Co Clustering

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Co Clustering

Author : Gérard Govaert
ISBN : 9781118649503
Genre : Computers
File Size : 66.23 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Cluster or co-cluster analyses are important tools in a variety ofscientific areas. The introduction of this book presents a state ofthe art of already well-established, as well as more recent methodsof co-clustering. The authors mainly deal with the two-modepartitioning under different approaches, but pay particularattention to a probabilistic approach. Chapter 1 concerns clustering in general and the model-basedclustering in particular. The authors briefly review the classicalclustering methods and focus on the mixture model. They present anddiscuss the use of different mixtures adapted to different types ofdata. The algorithms used are described and related works withdifferent classical methods are presented and commented upon. Thischapter is useful in tackling the problem of co-clustering under the mixture approach. Chapter 2 is devoted tothe latent block model proposed in the mixture approach context.The authors discuss this model in detail and present its interestregarding co-clustering. Various algorithms are presented in ageneral context. Chapter 3 focuses on binary and categorical data.It presents, in detail, the appropriated latent block mixturemodels. Variants of these models and algorithms are presented andillustrated using examples. Chapter 4 focuses on contingency data.Mutual information, phi-squared and model-based co-clustering arestudied. Models, algorithms and connections among differentapproaches are described and illustrated. Chapter 5 presents thecase of continuous data. In the same way, the different approachesused in the previous chapters are extended to this situation. Contents 1. Cluster Analysis. 2. Model-Based Co-Clustering. 3. Co-Clustering of Binary and Categorical Data. 4. Co-Clustering of Contingency Tables. 5. Co-Clustering of Continuous Data. About the Authors Gérard Govaert is Professor at the University of Technologyof Compiègne, France. He is also a member of the CNRSLaboratory Heudiasyc (Heuristic and diagnostic of complex systems).His research interests include latent structure modeling, modelselection, model-based cluster analysis, block clustering andstatistical pattern recognition. He is one of the authors of theMIXMOD (MIXtureMODelling) software. Mohamed Nadif is Professor at the University of Paris-Descartes,France, where he is a member of LIPADE (Paris Descartes computerscience laboratory) in the Mathematics and Computer Sciencedepartment. His research interests include machine learning, datamining, model-based cluster analysis, co-clustering, factorizationand data analysis. Cluster Analysis is an important tool in a variety of scientificareas. Chapter 1 briefly presents a state of the art of alreadywell-established as well more recent methods. The hierarchical,partitioning and fuzzy approaches will be discussed amongst others.The authors review the difficulty of these classical methods intackling the high dimensionality, sparsity and scalability. Chapter2 discusses the interests of coclustering, presenting differentapproaches and defining a co-cluster. The authors focus onco-clustering as a simultaneous clustering and discuss the cases ofbinary, continuous and co-occurrence data. The criteria andalgorithms are described and illustrated on simulated and realdata. Chapter 3 considers co-clustering as a model-basedco-clustering. A latent block model is defined for different kindsof data. The estimation of parameters and co-clustering is tackledunder two approaches: maximum likelihood and classification maximumlikelihood. Hard and soft algorithms are described and applied onsimulated and real data. Chapter 4 considers co-clustering as amatrix approximation. The trifactorization approach is consideredand algorithms based on update rules are described. Links withnumerical and probabilistic approaches are established. Acombination of algorithms are proposed and evaluated on simulatedand real data. Chapter 5 considers a co-clustering or bi-clusteringas the search for coherent co-clusters in biological terms or theextraction of co-clusters under conditions. Classical algorithmswill be described and evaluated on simulated and real data.Different indices to evaluate the quality of coclusters are notedand used in numerical experiments.
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Constrained Clustering

