Electronic Structures And The Properties Of Solids

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Electronic Structure And The Properties Of Solids

Author : Walter A. Harrison
ISBN : 9780486141787
Genre : Science
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This text offers basic understanding of the electronic structure of covalent and ionic solids, simple metals, transition metals and their compounds; also explains how to calculate dielectric, conducting, bonding properties.
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Electronic Structure And Magneto Optical Properties Of Solids

Author : Victor Antonov
ISBN : 9781402019067
Genre : Science
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The aim of this book is to review recent achievements in thetheoretical investigations of the electronic structure, optical, magneto-optical (MO), and x-ray magnetic circular dichroism (XMCD)properties of compounds and Multilayered structures.Chapter 1 of this book is of an introductory character and presentsthe theoretical foundations of the band theory of solids such as thedensity functional theory for ground state properties of solidsincluding local density approximation (LDA). It also presents somemodifications to the LDA, such as gradient correction, self-interaction correction, LDA+U method, orbital polarizationcorrection, GW approximation, and dynamical mean- field theory. Thedescription of the magneto-optical effects and linear response theoryare also presented.The book describes the MO properties for a number of 3d materials, such as elemental ferromagnetic metals (Fe, Co and Ni) andparamagnetic metals in external magnetic fields (Pd and Pt), someimportant 3d compounds such as XPt3 (X=V, Cr, Mn, Fe and Co), Heusleralloys, chromium spinel chalcogenides, MnB and strongly correlatedmagnetite Fe304. It also describes the recent achievements in both theexperimental and theoretical investigations of the electronicstructure, optical and MO properties of transition metal multilayeredstructures (MLS).The book presents also the MO properties of f band ferromagneticmaterials: Tm, Nd, Sm, Ce and La monochalcogenides, some important Y
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The Electronic Structures Of Solids

Author : Bryan Randell Coles
ISBN : 0713125276
Genre : Électrons
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The Electronic Structures of Solids aims to provide students of solid state physics with the essential concepts they will need in considering properties of solids that depend on their electronic structures and idea of the electronic character of particular materials and groups of materials. The book first discusses the electronic structure of atoms, including hydrogen atom and many-electron atom. The text also underscores bonding between atoms and electrons in metals. Discussions focus on bonding energies and structures in the solid elements, eigenstates of free-electron gas, and electrical co...
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Electronic Structure And Physical Properties Of Solids

Author : Hugues Dreysse
ISBN : 9783540464372
Genre : Science
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A very comprehensive book, enabling the reader to understand the basic formalisms used in electronic structure determination and particularly the "Muffin Tin Orbitals" methods. The latest developments are presented, providing a very detailed description of the "Full Potential" schemes. This book will provide a real state of the art, since almost all of the contributions on formalism have not been, and will not be, published elsewhere. This book will become a standard reference volume. Moreover, applications in very active fields of today's research on magnetism are presented. A wide spectrum of such questions is covered by this book. For instance, the paper on interlayer exchange coupling should become a "classic", since there has been fantastic experimental activity for 10 years and this can be considered to be the "final" theoretical answer to this question. This work has never been presented in such a complete form.
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Elementary Electronic Structure

Author : Walter Ashley Harrison
ISBN : 9812387072
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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This is a revised edition of the 1999 text on the electronic structure and properties of solids, similar in spirit to the well-known 1980 text Electronic Structure and the Properties of Solids. The revisions include an added chapter on glasses, and rewritten sections on spin-orbit coupling, magnetic alloys, and actinides. The text covers covalent semiconductors, ionic insulators, simple metals, and transition-metal and f-shell-metal systems. It focuses on the most important aspects of each system, making what approximations are necessary in order to proceed analytically and obtain formulae for the properties. Such back-of-the-envelope formulae, which display the dependence of any property on the parameters of the system, are characteristic of Harrison's approach to electronic structure, as is his simple presentation and his provision of all the needed parameters.In spite of the diversity of systems and materials, the approach is systematic and coherent, combining the tight-binding (or atomic) picture with the pseudopotential (or free-electron) picture. This provides parameters ? the empty-core radii as well as the covalent energies ? and conceptual bases for estimating the various properties of all these systems. Extensive tables of parameters and properties are included.The book has been written as a text, with problems at the end of each chapter, and others can readily be generated by asking for estimates of different properties, or different materials, than those treated in the text. In fact, the ease of generating interesting problems reflects the extraordinary utility and simplicity of the methods introduced. Developments since the 1980 publication have made the theory simpler and much more accurate, besides allowing much wider application.
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The Electronic Structures Of Solids

