Buddhism As Psychology

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Buddhist Psychology

Author : Dalai Lama
ISBN : 9781458783561
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This new volume from the Foundation of Buddhist Thought series, provides a stand-alone and systematic -but accessible!- entry into how Buddhism understands the mind. Geshe Tashi, an English-speaking Tibetan monk who lives in London, was trained from boyhood in a traditional Tibetan monastery, but he is adept in communicating this classical training for a modern Western audience. Buddhist psychology addresses both the nature of the mind and how we know what we know. Just as scientists observe and catalog the material world, Buddhists for centuries have been observing and cataloging the components of our inner experience. The result is a rich and subtle knowledge that can be harnessed to the goal of increasing human well being.

Buddhist Psychology

Author : Edwina Pio
ISBN : 8170172462
Genre : Psychology
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Buddhist Psychology

Author : Caroline Brazier
ISBN : 9781472103635
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
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Western therapeutic approaches have often put considerable emphasis on building self-esteem and enhancing a positive sense of self. This book challenges the assumption behind this approach. Most of us protect ourselves against being fully alive. Because we fear loss and pain, we escape by withdrawing from experiences and distracting ourselves with amusements. We fall into habitual ways of acting and limit our experience to the familiar. We create an identity which we think of as a 'self', and in so doing imprison our life-energy. For 2500 years Buddhism has developed an understanding of the way that we can easily fall into a deluded view. It has shown how the mind clings to false perceptions and tries to create permanence out of an ever changing world. Written by a practising therapist and committed Buddhist, this book explores the practical relevance of Buddhist teachings on psychology to our everyday experience. By letting go of our attachment to self, we open ourselves to full engagement with life and with others. We step out of our self-made prison.
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

An Introduction To Buddhist Psychology

Author : De Padmasiri Silva
ISBN : 9781461636519
Genre : Religion
File Size : 32.81 MB
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An Introduction to Buddhist Psychology is a lucid, intelligible, and authentic introduction to the foundations of Buddhist psychology. It provides comprehensive coverage of the basic concepts and issues in the psychology of Buddhism, and thus it deals with the nature of psychological inquiry, concepts of the mind, consciousness and behavior, motivation, emotions and percentile, and the therapeutic structure of Buddhist psychology. For the third edition, a new chapter on the mind-body relationship and Buddhist contextualism has been added.
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Buddhism As Psychology

Author : Jay N Forrest
ISBN : 9798657019322
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Buddhism is coming to the West as a powerful psychology, filled with ancient wisdom. Mindfulness is now fully incorporated into a number of psychotherapies. Buddhism is taking the West by storm, in part because its metaphysics are not dependent on a belief in a God.This book is designed to be a simple, non-scholarly introduction to Buddhist psychology. Therefore, technical words are kept to a minimum, and when they are used, they are explained in everyday English. This goal of keeping it simple matches the goal of keeping it practical.

The Original Buddhist Psychology

Author : Beth Jacobs, Ph.D.
ISBN : 9781623171315
Genre : Religion
File Size : 21.69 MB
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Drawing on decades of experience, a psychotherapist and Zen practitioner makes the Abhidharma--the original psychological system of Buddhism--accessible to a general audience for the first time. The Abhidharma, one of the three major text collections of the original Buddhist canon, explores the critical juncture of Buddhist thought and the therapeutic aspects of the religion and meditation. It frames the psychological system of Buddhism, explaining the workings of reality and the nature of the human mind. Composed of detailed matrixes and lists that outline the interaction of consciousness and reality, The Abhidharma explores the essence of perception and experience, and the reasons and methods behind mindfulness and meditation. Because of its complexity, the Abhidharma has traditionally been reserved only for academic or monastic study; now, for the first time, clinical psychologist Beth Jacobs makes this dynamic, important text and its teachings available to general readers, using practical explanation, personal stories, and vivid examples to gently untangle the technical aspects of the Abhidharma. Jacobs’ work illuminates this classic of Buddhist thought, highlighting the ways it can broaden and deepen our experience of the human psyche and offering profound insights into spiritual practice.
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The Authority Of Experience

