisis, the advance of "Euro-communism," the US defeat in Indochina, the triumph of "national liberation fronts" in the ex-Portuguese colonies of Angola, Mozambique and Ginea-Bissau, and the crisis in the Horn of Africa. World capitalism, centered in the United States, seemed to be everywhere involved in putting out fires, but the Iberian insurgencies were unique among these simultaneous crises in being centered on the working class and, particularly in the case of Portugal, directly posing the question of the state and unmasking the pretensions of different factions of "progressive" state bureaucrats. They were the most genuinely radical moments of the (mainly statist) "red mirage" that, briefly, seemed to have placed world capitalism on the defensive. By the late 1970s, capitalism had returned to the offensive, and the era of Thatcher and Reagan inaugurated a rollback that swept away leftist statism, up to and including the Soviet Union itself.What was ending was the century of the "progressive" state bureaucrat, who had entered the international workers' movement in the German SPD and its 1875 Gotha Program, and who for 100 years seemed, in "socialist" and "communist" guise, to represent something "beyond capitalism." Events since 1975 have shown that the "progressive state bureaucrat," everywhere, from England to China, represented, rather, something before capitalism, throwing the old statist "left" into terminal crisis. This book analyzes the last two Western worker revolts just before this turn, and shows how they already pointed toward a new era, though hardly the immediately revolutionary era they seemed to portend.Now that the statist illusion of the revolutionary workers' movement has been laid to rest once and for all, the Portuguese and Spanish worker revolts of the min-1970s offer one benchmark from which to judge present and future struggles.
Category: Political Science

Understanding Macbeth

Author : Faith Nostbakken
ISBN : 0313296308
Genre : Drama
File Size : 33.14 MB
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A rich source of primary materials and commentary about Macbeth that illuminates the historical context and draws connections to events in the 1990s.
Category: Drama

The Nazi Dictatorship

Author : Frederick Lewis Schuman
ISBN : UOM:39015046345768
Genre : Germany
File Size : 36.26 MB
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Category: Germany

Developmental Dictatorship And The Park Chung Hee Era

Author : Pyŏng-chʻŏn Yi
ISBN : 9781931907354
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 34.72 MB
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By examining the most controversial Park Chung-hee period (1961-1979), Developmental Dictatorship and the Park Chung-hee Era helps the reader rediscover the socioeconomic origins of modern Korea. The essays in this book written by twelve noted Korean social scientists discuss the relationship between South Korea s economic development and totalitarianism in the form of the Park dictatorship. ABOUT THE EDITOR lee Byeong-cheon holds a PhD in economics from Seoul National University. He is a professor in the Department of Economics and International Trade at Kangwon National University. Dr. Lee was a visiting professor at University of California, Berkeley. CONTRIBUTORS Lee Byeong-cheon, Kim Sam-soo, Seo Ick-jin, Yoo Chul-gyue, Lee Sang-cheol, Lee Joung-woo, Lee Chong-suk, Cho Young-chol, Chin Jung-kwon, Han Hong-koo, Hong Seong-tae, Hong Yun-gi."
Category: Business & Economics

Music As Monument

Author : Jocelyn Parr
ISBN : OCLC:641964227
Genre : Rock music
File Size : 86.90 MB
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Category: Rock music


Author :
ISBN : UCSC:32106006175746
Genre : Periodicals
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Category: Periodicals

Precarious Paths To Freedom

Author : Aragorn Storm Miller
ISBN : 9780826356888
Genre : History
File Size : 64.18 MB
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Miller analyzes US-Venezuelan relations during the 1950s and 1960s as a case study for the broader political dynamics of the hemisphere and beyond during the critical period of the global Cold War. He addresses the perception that US foreign policy toward Latin America was an overwhelming failure in which initiatives intended to promote democracy and modernization, and to insulate the hemisphere from the ideological struggles of the global Cold War, reaped only authoritarian regimes, uneven and sluggish economic growth, and abstract debates over capitalism and communism that distracted attention from Latin America’s pressing socioeconomic problems. Precarious Paths to Freedom demonstrates that Washington rather achieved success by cultivating a partnership with a democratizing Venezuela. From 1958 onward US policymakers identified Venezuela as the crucial bulwark against political extremism and as the ideal partner in the creation of a modernized, prosperous, and pro-US Latin America.
Category: History

The End Of An Era

Author : Tony Benn
ISBN : 9781446493380
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 77.95 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Tony Benn's final instalment of diaries centres on a decade which saw the disintegration of Eastern Europe, an unprecedented assault on the labour movement at home, the fall of Margaret Thatcher and the tragic war in the Gulf. It is a period which marks the peak of Tony Benn's reputation as a brilliant parliamentarian. This final volume of diaries gives us insight into an era of extraordinary international and domestic political life making it one of the most important political writings of our time.
Category: Political Science

Law And Policy In Latin America

Author : Pedro Fortes
ISBN : 9781137566942
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 65.40 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This book offers a comprehensive introduction to law and policy responses to contemporary problems in Latin America, such as human rights violations, regulatory dilemmas, economic inequality, and access to knowledge and medicine. It includes 19 chapters written by sociologists, lawyers, and political scientists on the transformations of courts, institutions and rights protection in Latin America, all of which stem from presentations at conferences in Oxford and UCL organised by the editors. The contributors present original analyses based on rigorous research, innovative case-studies, and interdisciplinary perspectives, all written in an accessible style. Topics include the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, institutional design, financial regulation, competition, discrimination, gender quotas, police violence, orphan works, healthcare, and environmental protection, among others. The book will be of interest to students and scholars interested in policymaking, public law, and development.
Category: Political Science