American Terror

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American Terror

Author : Paul Hurh
ISBN : 9780804794510
Genre : Literary Criticism
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Format : PDF
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If America is a nation founded upon Enlightenment ideals, then why are so many of its most celebrated pieces of literature so dark? American Terror returns to the question of American literature's distinctive tone of terror through a close study of three authors—Jonathan Edwards, Edgar Allan Poe, and Herman Melville—who not only wrote works of terror, but who defended, theorized, and championed it. Combining updated historical perspectives with close reading, Paul Hurh shows how these authors developed terror as a special literary affect informed by the way the concept of thinking becomes, in the wake of Enlightenment empiricism, increasingly defined by a set of austere mechanic processes, such as the scientific method and the algebraic functions of analytical logic. Rather than trying to find a feeling that would transcend thinking by subtending reason to emotion, these writers found in terror the feeling of thinking, the peculiar feeling of reason's authority over emotional schemes. In so doing, they grappled with a shared set of enduring questions: What is the difference between thinking and feeling? Why does it seem impossible to reason oneself out of an irrational fear? And what becomes of the freedom of the will when we discover that affects can push it around?
Category: Literary Criticism

American Terror

Author :
ISBN : 9781934985571
Genre : Comics & Graphic Novels
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Powerful corporations are enslaving the third world; slaughtering millions of people in the process. In this volume, Victor recalls his first journey with Homer Hegal (the original smart bomb) as they traveled across the United States recruiting mercenaries to help level the playing field.
Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

American Terror

Author : Paul Hurh
ISBN : 1503604187
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 52.99 MB
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Contrary to accounts that interpret terror in opposition to reason, this book shows how three authors famous for their works and theories of terror--Jonathan Edwards, Edgar Allan Poe, and Herman Melville--developed a terror that incorporates, theorizes, and extends the Enlightenment claims of reason as feeling.
Category: Literary Criticism

Lone Wolf

Author : Maryanne Vollers
ISBN : 0060598638
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 81.7 MB
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Five years after escaping into the mountains of North Carolina, Eric Rudolph was becoming a figure of folk legend. The FBI had long since abandoned its manhunt—the largest ever on U.S. soil—for the fugitive accused of bombing the Atlanta Olympics, two abortion clinics, and a gay bar. Then, one night, Rudolph got careless; he was arrested and put in jail—possibly forever. But even in custody, he remained unrepentant . . . and an enigma. In Lone Wolf, Maryanne Vollers brings the reader deep inside one of the most sensational cases of domestic terrorism in American history. At the same time, without losing sight of the hideous nature of Rudolph's violent crimes, she successfully puts a human face on an iconic killer while exploring the painful mysteries of the heart.
Category: Social Science

187 American Terror

Author : Wade J. Halverson
ISBN : 1481932411
Genre :
File Size : 80.98 MB
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Hassan Malik, Bin Fazi, and Aziz Gadi, three affluent Saudi's burning with hatred for the United States, dedicate their resources to the destruction of the Great Beast. They will stop at nothing to ruin it. Pooling their massive wealth, they plot to drive a stake into the heart of America. Instead of using the religious fanatics of Islam, their devious scheme revolves around using Americans to carry out the terror. Billy Reynolds, an ex-military intelligence officer, dishonorably discharged for robbing U.S. armories, receives an offer from Hassan Malik - an offer he can't refuse. And like Faust, Reynolds sells his soul to the Devil. Jack Mosley of Homeland Security is a survivor, with the intelligence and cunning necessary to succeed in covert ops. Mosley teams up with Kane Silver to hunt down and eradicate the fiends causing American Terror. The manhunt crisscrosses the world, leaving a trail of blood and thunder behind it.

American Princess

Author : Sheila O'Hallion
ISBN : 0671693980
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 37.70 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Isabella Castillo-Sueras Alexander attempts to circumvent her father's wishes for her to marry the Duke of Exeter, but her plans for elopement are dashed when the Duke kidnaps her
Category: Fiction

Taking Children

Author : Laura Briggs
ISBN : 9780520343672
Genre : History
File Size : 62.32 MB
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"You have to take the children away."—Donald Trump Taking Children argues that for four hundred years the United States has taken children for political ends. Black children, Native children, Latinx children, and the children of the poor have all been seized from their kin and caregivers. As Laura Briggs’s sweeping narrative shows, the practice existed on the auction block, in the boarding schools designed to pacify the Native American population, in the foster care system used to put down the Black freedom movement, in the US’s anti-Communist coups in Central America, and in the moral panic about “crack babies.” In chilling detail we see how Central Americans were made into a population that could be stripped of their children and how every US administration beginning with Reagan has put children of immigrants and refugees in detention camps. Yet these tactics of terror have encountered opposition from every generation, and Briggs challenges us to stand and resist in this powerful corrective to American history.
Category: History

Ethical Complications Of Lynching

Author : A. Sims
ISBN : 9780230106208
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 81.99 MB
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In an increasingly globalized economy, Sims argues that Ida B. Wells s fight against lynching is a viable option to address systemic forms of oppression. More than a century since Wells launched her anti-lynching campaign, an examination of her work questions America s use of lynching as a tool to regulate behavior and the manner in which public opinion is shaped and lived out in the private sector. Ethical Complications of Lynching highlights the residual effects of lynching as a twenty-first century moral impediment in the fight to actualize ethical possibilities.
Category: Philosophy

