Coping With Childrens Temperament

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Coping With Children S Temperament

Author : William B. Carey
ISBN : 0465014321
Genre : Psychology
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Why does one child and not another in a normal family develop a behavior problem? If a child is sensitive and likely to complain, how does that affect the quality and quantity of the medical care provided? What happens to the neurologically intact child who has trouble paying attention in school?Children's temperaments make a substantial contribution to their environments and their interactions with them. Certain of these largely inborn behavioral style differences, which are not abnormal in themselves, may lead to clinical problems by predisposing children to abrasive, incompatible relationships with caregivers.In this book, William B. Carey and Sean C. McDevitt present a clear, concise summary of the recent clinical research on temperament, in particular from the last ten years, coupled with practical suggestions on how to use this information in a variety of clinical and educational settings. These management strategies were assembled from their own extensive clinical experience and that of others. They take the professional—psychologist, physician, nurse, teacher, day care worker, and social worker—through all the stages of a child's life to show how the effects of temperament play out in infancy, the preschool years, middle childhood, and adolescence.Richly illustrated with detailed case examples, this outstanding book brings theory and practice to life and shows how all who work with children can improve their care by understanding these important differences.
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Temperament And Child Maltreatment

Author : Amanda Lowell
ISBN : OCLC:918852920
Genre :
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Several theoretical risk models were proposed previously regarding the prediction of child maltreatment. Although child maltreatment was predicted individually in these models by such variables as parent temperament, emotional and behavioral regulation, stress, coping, and child temperament, these variables were not yet examined collectively. As such, a new transactional theory was proposed for the current study. As part of this study, a national community sample of 158 culturally diverse mothers of young children who were between the ages of 1 1/2- to 5-years rated their own temperament, emotional and behavioral regulation abilities, parenting stress, daily hassles, and coping behaviors as well as their young children's temperament. Correlational analyses demonstrated many significant relationships among the variables of interest. In addition, hierarchical regression analyses suggested that several parent (i.e., mother mood quality, mother flexibility/rigidity, emotion dysregulation, parenting stress, cumulated severity of stress, and emotion-focused coping) and child characteristics (i.e., young child mood quality) added unique incremental variance to the prediction of child maltreatment potential. Finally, mediation analyses indicated that mothers' emotion dysregulation mediated the relationship between mothers' flexibility/rigidity and child maltreatment potential. Overall, this study contributed information regarding the importance of emotion dysregulation as a mechanism through which difficult mother temperament may be related to increased child maltreatment potential. Accordingly, these findings suggested that emotion regulation skills may serve as a potential point of intervention for mothers who are at increased risk for child maltreatment due to difficult temperament characteristics.

The Difficult Child

Author : Stanley Turecki
ISBN : 9780307815736
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 89.75 MB
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How to help--and cope with--the difficult child Expanded and completely revised, the classic and definitive work on parenting hard-to-raise children with new sections on ADHD and the latest medications for childhood disorders. Temperamentally difficult children can confuse and upset even experienced parents and teachers. They often act defiant, stubborn, loud, aggressive, or hyperactive. They can also be clingy, shy, whiny, picky, and impossible at bedtime, mealtimes, and in public places. This landmark book has been completely revised to include the latest information on ADHD, medications, and a reassuring approach to all aspects of childhood behavioral disorders. In this parenting classic, Dr. Stanley Turecki, one of the nation's most respected experts on children and discipline--and himself the father of a once difficult child--offers compassionate and practical advice to parents of hard-to-raise children. Based on his experience with thousands of families in the highly successful Difficult Children Program he developed for Beth Israel Medical Center in New York City, his step-by-step approach shows you how to: Identify your child's temperament using a ten-point test to pinpoint specific difficulties Manage common--often "uncontrollable"--conflict situations expertly and gently Make discipline more effective and get better results with less punishment Get support from schools, doctors, professionals, and support groups Understand ADHD and other common diagnoses, and decide if medication is right for your child Make the most of the tremendous potential and creativity that many "difficult" children have Drawing on his experience with thousands of families in his highly successful Difficult Child Program, Dr. Turecki shows parents how to: Identify their child's difficult temperament using a ten-point test to pinpoint specific difficulties Manage typical conflict situations expertly and kindly Make discipline more effective and get better results with less punishment Get support from schools, doctors, and others Understand ADHD and other common diagnoses, and decide whether medication is right for their child Make the most of the child's creativity and potential -->
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Children S Temperament

