Cabinets Of Curiosities

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Cabinets Of Curiosities

Author : Patrick Mauriès
ISBN : 0500022887
Genre : Antiques & Collectibles
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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Unicorns' horns, mermaids' skeletons, stuffed and preserved animals and plants, precious metals, clocks, scientific instruments, celestial globes--all knowledge, the whole cosmos, arranged on shelves in a single room. Such were the cabinets of curiosities of the seventeenth century, the last period of history when man could aspire to know everything. The collectors were archdukes and kings--the Emperor Rudolf II was the prince of all collectors--rich merchants and scholars, and their collections ranged from a single crowded room to whole palatial suites. Cabinets of Curiosities traces the amazing history of these unique spaces, receptacles, and fascinating contents within, from their first appearance in the inventories and engravings commissioned by Renaissance noble families, such as the Medicis or the Hapsburgs, via those of the Dane Ole Wurm and the German polymath Athanasius Kircher, to the seventeenth-century scientist Elias Ashmole and Dutch collector Levinus Vincent. Author Patrick Maurie`s chronicles the amazing history of these rooms of wonders in this ingeniously erudite survey. Not many of the rooms survive, but there are pictorial records and their contents still exist and are among the treasures of museums all over the world.
Category: Antiques & Collectibles

Cabinet Of Curiosities

Author : Gordon Grice
ISBN : 9780761189374
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 24.87 MB
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Exactly the book for every young explorer who loves finding stuff in nature and bringing it home. Cabinet of Curiosities is a lavishly illustrated introduction to the wonders of natural history and the joys of being an amateur scientist and collector. Nature writer Gordon Grice, who started his first cabinet of curiosities at age six when he found a skunk’s skull, explains how scientists classify all living things through the Linnaeus system; how to tell real gold from fool’s gold; how to preserve butterflies, crab shells, feathers, a robin’s egg, spider specimens, and honeycombs; how to identify seashells; the difference between antlers and horns; how to read animal tracks. And then, what to do with your specimens, including how to build a cabinet of curiosities out of common household objects, like a desk organizer or a box for fishing tackle.
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Listri Cabinet Of Curiosities

Author : Giulia Carciotto
ISBN : 3836540355
Genre :
File Size : 51.88 MB
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Cabinets of curiosities fascinated people of the 16th and 17th centuries. From crocodiles, minerals, and corals to paintings, ivory trophies, measuring instruments, and incredible automata, it was a glimpse into a world full of natural wonders and treasures that aimed to reflect the order of the universe. This magnificent volume takes us...

The Cabinet Of Curiosities

Author :
ISBN : STANFORD:36105009599999
Genre : Curiosities and wonders
File Size : 70.83 MB
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Category: Curiosities and wonders

The Cabinet Of Curiosities

Author : Stefan Bachmann
ISBN : 0062313142
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 44.37 MB
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A collection of thirty-six forty eerie, mysterious, intriguing, and very short stories by the acclaimed authors Stefan Bachmann, Katherine Catmull, Claire LeGrand, and Emma Trevayne. The Cabinet of Curiosities is perfect for fans of Alvin Schwartz's Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark and anyone who relishes a good creepy tale. Great for reading alone or reading aloud at camp or school! The book features an introduction and commentary by the authors and black-and-white illustrations throughout.
Category: Juvenile Fiction

A Cabinet Of Curiosities

Author : Martin Beech
ISBN : 9811224919
Genre : Science
File Size : 23.42 MB
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Hurtling through the atmosphere, in a blaze of light and reverberating percussions, the arrival of a meteorite on Earth is a magical, rare, and precious sight. These characteristics have accordingly ensured a long, yet often controversial history. For all this, meteorites are cosmic messengers. They tell us about the entire history of the solar system, their story carrying us from the very earliest moments, when solid material first began to form in the solar nebula. Indeed, meteorites played a key role in the origins of Earth's oceans and the genesis of life. Meteorites additionally tell us about the origin and evolution of the asteroids, and they tell us about impacts upon the Moon as well as the volcanic history of planet Mars. Much is known about the structure and chemistry of meteorites, but for all this, they still harbor many scientific mysteries that have yet to be resolved.
Category: Science