Author : Sugato Basu
ISBN : 1584889977
Genre : Computers
File Size : 68.82 MB
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Since the initial work on constrained clustering, there have been numerous advances in methods, applications, and our understanding of the theoretical properties of constraints and constrained clustering algorithms. Bringing these developments together, Constrained Clustering: Advances in Algorithms, Theory, and Applications presents an extensive collection of the latest innovations in clustering data analysis methods that use background knowledge encoded as constraints. Algorithms The first five chapters of this volume investigate advances in the use of instance-level, pairwise constraints for partitional and hierarchical clustering. The book then explores other types of constraints for clustering, including cluster size balancing, minimum cluster size,and cluster-level relational constraints. Theory It also describes variations of the traditional clustering under constraints problem as well as approximation algorithms with helpful performance guarantees. Applications The book ends by applying clustering with constraints to relational data, privacy-preserving data publishing, and video surveillance data. It discusses an interactive visual clustering approach, a distance metric learning approach, existential constraints, and automatically generated constraints. With contributions from industrial researchers and leading academic experts who pioneered the field, this volume delivers thorough coverage of the capabilities and limitations of constrained clustering methods as well as introduces new types of constraints and clustering algorithms.
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Relational Data Clustering

Author : Bo Long
ISBN : 1420072625
Genre : Computers
File Size : 49.41 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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A culmination of the authors’ years of extensive research on this topic, Relational Data Clustering: Models, Algorithms, and Applications addresses the fundamentals and applications of relational data clustering. It describes theoretic models and algorithms and, through examples, shows how to apply these models and algorithms to solve real-world problems. After defining the field, the book introduces different types of model formulations for relational data clustering, presents various algorithms for the corresponding models, and demonstrates applications of the models and algorithms through extensive experimental results. The authors cover six topics of relational data clustering: Clustering on bi-type heterogeneous relational data Multi-type heterogeneous relational data Homogeneous relational data clustering Clustering on the most general case of relational data Individual relational clustering framework Recent research on evolutionary clustering This book focuses on both practical algorithm derivation and theoretical framework construction for relational data clustering. It provides a complete, self-contained introduction to advances in the field.
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Co Clustering Algorithms

Author : Hyuk Cho
ISBN : OCLC:261222945
Genre : Algorithms
File Size : 40.11 MB
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Co-clustering is rather a recent paradigm for unsupervised data analysis, but it has become increasingly popular because of its potential to discover latent local patterns, otherwise unapparent by usual unsupervised algorithms such as k-means. Wide deployment of co-clustering, however, requires addressing a number of practical challenges such as data transformation, cluster initialization, scalability, and so on. Therefore, this thesis focuses on developing sophisticated co-clustering methodologies to maturity and its ultimate goal is to promote co-clustering as an invaluable and indispensable unsupervised analysis tool for varied practical applications. To achieve this goal, we explore the three specific tasks: (1) development of co-clustering algorithms to be functional, adaptable, and scalable (co-clustering algorithms); (2) extension of co-clustering algorithms to incorporate application-specific requirements (extensions); and (3) application of co-clustering algorithms broadly to existing and emerging problems in practical application domains (applications). As for co-clustering algorithms, we develop two fast Minimum Sum-Squared Residue Co-clustering (MSSRCC) algorithms [CDGS04], which simultaneously cluster data points and features via an alternating minimization scheme and generate co-clusters in a "checkerboard" structure. The first captures co-clusters with constant values, while the other discovers co-clusters with coherent "trends" as well as constant values. We note that the proposed algorithms are two special cases (bases 2 and 6 with Euclidean distance, respectively) of the general co-clustering framework, Bregman Co-clustering (BCC) [BDG+07], which contains six Euclidean BCC and six I-divergence BCC algorithms. Then, we substantially enhance the performance of the two MSSRCC algorithms by escaping from poor local minima and resolving the degeneracy problem of generating empty clusters in partitional clustering algorithms through the three specific strategies: (1) data transformation; (2) deterministic spectral initialization; and (3) local search strategy. Concerning co-clustering extensions, we investigate general algorithmic strategies for the general BCC framework, since it is applicable to a large class of distance measures and data types. We first formalize various data transformations for datasets with varied scaling and shifting factors, mathematically justify their effects on the six Euclidean BCC algorithms, and empirically validate the analysis results. We also adapt the local search strategy, initially developed for the two MSSRCC algorithms, to all the twelve BCC algorithms. Moreover, we consider variations of cluster assignments and cluster updates, including greedy vs. non-greedy cluster assignment, online vs. batch cluster update, and so on. Furthermore, in order to provide better scalability and usability, we parallelize all the twelve BCC algorithms, which are capable of co-clustering large-scaled datasets over multiple processors. Regarding co-clustering applications, we extend the functionality of BCC to incorporate application-specific requirements: (1) discovery of inverted patterns, whose goal is to find anti-correlation; (2) discovery of coherent co-clusters from noisy data, whose purpose is to do dimensional reduction and feature selection; and (3) discovery of patterns from time-series data, whose motive is to guarantee critical time-locality. Furthermore, we employ co-clustering to pervasive computing for mobile devices, where the task is to extract latent patterns from usage logs as well as to recognize specific situations of mobile-device users. Finally, we demonstrate the applicability of our proposed algorithms for aforementioned applications through empirical results on various synthetic and real-world datasets. In summary, we present co-clustering algorithms to discover latent local patterns, propose their algorithmic extensions to incorporate specific requirements, and provide their applications to a wide range of practical domains.
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Proceedings Of The Fourth Siam International Conference On Data Mining