Author : Gordon B. Zellers (III.)
ISBN : OCLC:46815089
Genre : Temperament in children
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Prevention And Coping In Child And Family Care

Author : Michael Sheppard
ISBN : 184642433X
Genre : Political Science
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How do mothers cope with child care and associated problems when, in adversity, they do not gain access to social service support? This book considers the important question of mothers' coping strategies when they are in adversity. Drawing upon the women's own accounts, it focuses not only on what they do themselves to deal with their problems, but how they integrate their own problem solving approaches with the use of supports. It also examines the way in which women cope with their own emotional responses to these problems. The women themselves, and their own accounts are placed 'centre stage' in this book. In doing this the book is able to create a major development in our understanding of the nature of Prevention, a central concept in welfare provision. Drawing upon Coping theory, and the findings of this study, this book extends and develops the concept of Prevention, creating a multidimensional model in which the actions of the mother herself (and other primary caregivers) are included alongside traditional domains. It will be of interest to a variety of academic and professional disciplines, including those interested in gender studies, sociology, social policy, as well as social work and health professionals.
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Understanding Your Child S Temperament

Author : William B. Carey
ISBN : 9781413470284
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 33.90 MB
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UNDERSTANDING YOUR CHILD'S TEMPERAMENT From their earliest days some children are shy and others are bold. A brother may be flexible, while his sister is rigid. One child is highly active, another far less so. One may stick with a challenge for hours, while another gives up easily. All children display distinct profiles of nine largely inborn temperament traits that determine how they experience their environments and respond to them. These interactions have a major impact on children's physical health, development, social behavior, and school performance, and on the caregivers themselves. If adults learn to recognize and tolerate temperament traits, they will be able to manage them more harmoniously and care for each child's individual needs. "What an important book for parents to consider. Treating each child as an individual shows them the respect that will engender self-esteem in them later. This book about differences in temperament by Dr. William Carey, an esteemed pediatrician, will give parents the backup they need to treat each child individually." T. Berry Brazelton, M.D Emeritus Professor of Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School Author of numerous books on child development and care. "America's favorite pediatrician" "This classic work is now more useful than ever. The too often neglected role of temperamental patterns is explained brilliantly, so that all adults who live or work with kids can understand and manage these all-important differences between them." Mel Levine, M.D. Professor of Pediatrics, University of North Carolina Medical School. Author of national bestseller, A Mind at a Time, and 10 other books about children's learning issues.
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Handbook Of Temperament

Author : Marcel Zentner
ISBN : 9781462506484
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 70.46 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Timely and authoritative, this unique handbook explores the breadth of current knowledge on temperament, from foundational theory and research to clinical applications. Leaders in the field examine basic temperament traits, assessment methods, and what brain imaging and molecular genetics reveal about temperament's biological underpinnings. The book considers the pivotal role of temperament in parent?child interactions, attachment, peer relationships, and the development of adolescent and adult personality and psychopathology. Innovative psychological and educational interventions that take temperament into account are reviewed. Integrative in scope, the volume features extensive cross-referencing among chapters and a forward-looking summary chapter.
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Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics E Book