Author : John Pickering
ISBN : 9781136793370
Genre : Social Science
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This collection of writings presents contemporary views on the integration of Buddhism in the West. Over the past few decades Buddhism has deepened its presence in the West and as a result teachings and practices are becoming integrated with those of Western psychology in a more productive way. The decline of mechanism and positivism offers new opportunities to bring together Western Buddhist views of the mind and its relationship to its surroundings. Written by psychologists and scholars, the essays discuss many of the difficult questions raised by Buddhism’s increased presence. In particular the issue of the balance between authenticity and accessibility is examined. Buddhist traditions are often perceived as inaccessible and too firmly fixed to a cultural framework with some people, especially women, left feeling alienated and undervalued. However, by responding to this by attempting to synthesise Buddhism with the values of contemporary culture can lead to doubts about authenticity and dilution. Examining these issues and many more, the contributors seek to bring Buddhism into a realistic and informed relationship with contemporary Western thought.
Category: Social Science

Encountering Buddhism

Author : Seth Robert Segall
ISBN : 9780791486795
Genre : Religion
File Size : 50.37 MB
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Practicing psychologists explore the mutual impact of Buddhist teachings and psychology in their lives and practice.
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Buddhist Psychology

Author : Caroline Augusta Foley Rhys Davids
ISBN : MINN:31951001495660S
Genre : Buddhism
File Size : 55.52 MB
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Buddhist Psychology

Author : Tashi Tsering
ISBN : 9780861712724
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 88.53 MB
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"Just as scientists observe and catalogue the material world, Buddhists for centuries have been observing and cataloging the components of the human psyche. Addressing both the nature of the human mind and how humans know what they know, Buddhist psychology offers a rich and subtle knowledge of the inner experience. Here, Buddhism's unique, time-tested way of viewing the mind is explained so that followers of Tibetan Buddhism can understand their anger and aversion, and develop equanimity, patience and love. "
Category: Philosophy

Psychology And Buddhism

Author : Kathleen H. Dockett
ISBN : 9780306474125
Genre : Medical
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Psychology and Buddhism are each concerned with understanding and transforming human behavior. Moreover, both traditions have relevance that extends beyond the individual to the community and global level. Indeed some Buddhist traditions, such as the Nichiren sect, have devoted their entire mission to the establishment of peace worldwide. This book advances a serious consideration of how the goals and practices of psychology can be informed and enriched by Buddhist traditions that transcend the individual to consider the interconnectedness of all things, and the responsibility we have towards the other. Individualistic and psychotherapeutic applications of Buddhism in psychology are examined, followed by a bold step into the community arena, with consideration given to the intersection between community psychology and Buddhist approaches to empowerment, social change, and prevention. The emerging perspective of individuals and communities, empowered and ready to engage the millennium, ultimately has global implications for the future of humankind. Psychology and Buddhism envisions how future integration and collaboration between psychology and Buddhism have the potential to transform the way human beings understand and interact with one another on a global scale.
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Buddhist And Freudian Psychology

Author : Padmasiri De Silva
ISBN : 997169168X
Genre : Buddhism
File Size : 54.84 MB
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The work presents in clear focus, comparative perspectives on the nature of Man, Mind, Motivation, Conflict, Anxiety and Suffering, as well as the therapeutic management of these problems, in both the writings of Sigmund Freud and the discourses of the Buddha. The nature of the instinct of sexuality, ego instinct and the death instinct in Freud are compared to parallel concepts in Buddhism. An interesting addition to the study is the discussion of the question whether Schopenhauer is a link between Freud and Buddhism. This third edition of the book also throws new light on some of the dilemmas of Freudian psychology from a Buddhistic perspective. It is a valuable contribution to the study of philosophy in cross-cultural perspective and should be of interest to both scholars and general readers.
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Nirv Na

Author : Paul Carus
ISBN : NYPL:33433081912861
Genre : Buddha and Buddhism
File Size : 43.66 MB
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The Wise Heart

Author : Jack Kornfield
ISBN : 9781407025742
Genre : Religion
File Size : 33.97 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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For over 2000 years, Buddhist psychology has offered invaluable insights into the nature of the heart and mind, and transformed the way many people around the world handle life's challenges. But the ancient texts on which these remarkable teachings are based can be difficult to penetrate for modern seekers. Now, drawing on his experience as a monk trained in Thailand, Burma and India, as well as his expert psychology practice, Jack Kornfield provides an accessible, definitive guide to Buddhism for Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike. This important new work is in the tradition of his classic works A Path with Heart and After the Ecstasy, the Laundry, offering practical tools to coping with modern life and dealing with emotions such as fear, anger and shame. Kornfield also shares the illuminating stories of his students and fellow practitioners, as well as his own journey towards enlightenment, including his recovery from a violence-filled childhood. Here is a rare treasure that will give readers greater access to the secret beauty within - and without.
Category: Religion