Author : Michael W. Berry
ISBN : 0898715687
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 69.73 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The Fourth SIAM International Conference on Data Mining continues the tradition of providing an open forum for the presentation and discussion of innovative algorithms as well as novel applications of data mining. This is reflected in the talks by the four keynote speakers who discuss data usability issues in systems for data mining in science and engineering, issues raised by new technologies that generate biological data, ways to find complex structured patterns in linked data, and advances in Bayesian inference techniques. This proceedings includes 61 research papers.
Category: Mathematics

Artificial Intelligence Applications And Innovations

Author : Lazaros Iliadis
ISBN : 9781441902207
Genre : Computers
File Size : 79.16 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The ever expanding abundance of information and computing power enables - searchers and users to tackle highly interesting issues, such as applications prov- ing personalized access and interactivity to multimodal information based on user preferences and semantic concepts or human-machine interface systems utilizing information on the affective state of the user. The general focus of the AIAI conf- ence is to provide insights on how AI can be implemented in real world applications. This volume contains papers selected for presentation at the 5th IFIP Conf- ence on Artificial Intelligence Applications & Innovations (AIAI 2009) being held from 23rd till 25th of April, in Thessaloniki, Greece. The IFIP AIAI 2009 conf- ence is co-organized by the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, by the University of Macedonia Thessaloniki and by the Democritus University of Thrace. AIAI 2009 is the official conference of the WG12.5 "Artificial Intelligence Appli- tions" working group of IFIP TC12 the International Federation for Information Processing Technical Committee on Artificial Intelligence (AI). It is a conference growing and maintaining high standards of quality. The p- pose of the 5th IFIP AIAI Conference is to bring together researchers, engineers and practitioners interested in the technical advances and business / industrial - plications of intelligent systems. AIAI 2009 is not only focused in providing - sights on how AI can be implemented in real world applications, but it also covers innovative methods, tools and ideas of AI on architectural and algorithmic level.
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Computational Methods Of Feature Selection

Author : Huan Liu
ISBN : 1584888792
Genre : Computers
File Size : 87.98 MB
Format : PDF
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Due to increasing demands for dimensionality reduction, research on feature selection has deeply and widely expanded into many fields, including computational statistics, pattern recognition, machine learning, data mining, and knowledge discovery. Highlighting current research issues, Computational Methods of Feature Selection introduces the basic concepts and principles, state-of-the-art algorithms, and novel applications of this tool. The book begins by exploring unsupervised, randomized, and causal feature selection. It then reports on some recent results of empowering feature selection, including active feature selection, decision-border estimate, the use of ensembles with independent probes, and incremental feature selection. This is followed by discussions of weighting and local methods, such as the ReliefF family, k-means clustering, local feature relevance, and a new interpretation of Relief. The book subsequently covers text classification, a new feature selection score, and both constraint-guided and aggressive feature selection. The final section examines applications of feature selection in bioinformatics, including feature construction as well as redundancy-, ensemble-, and penalty-based feature selection. Through a clear, concise, and coherent presentation of topics, this volume systematically covers the key concepts, underlying principles, and inventive applications of feature selection, illustrating how this powerful tool can efficiently harness massive, high-dimensional data and turn it into valuable, reliable information.
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Advanced Data Mining And Applications