Author : William B. Carey
ISBN : 9781437710946
Genre : Medical
File Size : 42.21 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The fourth edition of Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics—the pioneering, original text— emphasizes children’s assets and liabilities, not just categorical labels. It includes fresh perspectives from new editors—Drs. William Coleman, Ellen Elias, and Heidi Feldman, as well as further contributions from two of the original editors, William B. Carey, M.D, and Allen C. Crocker, M.D. This comprehensive resource offers information and guidance on normal development and behavior: genetic influences, the effect of general physical illness and psychosocial and biologic factors on development and behavior. It is also sufficiently scholarly and scientific to serve as a definitive reference for researchers, teachers, and consultants. With a more user-friendly design, this resource offers comprehensive guidance. Features new chapters dealing with genetic influences on development and behavior, crisis management, coping strategies, self-esteem, self-control, and inborn errors of metabolism to cover the considerable advances and latest developments in the field. Focuses on the clinical aspects of function and dysfunction, rather than arranging subjects according to categorical labels. Emphasizes children’s assets as well as their liability so you get a well-developed approach to therapeutic management. Concludes each chapter with a summary of the principle points covered, with tables, pictures and diagrams to clarify and enhance the presentation. Offers a highly practical focus, emphasizing evaluation, counseling, medical treatment, and follow-up. Features superb photos and figures that illustrate a wide variety of concepts. Features new chapters dealing with—Genetic Influences on Development and Behavior, Crisis Management, Coping Strategies, Self-Esteem, Self-Control, and Inborn Errors of Metabolism. Presents a new two-color design and artwork for a more visually appealing and accessible layout. Provides the latest drug information in the updated and revised chapters on psychopharmacology. Introduces Drs. William Coleman, Ellen Elias, and Heidi Feldman to the editorial team to provide current and topical guidance and enrich the range of expertise and clinical experience. Covers the considerable advances and latest developments in this subspecialty through updates and revisions to existing material.
Category: Medical

Early Development And Its Disturbances

Author : Jorge Canestri
ISBN : 9780429913051
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 58.57 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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In this volume internationally well known experts discuss whether psychoanalysis - with its rich mix of clinical experiences and conceptualizations of early development and symptoms - has something unique to offer through deepening the understanding of children suffering from this and similar developmental disturbances. The contributors consider therapeutic strategies as well as possibilities of early prevention. Surprisingly, psychoanalysts have only during the past few years actively engaged in the on-going and very important controversial discussions on attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). There may be many reasons for the increasing interest in this topic over the past few years - for example the dialogue between psychoanalysis and contemporary neurobiology/brain research which opens a fascinating window on an old problem in European culture: the mind-body problem. This exchange also promises to enlarge the understanding of psychic problems probably connected with some neurobiologically-based pathologies, widely assumed to include ADHD.
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Parental Stress And Early Child Development

Author : Kirby Deater-Deckard
ISBN : 9783319553764
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 61.32 MB
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This book examines the complex impact of parenting stress and the effects of its transmission on young children’s development and well-being (e.g., emotion self-regulation; executive functioning; maltreatment; future parenting practices). It analyzes current findings on acute and chronic psychological and socioeconomic stressors affecting parents, including those associated with poverty and cultural disparities, pregnancy and motherhood, and caring for children with developmental disabilities. Contributors explore how parental stress affects cognitive, affective, behavioral, and neurological development in children while pinpointing core adaptation, resilience, and coping skills parents need to reduce abusive and other negative behaviors and promote optimal outcomes in their children. These nuanced bidirectional perspectives on parent/child dynamics aim to inform clinical strategies and future research targeting parental stress and its cyclical impact on subsequent generations. Included in the coverage: Parental stress and child temperament. How social structure and culture shape parental strain and the well-being of parents and children. The stress of parenting children with developmental disabilities. Consequences and mechanisms of child maltreatment and the implications for parenting. How being mothered affects the development of mothering. Prenatal maternal stress and psychobiological development during childhood. Parenting Stress and Early Child Development is an essential resource for researchers, clinicians and related professionals, and graduate students in infancy and early childhood development, developmental psychology, pediatrics, family studies, and developmental neuroscience.
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Encyclopedia Of Family Health

Author : Martha Craft-Rosenberg
ISBN : 9781506338231
Genre : Medical
File Size : 32.63 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Request a FREE 30-day online trial to this title at What is unique about the process in the discussion of healthcare and interventions to use when working with families? What assessment tools provide guidance for healthcare providers as they determine interventions for families in their care? What are the changing dimensions of contemporary family life, and what impact do those dimensions have on health promotion for families? How is family healthcare changing in terms of practices, delivery systems, costs and insurance coverage? Students are able to explore these questions and more in the Encyclopedia of Family Health. Approximately 350 signed articles written by experts from such varied fields as health and nursing, social and behavioral sciences, and policy provide authoritative, cross-disciplinary coverage. Entries examine theory, research and policy as they relate to family practice in a manner that is accessible and jargon-free. From 'Adolescent Suicide' and 'Alternative Therapies' to 'Visitation during Hospitalization' and 'Weight Problems and Genetics', this work provides coverage of a variety of issues within a family context. The Encyclopedia of Family Health provides a comprehensive summary of theory, research, practice, and policy on family health and wellness promotion for students and researchers.
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Therapeutic Activities For Children And Teens Coping With Health Issues