Author : B. R. Coles
ISBN : 9781483280127
Genre : Science
File Size : 73.82 MB
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The Electronic Structures of Solids aims to provide students of solid state physics with the essential concepts they will need in considering properties of solids that depend on their electronic structures and idea of the electronic character of particular materials and groups of materials. The book first discusses the electronic structure of atoms, including hydrogen atom and many-electron atom. The text also underscores bonding between atoms and electrons in metals. Discussions focus on bonding energies and structures in the solid elements, eigenstates of free-electron gas, and electrical conductivity. The manuscript reviews the presence of electrons in metals, as well as consequences of the periodic potential; Brillouin zones and the nearly-free-electron model; electronic structures of the metallic elements; and calculation of band structures. The text also ponders on metals, insulators, and semiconductors. Topics include full and empty bands, compound and doped semiconductors, optical properties of solids, and the dynamics of electron and holes. The book is a dependable reference for readers and students of solid state physics interested in the electronic structure of solids.
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Orbital Approach To The Electronic Structure Of Solids

Author : Enric Canadell
ISBN : 9780191627415
Genre : Science
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This book provides an intuitive yet sound understanding of how structure and properties of solids may be related. The natural link is provided by the band theory approach to the electronic structure of solids. The chemically insightful concept of orbital interaction and the essential machinery of band theory are used throughout the book to build links between the crystal and electronic structure of periodic systems. In such a way, it is shown how important tools for understanding properties of solids like the density of states, the Fermi surface etc. can be qualitatively sketched and used to either understand the results of quantitative calculations or to rationalize experimental observations. Extensive use of the orbital interaction approach appears to be a very efficient way of building bridges between physically and chemically based notions to understand the structure and properties of solids.
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The Electronic Structure Of Complex Systems

Author : P. Phariseau
ISBN : 9781461324058
Genre : Science
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We present here the transcripts of lectures and talks which were delivered at the NATO ADVANCED STUDY INSTITUTE "Electronic Structure of Complex Systems" held at the State University of Ghent, Belgium during the period July 12-23, 1982. The aim of these lectures was to highlight some of the current progress in our understanding of the electronic structure of com plex systems. A massive leap forward is obtained in bandstructure calculations with the advent of linear methods. The bandtheory also profitted tremendously from the recent developments in the density functional theories for the properties of the interacting electron gas in the presence of an external field of ions. The means of per forming fast bandstructure calculations and the confidence in the underlying potential functions have led in the past five years or so to a wealth of investigations into the electronic properties of elemental solids and compounds. The study of the trends of the electronic structure through families of materials provided invalu able insights for the prediction of new materials. The detailed study of the electronic structure of specific solids was not neglected and our present knowledge of d- and f-metals and metal hydrides was reviewed. For those systems we also investi gated the accuracy of the one electron potentials in fine detail and we complemented this with the study of small clusters of atoms where our calculations are amenable to comparison with the frontiers of quantum chemistry calculations.
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Atomic And Electronic Structure Of Solids

Author : Efthimios Kaxiras
ISBN : 0521523397
Genre : Science
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Graduate-level textbook for physicists, chemists and materials scientists.
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Theoretical Studies Of Electronic Vibrational And Structural Properties Of Solids Under Pressure

Author : Steven Paul Lewis
ISBN : UCAL:C2783943
Genre :
File Size : 22.91 MB
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This dissertation describes first-principles quantum mechanical investigations of several realistic solid-state systems. The main goal of this research has been to understand and predict the electronic, vibrational, and structural properties of materials under pressure. Microscopic information on these properties is obtained within local density functional theory using ab initio pseudopotentials. This work focuses on three categories of materials: (1) Part I deals with the high-pressure behavior of elemental systems from group IV of the Periodic Table. The pressure-dependences of Raman-active phonon modes of high-pressure, metallic phases of silicon, germanium, and tin are studied within the frozen-phonon approximation. In addition, the structural properties of a recently discovered orthorhombic phase of silicon are calculated. The aim of these two investigations is to understand and explain recent experimental results. A third investigation predicts the existence of an orthorhombic, high-pressure phase of germanium. (2) Part II focuses on group V of the Periodic Table. The electronic and vibrational properties of elemental arsenic are studied with the aim of understanding the measured pressure-dependences of the superconducting transition temperature and the normal-state resistance. In addition, several candidate atomic phases of solid nitrogen are studied to determine their structural-stability and electronic properties. (3) Finally, Part III considers the effect of varying the stoichiometry in compound systems. In particular, model calculations are performed to explore the Ga-As system with the goal of motivating experimental studies. The electronic properties of several model Ga-As systems with varying stoichiometry are studied.