Author : Xue Li
ISBN : 9783540370260
Genre : Computers
File Size : 48.14 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Here are the proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Advanced Data Mining and Applications, ADMA 2006, held in Xi'an, China, August 2006. The book presents 41 revised full papers and 74 revised short papers together with 4 invited papers. The papers are organized in topical sections on association rules, classification, clustering, novel algorithms, multimedia mining, sequential data mining and time series mining, web mining, biomedical mining, advanced applications, and more.
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Data Warehousing And Knowledge Discovery

Author : Alfredo Cuzzocrea
ISBN : 9783642235443
Genre : Computers
File Size : 78.37 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Data Warehousing and Knowledge Discovery, DaWak 2011 held in Toulouse, France in August/September 2011. The 37 revised full papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from 119 submissions. The papers are organized in topical sections on physical and conceptual data warehouse models, data warehousing design methodologies and tools, data warehouse performance and optimization, pattern mining, matrix-based mining techniques and stream, sensor and time-series mining.
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Advances In Knowledge Discovery And Data Mining

Author : Takashi Washio
ISBN : 9783540681243
Genre : Computers
File Size : 83.54 MB
Format : PDF
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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 12th Pacific-Asia Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, PAKDD 2008, held in Osaka, Japan, in May 2008. The 37 revised long papers, 40 revised full papers, and 36 revised short papers presented together with 1 keynote talk and 4 invited lectures were carefully reviewed and selected from 312 submissions. The papers present new ideas, original research results, and practical development experiences from all KDD-related areas including data mining, data warehousing, machine learning, databases, statistics, knowledge acquisition, automatic scientific discovery, data visualization, causal induction, and knowledge-based systems.
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Security Solutions And Applied Cryptography In Smart Grid Communications

Author : Ferrag, Mohamed Amine
ISBN : 9781522518303
Genre : Computers
File Size : 78.67 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Electrical energy usage is increasing every year due to population growth and new forms of consumption. As such, it is increasingly imperative to research methods of energy control and safe use. Security Solutions and Applied Cryptography in Smart Grid Communications is a pivotal reference source for the latest research on the development of smart grid technology and best practices of utilization. Featuring extensive coverage across a range of relevant perspectives and topics, such as threat detection, authentication, and intrusion detection, this book is ideally designed for academicians, researchers, engineers and students seeking current research on ways in which to implement smart grid platforms all over the globe.
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Ai 2009 Advances In Artificial Intelligence

Author : Ann Nicholson
ISBN : 9783642104381
Genre : Computers
File Size : 30.58 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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We are pleased to present this LNCS volume, the Proceedings of the 22nd A- tralasianJointConferenceonArti?cialIntelligence(AI2009),heldinMelbourne, Australia, December 1–4,2009.This long established annual regionalconference is a forum both for the presentation of researchadvances in arti?cial intelligence and for scienti?c interchange amongst researchers and practitioners in the ?eld of arti?cial intelligence. Conference attendees were also able to enjoy AI 2009 being co-located with the Australasian Data Mining Conference (AusDM 2009) and the 4th Australian Conference on Arti?cial Life (ACAL 2009). This year AI 2009 received 174 submissions, from authors of 30 di?erent countries. After an extensive peer review process where each submitted paper was rigorously reviewed by at least 2 (and in most cases 3) independent revi- ers, the best 68 papers were selected by the senior Program Committee for oral presentation at the conference and included in this volume, resulting in an - ceptance rate of 39%. The papers included in this volume cover a wide range of topics in arti?cial intelligence: from machine learning to natural language s- tems, from knowledge representation to soft computing, from theoretical issues to real-world applications. AI 2009 also included 11 tutorials, available through the First Australian Computational Intelligence Summer School (ACISS 2009). These tutorials – some introductory, some advanced – covered a wide range of research topics within arti?cial intelligence, including data mining, games, evolutionary c- putation, swarm optimization, intelligent agents, Bayesian and belief networks.
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Pattern Recognition In Bioinformatics