Author : Robyn Hart
ISBN : 0470933542
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 53.62 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Winner of the American Journal of Nursing Book of the Year 2011 (Category: Maternal And Child Health) Building on children's natural inclinations to pretend and reenact, play therapy is widely used in the treatment of psychological problems in childhood. This book is the only one of its kind with more than 200 therapeutic activities specifically designed for working with children and teenagers within the healthcare system. It provides evidence-based, age-appropriate activities for interventions that promote coping. The activities target topics such as separation anxiety, self-esteem issues, body image, death, isolation, and pain. Mental health practitioners will appreciate its "cookbook" format, with quickly read and implemented activities.
Category: Psychology

The Handbook Of Child Life

Author : Richard H. Thompson
ISBN : 9780398092122
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 55.42 MB
Format : PDF
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Child life is a profession that draws on the insights of history, sociology, anthropology and psychology to serve children and families in many critical stress points in their lives, but especially when they are ill, injured or disabled and encounter the hosts of caregivers and institutions that collaborate to make them well. Children and their families can become overwhelmed by the task of understanding and navigating the healthcare environment and continue to face challenges through their daily encounters. It is the job of child life professionals to provide care and guidance in these negotiations to serve as culture brokers, interpreters of the healthcare apparatus to family and child and the child to medical professionals. Despite the best efforts to provide quality, sensitive psychosocial care to children and their families, they remain vulnerable to lingering aftereffects. The goal of this revised edition is to help prepare child life specialists to deliver the highest level of care to children and families in the context of these changing realities. Each chapter has been substantially revised and two new chapters have been added. This book will be a valuable resource for not only child life specialists but also nurses, occupational and recreational therapists, social workers and other hospital personnel.
Category: Social Science

Social And Emotional Development In Infancy And Early Childhood

Author : Janette B. Benson
ISBN : 0123785758
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 36.71 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Research is increasingly showing the effects of family, school, and culture on the social, emotional and personality development of children. Much of this research concentrates on grade school and above, but the most profound effects may occur much earlier, in the 0-3 age range. This volume consists of focused articles from the authoritative Encyclopedia of Infant and Early Childhood Development that specifically address this topic and collates research in this area in a way that isn't readily available in the existent literature, covering such areas as adoption, attachment, birth order, effects of day care, discipline and compliance, divorce, emotion regulation, family influences, preschool, routines, separation anxiety, shyness, socialization, effects of television, etc. This one volume reference provides an essential, affordable reference for researchers, graduate students and clinicians interested in social psychology and personality, as well as those involved with cultural psychology and developmental psychology. Presents literature on influences of families, school, and culture in one source saving users time searching for relevant related topics in multiple places and literatures in order to fully understand any one area Focused content on age 0-3- save time searching for and wading through lit on full age range for developmentally relevant info Concise, understandable, and authoritative for immediate applicability in research
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Becoming Who We Are

Author : Mary K. Rothbart
ISBN : 9781462508310
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 52.6 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This definitive work comprehensively examines the role of temperament in the development of personality and psychopathology. Preeminent researcher Mary Rothbart synthesizes current knowledge on temperament's basic dimensions; its interactions with biology, the social environment, and developmental processes; and influences on personality, behavior, and social adjustment across the lifespan. In a direct and readable style, Rothbart combines theory and research with everyday observations and clinical examples. She offers new insights on "difficult" children and reviews intervention programs that address temperamental factors in childhood problems. This book will be invaluable to developmental psychologists; personality/social psychologists; child clinical psychologists and other mental health practitioners. It will also serve as a text in graduate-level courses
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Health Promotion Throughout The Life Span

Author : Carole Lium Edelman
ISBN : 9780323091411
Genre : Medical
File Size : 38.59 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Up to date and easy to read, this textbook provides comprehensive coverage of all major concepts of health promotion and disease prevention. It highlights growth and development throughout the life span, emphasizing normal development as well as the specific problems and health promotion issues common to each stage. All population groups are addressed with separate chapters for individuals, families, and communities. -- Provided by publisher.
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