Horizons In Buddhist Psychology

Author : Maurits G. T. Kwee
ISBN : UVA:X030151608
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 31.96 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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In this vanguard work, the fruits of the Buddhist heritage together with contemporary therapy, systematic research, and postmodern thought launch a cultural revolution toward New Buddhist Psychology. The volume contains 28 chapters by 38 contributors from 12 countries, and introduces a range of useful practices and integrative theoretical deliberations. (Philosophy)
Category: Philosophy

Not Buddhism Not Psychology

Author : Zerach Wieder
ISBN : 1692104624
Genre :
File Size : 53.41 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Have you ever wondered how Eastern thought might intersect with Western psychology? "Not Buddhism. Not Psychology." answers this question. This is a book of stories, insights, and musings told by Vajra Mate, an old Buddhist psychologist telling the tale of his life. His woes. His trials and tribulations. This is a book about the inner journey we all face. Of integration and individuation. Of light and the shadow. This is a book about the wonders of psychotherapy, the magic and addiction of spirituality, and the simplicity of making it all one.

The Psychology Of Emotions And Humour In Buddhism

Author : Padmasiri de Silva
ISBN : 9783319975146
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 33.92 MB
Format : PDF
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This book examines the psychological dimensions of emotions and humour in Buddhism. While there is a wealth of material concerning human emotions related to humour and the mindful management of negative emotions, very little has been written on the theory of Buddhist humour. Uniting both Buddhist and Western philosophy, the author draws upon the theory of ‘incongruity humour’, espoused by figures such as Kierkegaard, Kant and Hegel and absorbed into the interpretation of humour by the Buddhist monk and former Western philosopher, Ñāṇavīra Thero. The author makes extensive use of rich primary sources such as the parables used by Ajahn Brahm while interweaving Western theories and philosophies to illuminate this original study of humour and emotion. This pioneering work will be of interest and value to students and scholars of humour, Buddhist traditions and existentialism more widely.
Category: Psychology

The Sanity We Are Born With

Author : Chogyam Trungpa
ISBN : 0834821273
Genre : Religion
File Size : 71.26 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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More and more mental health professionals are discovering the rich tradition of Buddhist psychology and integrating its insights into their work with clients. Buddhist tradition teaches that all of us are born with what Chögyam Trungpa terms "basic sanity," or inherent goodness, health, and clear perception. Helping ourselves and others to connect with this intrinsic ground of sanity and health is the subject of this collection of teachings, which the author gave to Western psychologists, psychotherapists, and students of Buddhist meditation over a number of years. The Sanity We Are Born With describes how anyone can strengthen their mental health, and it also addresses the specific problems and needs of people in profound psychological distress. Additionally, the author speaks to the concerns of psychotherapists and any health care professionals who work with their patients' states of mind. The collection includes teachings on: • Buddhist concepts of mind, ego, and intelligence, and how these ideas can be employed in working on oneself and with others • meditation as a way of training the mind and cultivating mindfulness • nurturing our intrinsic health and basic sanity • guidance for psychotherapists and health professionals
Category: Religion

The Psychology Of Buddhism In Conflict Studies

Author : Padmasiri de Silva
ISBN : 9783319690292
Genre : Religion
File Size : 74.58 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This book provides an interdisciplinary discussion of conflict studies, drawing on perspectives from psychology and Buddhist studies. The author combines current research in psychology, conflict and management studies, as well as moral narratives drawn from religious and cultural contexts, to offer useful guidance on dealing with conflict and dichotomies. Drawing on a vast corpus of Buddhist literature, this book examines complex teachings, ideas and doctrines to bring insight to how individuals and societies might lead peaceful and balanced lifestyles. In this ground-breaking study Padmasiri De Silva insists that the social studies need to develop dialectical methods and understanding in addition to the objective and analytical collection of facts. Chapters cover an array of subjects including economics, ecology, human wellbeing, prison reform, dialectical behaviour therapy, multiculturalism, and peace studies.
Category: Religion