Methods Of Electronic Structure Calculations

Author : Michael Springborg
ISBN : 0471979759
Genre : Science
File Size : 55.70 MB
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Methods of Electronic-Structure Calculations From Molecules to Solids Michael Springborg Department of Chemistry, University of Konstanz, Germany Electronic-structure calculations of the properties of specific materials have become increasingly important over the last 30 years. Although several books on the subject have been published, it is rare to find one that covers in detail both the traditional quantum chemistry and the solid-state physics methods of electronic-structure calculations. This title bridges that gap, focusing equally on both types of method, including density-functional and Hartree-Fock-based approaches. The book is aimed at final-year undergraduate and postgraduate students of both chemistry and of physics. It describes in detail the fundamentals behind the various methods that are used in calculating electronic properties of materials, and that to some extent are commercially available. It should also be of interest to professional scientists working in related theoretical or experimental fields.
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Magnetism And The Electronic Structure Of Crystals

Author : Vladimir A. Gubanov
ISBN : 9783642844119
Genre : Science
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The quantum theory of magnetism is a well-developed part of contemporary solid-state physics. The basic concepts of this theory can be used to describe such important effects as ferromagnetic ordering oflocalized magnetic moments in crystals and ferromagnetism of metals produced by essentially delocalized electrons, as well as various types of mutual orientation of atomic magnetic moments in solids possessing different crystal lattices and compositions. In recent years,the spin-fluctuational approach has been developed, which can overcome some contradictions between "localized" and "itinerant" models in the quantum mechanics of magnetic crystals. These are only some of the principal achievements of quantum magnetic theory. Almost all of the known magnetic properties of solids can be qualitat ively explained on the basis of its concepts. Further developments should open up the possibility of reliable quantitative description of magnetic properties of solids. Unfortunately, such calculations based on model concepts appear to be very complicated and, quite often, not definite enough. The rather small number of parameters of qualitative models are usually not able to take into account the very different types of magnetic interactions that appear in crystals. Further development of magnetic theory requires quantitative information on electronic wave function in the crystal considered. This can be proved by electronic band structure and cluster calculations. In many cases the latter can be a starting point for quantitative calculations of parameters used in magnetic theory.
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Electronic Structure Of Materials

Author : Adrian P. Sutton
ISBN : 9780191588532
Genre :
File Size : 74.94 MB
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This book describes the modern real-space approach to electronic structures and properties of crystalline and non-crystalline materials in a form readily accessible to undergraduates in materials science, physics, and chemistry. - ;This book describes the modern real-space approach to electronic structures and properties of crystalline and non-crystalline materials in a form readily accessible to undergraduates in materials science, physics, and chemistry. -

Excited States In Quantum Chemistry

Author : D.R. Beck
ISBN : 9789400999022
Genre : Science
File Size : 73.85 MB
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It is undoubtedly true that much of the progress in the quant~m theory of matter is due to the remarkable success of the independent particle model (IPM)--especially in describing ground states. However, the accurate experimental results of the last 10 years or so, on a variety of spectroscopic phenomena and chemical processes which involve the Excited State, and the related failure of the IPM to reproduce accurately--in many cases, even qualitatively--the observed data, have sent to theorists a clear message: There is need to create and/or apply general and useful approaches to the many-electron problem of the excited state which go beyond the IPM, treat electron correlation and relativity and explain or predict all relevant physical or chemical information with consistent accuracy. This book contains articles devoted mainly to some of the most important new developments in Quantum Chemistry concerning the theoretical foundations and the computational implementation of many-body approaches to the quantitative and detailed under standing of the electronic excited states of atoms, molecules and solids. Furthermore, it contains experimental and pheno menological articles on Photoelectron and Auger spectroscopy, Lifetime measurements and Organic Photochemistry. In combination or individually, these articles constitute a good description of some current theoretical and experimental work on the electronic structure and spectroscopy of atoms, molecules, polymers, surfaces, metal oxides and amorphous solids.
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