Author : Tetsuo Shibuya
ISBN : 9783642341236
Genre : Computers
File Size : 36.97 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Pattern Recognition in Bioinformatics, PRIB 2012, held in Tokyo, Japan, in November 2012. The 24 revised full papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from 33 submissions. Their topics are widely ranging from fundamental techniques, sequence analysis to biological network analysis. The papers are organized in topical sections on generic methods, visualization, image analysis, and platforms, applications of pattern recognition techniques, protein structure and docking, complex data analysis, and sequence analysis.
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Machine Learning And Knowledge Discovery In Databases

Author : Wray Buntine
ISBN : 9783642041808
Genre : Computers
File Size : 29.15 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the joint conference on Machine Learning and Knowledge Discovery in Databases: ECML PKDD 2009, held in Bled, Slovenia, in September 2009. The 106 papers presented in two volumes, together with 5 invited talks, were carefully reviewed and selected from 422 paper submissions. In addition to the regular papers the volume contains 14 abstracts of papers appearing in full version in the Machine Learning Journal and the Knowledge Discovery and Databases Journal of Springer. The conference intends to provide an international forum for the discussion of the latest high quality research results in all areas related to machine learning and knowledge discovery in databases. The topics addressed are application of machine learning and data mining methods to real-world problems, particularly exploratory research that describes novel learning and mining tasks and applications requiring non-standard techniques.
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Scalable Information Systems

Author : Jason J. Jung
ISBN : 9783319168685
Genre : Computers
File Size : 70.10 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed post-conference proceedings of the International Conference on Scalable Information Systems, INFOSCALE 2014, held in September 2014 in Seoul, South Korea. The 9 revised full papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from 14 submissions. The papers cover a wide range of topics such as scalable data analysis and big data applications.
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Fine Grained Complexity Analysis Of Some Combinatorial Data Science Problems