Cabinet Of Curiosities

Author : Samuel Griswold Goodrich
ISBN : NYPL:33433000983688
Genre : Curiosities and wonders
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Category: Curiosities and wonders

Art And Curiosity Cabinets Of The Late Renaissance

Author : Julius von Schlosser
ISBN : 9781606066799
Genre : Art
File Size : 38.62 MB
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For the first time, the pioneering book that launched the study of art and curiosity cabinets is available in English. Julius von Schlosser’s Die Kunst- und Wunderkammern der Spätrenaissance (Art and Curiosity Cabinets of the Late Renaissance) is a seminal work in the history of art and collecting. Originally published in German in 1908, it was the first study to interpret sixteenth- and seventeenth-century cabinets of wonder as precursors to the modern museum, situating them within a history of collecting going back to Greco-Roman antiquity. In its comparative approach and broad geographical scope, Schlosser’s book introduced an interdisciplinary and global perspective to the study of art and material culture, laying the foundation for museum studies and the history of collections. Schlosser was an Austrian professor, curator, museum director, and leading figure of the Vienna School of art history whose work has not achieved the prominence of his contemporaries until now. This eloquent and informed translation is preceded by Thomas DaCosta Kaufmann’s substantial introduction. Tracing Schlosser’s biography and intellectual formation in Vienna at the turn of the twentieth century, it contextualizes his work among that of his contemporaries, offering a wealth of insights along the way.
Category: Art

The Origins Of Museums

Author : Oliver R. Impey
ISBN : STANFORD:36105112208892
Genre : Art
File Size : 39.7 MB
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In late sixteenth- and seventeenth-century Europe a new phenomenon was developing - learned gentlemen who had perfected their gardens and libraries were setting about the business of creating the first collections. 'The Origins of Museums' is an extensive account of the 'cabinet of curiosities' or 'Wunderkammer' and explains how such cabinets gave rise to the beginnings of museums as we know them and of four centuries of collecting. The intellectual curiosity of the age encompassed interest in the natural world, peoples of antiquity and the discovery of the New World. Renaissance learning saw the emergence of naturalists such as Ulisse Aldrovandi and Conrad Gesner.
Category: Art

Royal Cabinets And Auxiliary Branches

Author : Rudolf Antonius Hermanus Dominique Effert
ISBN : 905789159X
Genre : Cabinets of curiosities
File Size : 56.93 MB
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This book deals with the origins of the present-day National Museum of Ethnology in Leiden, and covers the period from 1816 to 1883. With the foundation of the Royal Cabinet of Rarities in The Hague in 1816, a transformation took place from mainly private collections to national state-owned collections. The founding of the Royal Cabinet was one of the first attempts to create something like a National Museum. This book traces the purposes and motives of private collecting and the emergence of cabinets of curiosities, the composition of the collections, and the move towards a National Museum. At the time of its establishment, the Royal Cabinet of Rarities consisted of a bequest of mainly Chinese objects, objects from the Royal House, and objects concerning the national history of the Netherlands. However, the first director of this Royal Cabinet, R.P. van de Kasteele, actively stimulated civil servants and travellers to collect for the cabinet and before long, the focus moved to Japan. Through the VOC settlement at Deshima, VOC officials had a unique access to things Japanese. The three main collectors in Japan in the first half of the nineteenth century were Jan Cock Blomhoff, Johannes van Overmeer Fisscher, and Philip Franz Von Siebold.
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Cabinets Of Curiosities

Author : Judson Randall
ISBN : 0972994300
Genre : Cabinets of curiosities
File Size : 83.45 MB
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Category: Cabinets of curiosities