Terror In The Desert

Author : Brad Sykes
ISBN : 9781476672410
Genre : Performing Arts
File Size : 74.25 MB
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Set in the American Southwest, "desert terror" films combine elements from horror, film noir and road movies to tell stories of isolation and violence. For more than half a century, these diverse and troubling films have eluded critical classification and analysis. Highlighting pioneering filmmakers and bizarre production stories, the author traces the genre's origins and development, from cult exploitation (The Hills Have Eyes, The Hitcher) to crowd-pleasing franchises (Tremors, From Dusk Till Dawn) to quirky auteurist fare (Natural Born Killers, Lost Highway) to more recent releases (Bone Tomahawk, Nocturnal Animals). Rare stills, promotional materials and a filmography are included.
Category: Performing Arts

The Theater Of Terror

Author : Gabriel Weimann
ISBN : UOM:39015026851843
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 45.25 MB
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Category: Social Science

The Violent American Century

Author : John W. Dower
ISBN : 9781608467266
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 47.41 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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“Tells how America, since the end of World War II, has turned away from its ideals and goodness to become a match setting the world on fire” (Seymour Hersh, investigative journalist and national security correspondent). World War II marked the apogee of industrialized “total war.” Great powers savaged one another. Hostilities engulfed the globe. Mobilization extended to virtually every sector of every nation. Air war, including the terror bombing of civilians, emerged as a central strategy of the victorious Anglo-American powers. The devastation was catastrophic almost everywhere, with the notable exception of the United States, which exited the strife unmatched in power and influence. The death toll of fighting forces plus civilians worldwide was staggering. The Violent American Century addresses the US-led transformations in war conduct and strategizing that followed 1945—beginning with brutal localized hostilities, proxy wars, and the nuclear terror of the Cold War, and ending with the asymmetrical conflicts of the present day. The military playbook now meshes brute force with a focus on non-state terrorism, counterinsurgency, clandestine operations, a vast web of overseas American military bases, and—most touted of all—a revolutionary new era of computerized “precision” warfare. In contrast to World War II, postwar death and destruction has been comparatively small. By any other measure, it has been appalling—and shows no sign of abating. The author, recipient of a Pulitzer Prize and a National Book Award, draws heavily on hard data and internal US planning and pronouncements in this concise analysis of war and terror in our time. In doing so, he places US policy and practice firmly within the broader context of global mayhem, havoc, and slaughter since World War II—always with bottom-line attentiveness to the human costs of this legacy of unceasing violence. “Dower delivers a convincing blow to publisher Henry Luce’s benign ‘American Century’ thesis.” —Publishers Weekly
Category: Political Science

Utopia And Terror In Contemporary American Fiction

Author : Judie Newman
ISBN : 9781136774874
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 36.3 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This book examines the quest for/failure of Utopia across a range of contemporary American/transnational fictions in relation to terror and globalization through authors such as Susan Choi, André Dubus, Dalia Sofer, and John Updike. While recent critical thinkers have reengaged with Utopia, the possibility of terror — whether state or non-state, external or homegrown — shadows Utopian imaginings. Terror and Utopia are linked in fiction through the exploration of the commodification of affect, a phenomenon of a globalized world in which feelings are managed, homogenized across cultures, exaggerated, or expunged according to a dominant model. Narrative approaches to the terrorist offer a means to investigate the ways in which fiction can resist commodification of affect, and maintain a reasoned but imaginative vision of possibilities for human community. Newman explores topics such as the first American bestseller with a Muslim protagonist, the links between writer and terrorist, the work of Iranian-Jewish Americans, and the relation of race and religion to Utopian thought.
Category: Literary Criticism

The American Connection

Author : Michael McClintock
ISBN : 0862322413
Genre : Central America
File Size : 67.92 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Category: Central America

American Sociological Review

Author :
ISBN : UOM:39076000032677
Genre : Electronic journals
File Size : 66.36 MB
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Includes sections "Book reviews" and "Periodical literature."
Category: Electronic journals

The New American Imperialism

Author : Vassilis Fouskas
ISBN : 0275984761
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 43.54 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Examines the staying power of the global supremacy of the United States, which is directly dependent on how long and how effectively its preponderance in Eurasia is sustained.
Category: Political Science

The War On Terror And American Popular Culture

Author : Andrew Schopp
ISBN : 9780838642078
Genre : Performing Arts
File Size : 79.91 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The War on Terror and American Popular Culture is a collection of original essays by academics and researchers from around the world that examines the complex interrelation between the Bush administration's "War on Terror" and American popular culture. Written by experts in the fields of literature, film, and cultural studies, this book examines in detail how popular culture reflects concerns and anxieties about the September 11 attacks and the war those attacks generated, how it interrogates the individual and collective impacts that war has wrought, how it might challenge or critique current policy, and how it might reinforce or endorse the war and its sociopolitical paradigms.
Category: Performing Arts