Author : Froese, Vincent
ISBN : 9783798330030
Genre : Computers
File Size : 51.29 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This thesis is concerned with analyzing the computational complexity of NP-hard problems related to data science. For most of the problems considered in this thesis, the computational complexity has not been intensively studied before. We focus on the complexity of computing exact problem solutions and conduct a detailed analysis identifying tractable special cases. To this end, we adopt a parameterized viewpoint in which we spot several parameters which describe properties of a specific problem instance that allow to solve the instance efficiently. We develop specialized algorithms whose running times are polynomial if the corresponding parameter value is constant. We also investigate in which cases the problems remain intractable even for small parameter values. We thereby chart the border between tractability and intractability for some practically motivated problems which yields a better understanding of their computational complexity. In particular, we consider the following problems. General Position Subset Selection is the problem to select a maximum number of points in general position from a given set of points in the plane. Point sets in general position are well-studied in geometry and play a role in data visualization. We prove several computational hardness results and show how polynomial-time data reduction can be applied to solve the problem if the sought number of points in general position is very small or very large. The Distinct Vectors problem asks to select a minimum number of columns in a given matrix such that all rows in the selected submatrix are pairwise distinct. This problem is motivated by combinatorial feature selection. We prove a complexity dichotomy with respect to combinations of the minimum and the maximum pairwise Hamming distance of the rows for binary input matrices, thus separating polynomial-time solvable from NP-hard cases. Co-Clustering is a well-known matrix clustering problem in data mining where the goal is to partition a matrix into homogenous submatrices. We conduct an extensive multivariate complexity analysis revealing several NP-hard and some polynomial-time solvable and fixed-parameter tractable cases. The generic F-free Editing problem is a graph modification problem in which a given graph has to be modified by a minimum number of edge modifications such that it does not contain any induced subgraph isomorphic to the graph F. We consider three special cases of this problem: The graph clustering problem Cluster Editing with applications in machine learning, the Triangle Deletion problem which is motivated by network cluster analysis, and Feedback Arc Set in Tournaments with applications in rank aggregation. We introduce a new parameterization by the number of edge modifications above a lower bound derived from a packing of induced forbidden subgraphs and show fixed-parameter tractability for all of the three above problems with respect to this parameter. Moreover, we prove several NP-hardness results for other variants of F-free Editing for a constant parameter value. The problem DTW-Mean is to compute a mean time series of a given sample of time series with respect to the dynamic time warping distance. This is a fundamental problem in time series analysis the complexity of which is unknown. We give an exact exponential-time algorithm for DTW-Mean and prove polynomial-time solvability for the special case of binary time series. Diese Dissertation befasst sich mit der Analyse der Berechnungskomplexität von NP-schweren Problemen aus dem Bereich Data Science. Für die meisten der hier betrachteten Probleme wurde die Berechnungskomplexität bisher nicht sehr detailliert untersucht. Wir führen daher eine genaue Komplexitätsanalyse dieser Probleme durch, mit dem Ziel, effizient lösbare Spezialfälle zu identifizieren. Zu diesem Zweck nehmen wir eine parametrisierte Perspektive ein, bei der wir bestimmte Parameter definieren, welche Eigenschaften einer konkreten Probleminstanz beschreiben, die es ermöglichen, diese Instanz effizient zu lösen. Wir entwickeln dabei spezielle Algorithmen, deren Laufzeit für konstante Parameterwerte polynomiell ist. Darüber hinaus untersuchen wir, in welchen Fällen die Probleme selbst bei kleinen Parameterwerten berechnungsschwer bleiben. Somit skizzieren wir die Grenze zwischen schweren und handhabbaren Probleminstanzen, um ein besseres Verständnis der Berechnungskomplexität für die folgenden praktisch motivierten Probleme zu erlangen. Beim General Position Subset Selection Problem ist eine Menge von Punkten in der Ebene gegeben und das Ziel ist es, möglichst viele Punkte in allgemeiner Lage davon auszuwählen. Punktmengen in allgemeiner Lage sind in der Geometrie gut untersucht und spielen unter anderem im Bereich der Datenvisualisierung eine Rolle. Wir beweisen etliche Härteergebnisse und zeigen, wie das Problem mittels Polynomzeitdatenreduktion gelöst werden kann, falls die Anzahl gesuchter Punkte in allgemeiner Lage sehr klein oder sehr groß ist. Distinct Vectors ist das Problem, möglichst wenige Spalten einer gegebenen Matrix so auszuwählen, dass in der verbleibenden Submatrix alle Zeilen paarweise verschieden sind. Dieses Problem hat Anwendungen im Bereich der kombinatorischen Merkmalsselektion. Wir betrachten Kombinationen aus maximalem und minimalem paarweisen Hamming-Abstand der Zeilenvektoren und beweisen eine Komplexitätsdichotomie für Binärmatrizen, welche die NP-schweren von den polynomzeitlösbaren Kombinationen unterscheidet. Co-Clustering ist ein bekanntes Matrix-Clustering-Problem aus dem Gebiet Data-Mining. Ziel ist es, eine Matrix in möglichst homogene Submatrizen zu partitionieren. Wir führen eine umfangreiche multivariate Komplexitätsanalyse durch, in der wir zahlreiche NP-schwere, sowie polynomzeitlösbare und festparameterhandhabbare Spezialfälle identifizieren. Bei F-free Editing handelt es sich um ein generisches Graphmodifikationsproblem, bei dem ein Graph durch möglichst wenige Kantenmodifikationen so abgeändert werden soll, dass er keinen induzierten Teilgraphen mehr enthält, der isomorph zum Graphen F ist. Wir betrachten die drei folgenden Spezialfälle dieses Problems: Das Graph-Clustering-Problem Cluster Editing aus dem Bereich des Maschinellen Lernens, das Triangle Deletion Problem aus der Netzwerk-Cluster-Analyse und das Problem Feedback Arc Set in Tournaments mit Anwendungen bei der Aggregation von Rankings. Wir betrachten eine neue Parametrisierung mittels der Differenz zwischen der maximalen Anzahl Kantenmodifikationen und einer unteren Schranke, welche durch eine Menge von induzierten Teilgraphen bestimmt ist. Wir zeigen Festparameterhandhabbarkeit der drei obigen Probleme bezüglich dieses Parameters. Darüber hinaus beweisen wir etliche NP-Schwereergebnisse für andere Problemvarianten von F-free Editing bei konstantem Parameterwert. DTW-Mean ist das Problem, eine Durchschnittszeitreihe bezüglich der Dynamic-Time-Warping-Distanz für eine Menge gegebener Zeitreihen zu berechnen. Hierbei handelt es sich um ein grundlegendes Problem der Zeitreihenanalyse, dessen Komplexität bisher unbekannt ist. Wir entwickeln einen exakten Exponentialzeitalgorithmus für DTW-Mean und zeigen, dass der Spezialfall binärer Zeitreihen in polynomieller Zeit lösbar ist.
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Advances In Intelligent Data Analysis Xv