Landscape As An Attitude

Author : Gunther Vogt
ISBN : 3037783044
Genre : Architecture
File Size : 46.59 MB
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Picking up on architecture's tradition of teaching professional experience to students through conversation, this book provides insight into the ideas, methods, and memories of Günther Vogt, and questions the attitude that this innovative landscape architect adopts towards his profession. With reference to five different locations, Günther Vogt speaks about current themes of landscape architecture and its relationship to architecture and the city, about his teaching at the ETH Zürich, and about the work of Vogt Landscape Architects; he describes his perception of the lanscape as a cabinet of curiostities, tells how he collects various phenomena and individual elements, relates them to each other and rearranges them. And in the reader's mind's eye unfolds a cosmos, in which the lack of wholeness of "the landscape" seems to be a gain rather than a loss.
Category: Architecture

The Cabinet Of Curiosities

Author : Douglas Preston
ISBN : 0446530220
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 36.17 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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In an ancient tunnel underneath New York City a charnel house is discovered. Inside are thirty-six bodies--all murdered and mutilated more than a century ago. While FBI agent Pendergast investigates the old crimes, identical killings start to terrorize the city. The nightmare has begun. Again.
Category: Fiction

The Arts Of Angela Carter

Author : Marie Mulvey-Roberts
ISBN : 1526136775
Genre : Criticism
File Size : 58.64 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This book aims to give new insights into the multifarious worlds of Angela Carter and to re-assess her impact and importance for the twenty-first century. It brings together leading Carter scholars with some emerging academics, in a new approach to her work, which focuses on the diversity of her interests and versatility across different fields. Even where chapters are devoted specifically to her fiction, they tend to concentrate on inter-disciplinary crossings-over as in, for example, psycho-geography or translational poetics. The purpose of this collection is to commemorate the twenty-fifth anniversary of her death. This is the continuation of a tradition, triggered by the first edited collection by Lorna Sage in 1994, published in the wake of her untimely death in 1992, while the most recent, New Critical Readings (2012) , edited by Sonya Andermahr and Lawrence Phillips marks the twentieth anniversary.
Category: Criticism

The Cabinet Of Curiosities

Author : Douglas Preston
ISBN : 9781784970505
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 41.93 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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In downtown Manhattan, workers on a construction site breach a long-forgotten basement, unearthing a charnel house: thirty-six bodies, systematically dismembered and carefully immured at least 130 years ago. It's just the kind of case to intrigue the unorthodox and enigmatic FBI agent Aloysius X.L. Pendergast. But he's not the only interested party. Soon after the bodies are discovered a killer strikes. Their victim's corpse bears the same precise mutilations as the bodies in the basement. The nightmare has begun. Again. 'Fast-moving, sophisticated and bursting with surprises ... There's nothing else like them' WASHINGTON POST. 'Sit back, crack open the book and get ready for the ride of your life' DAVID BALDACCI.
Category: Fiction

Cabinet Of Curiosities

Author : Guillermo del Toro
ISBN : 1781169268
Genre : Motion picture authorship
File Size : 51.67 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The Mexican film director offers a glimpse into his life and creative process via his notebooks and other personal items, commentary, interview text, and annotations.
Category: Motion picture authorship

A Cabinet Of Curiosities

Author : Stephen E. Weil
ISBN : UCSD:31822035496264
Genre : Architecture
File Size : 64.11 MB
Format : PDF
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Weil argues that museums, especially art museums, need to concentrate on purpose more than technique or process.
Category: Architecture

Cabinet Of Curiosities

Author : Simon Welfare
ISBN : 0312069197
Genre : Reference
File Size : 78.69 MB
Format : PDF
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Reveals information about such curiosities as lost and found treasures, bizarre competitions, the origins of stone circles and medicine wheels, infamous hoaxes, relics from under the sea, the mysteries of Loch Ness, and odd buildings
Category: Reference