Author : Henrik Boström
ISBN : 9783319463490
Genre : Computers
File Size : 84.63 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This book constitutes the refereed conference proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Intelligent Data Analysis, which was held in October 2016 in Stockholm, Sweden. The 36 revised full papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from 75 submissions. The traditional focus of the IDA symposium series is on end-to-end intelligent support for data analysis. The symposium aims to provide a forum for inspiring research contributions that might be considered preliminary in other leading conferences and journals, but that have a potentially dramatic impact.
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Fuzzy Sets Rough Sets Multisets And Clustering

Author : Vicenç Torra
ISBN : 9783319475578
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 82.8 MB
Format : PDF
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This book is dedicated to Prof. Sadaaki Miyamoto and presents cutting-edge papers in some of the areas in which he contributed. Bringing together contributions by leading researchers in the field, it concretely addresses clustering, multisets, rough sets and fuzzy sets, as well as their applications in areas such as decision-making. The book is divided in four parts, the first of which focuses on clustering and classification. The second part puts the spotlight on multisets, bags, fuzzy bags and other fuzzy extensions, while the third deals with rough sets. Rounding out the coverage, the last part explores fuzzy sets and decision-making.
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Adaptive Resonance Theory In Social Media Data Clustering

Author : Lei Meng
ISBN : 9783030029852
Genre : Computers
File Size : 39.96 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Social media data contains our communication and online sharing, mirroring our daily life. This book looks at how we can use and what we can discover from such big data: Basic knowledge (data & challenges) on social media analytics Clustering as a fundamental technique for unsupervised knowledge discovery and data mining A class of neural inspired algorithms, based on adaptive resonance theory (ART), tackling challenges in big social media data clustering Step-by-step practices of developing unsupervised machine learning algorithms for real-world applications in social media domain Adaptive Resonance Theory in Social Media Data Clustering stands on the fundamental breakthrough in cognitive and neural theory, i.e. adaptive resonance theory, which simulates how a brain processes information to perform memory, learning, recognition, and prediction. It presents initiatives on the mathematical demonstration of ART’s learning mechanisms in clustering, and illustrates how to extend the base ART model to handle the complexity and characteristics of social media data and perform associative analytical tasks. Both cutting-edge research and real-world practices on machine learning and social media analytics are included in the book and if you wish to learn the answers to the following questions, this book is for you: How to process big streams of multimedia data? How to analyze social networks with heterogeneous data? How to understand a user’s interests by learning from online posts and behaviors? How to create a personalized search engine by automatically indexing and searching multimodal information resources? .
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